The plan was simple–sell Linda’s stained glass business in Greensboro, move to the Outer Banks and retire. “We came the first time to the Outer Banks in ‘66 on our first anniversary,” Mike Powers recalls. “And we always knew we wanted to live here.”

A perfect plan, except neither Mike nor Linda are much for just sitting around. They sold the business in 1995, moved to the Outer Banks and by 1996 Linda had her Real Estate license. A new century, a new career and in 2001 Mike joined Linda and the Powers Team, one of the most successful real estate teams on the Outer Banks, was born.

Working with Resort Realty since 2008, the Powers Team has consistently been among the company’s top producers–and that consistent top performance can be reduced to two simple principles: patience and hard work. “You have to work with them over a period of months, sometimes years,” Mike says.

“I don’t ever want someone to come down and spend that weekend with us and feel like we expect them to buy that first weekend,” Linda adds. “They need more knowledge of the area before they jump in. It may take them two, three or four trips.”

A simple or basic concept to success, though, does not mean that the process is simple. It is in understanding just how difficult both the emotional impact and business decisions are in buying property on the Outer Banks, that is the key to the couple’s ongoing success. “They have all the emotion, all the hard work, all the memories,” Linda says. “We believe–obviously we’re in the business, we want to sell the people something–but if it’s not right for them–if they can’t find their dream, we want them to keep looking and let us help them find that.”

Empathy alone, however, will not get a client into a home–and what really seems to set the Powers Team apart from anyone else is their understanding of the market and how to communicate that to the people with whom they work. “Sometimes people come down thinking a certain amount in mind, a certain number of bedrooms and they want the rental income,” Linda says. “They think if they can get closer to the ocean. Which is normally true–the closer you get to the ocean, the better the rental income. But the price is going to be higher. But there are some homes between the highways, or one street back that are a better value.”

“I think Mike and I both like to tell people three things to consider,” Linda points out. “Location, price, amenities of the house. We can always get you two of the three but there’s going to have to be some wiggle room.”

Certainly no one thing creates success, but remembering what motivated them to want to buy a house on the Outer Banks makes understanding a buyer’s concerns easier. “Most people are looking for a second home with rental income,” Linda explains. “And that’s different than just a second home. And some people are looking for a second home with just some rentals with an eye to retiring. (We try to help them) Based on their needs and listening to them and understanding what they’re needs are to help them find the right property.”

Ultimately, however, people are coming to the Outer Banks for the same reason a young couple came here in 1966. “We’re a family oriented beach and that’s what they come for,” Mike says.

“It’s amazing to watch people transition. They come on a Saturday and it’s the worst day,” Linda says. “They’re tired, they’re hungry, they’re thirsty. They go to the house and they just get so mellow. And they’re just here, and that’s what they want to keep all year long. Kick up your feet on the porch and just relax and watch the ocean. You want a sanctuary.”