In 2018, we were extremely blessed on the Outer Banks. From being able to see the sunrise, to having our health and our home, see why we were #Blessed on the OBX this year!


1 // Being Able To See The Sunrise

Most people moan and groan about having to wake up early. However, when you live on the OBX, early mornings are a blessing. You get to have the beach all to yourself and enjoy the beauty of an Outer Banks sunrise. We’re blessed to be able to have that!

2 // Having Our Home

With all of the hurricanes that happened this season, we were blessed and extremely thankful that the OBX was spared. Our neighbors to the south and west of us weren’t so lucky as they are still feeling the effects of the powerful storms. Our little sandbar survived hurricane season and we couldn’t be more thankful. We’re continuing to keep everyone who wasn’t so lucky in our thoughts and prayers.

3 // Having The Beach As Our Backyard

Living on the Outer Banks, we take advantage of having the beach be our playground. Who else can say the the beach is just around the corner and a short walk away? If that’s not something to be thankful for, I don’t know what is.

4 // Being Part Of A Tight Community

When Tropical Storm Michael hit in October, no one was really prepared for all of the damage it would do. Many OBX locals lost their cars and suffered damage to their homes. However, many locals that were spared during the storm were ready and willing to help those in need. On the Outer Banks, being part of a community that’s willing to help anyone and everyone out is an extreme blessing and something we are so very thankful for.

5 // Our Long Summers

This summer was a fun one! Full of great events, great weather, and even better beach time. We love having summers on the Outer Banks and it is definitely something to be thankful, grateful, and blessed for!


6 // The Still Of The Off Season

With the end of summer comes the still of the off season. While many businesses shut down for the season, we’re thankful for that little break we get before the busy season comes around again.

7 // To Be Able To Support Local Businesses

Not only is the OBX unique because of it’s location and history, we also have so many talented locals selling their crafts and wares all over the beach. To be able to support the dreamers and the makers on the OBX is something that you don’t really find in bigger towns. It’s a blessing to be able to buy local wherever you are on the Outer Banks!

8 // YOU!

Last but certainly not least, we are so thankful and grateful for YOU! Whether you’re a visitor, a homeowner, employee of Resort Realty, or a local, we’re so thankful for you. For your business, for your faith in Resort Realty, and everything else, our 2018 was blessed because of your presence and support.