flight-300x200If you are looking for an adventure while preparing for your Outer Banks vacation, make sure to visit First Flight Adventure Park. The park, located at Milepost 16 in Nags Head, is scheduled to open by Memorial Day. It is currently the only aerial adventure park on the Outer Banks. The park will provide a unique experience, so prepare your family for this engaging adventure during your next OBX vacation!


The park incorporates a beach theme and a hurricane theme, and it will include elements such as ropes, surfboards, cables, and sails. Climbers will see a beautiful view of the Albemarle Sound while exploring the park’s features. The park includes a spiral staircase, and the higher up this staircase one reaches, the more challenging the elements will become. A central tower is also included in the park, and climbers will zip back to this tower after completing a course. The names of the obstacles include the Jelly Fish Traverse and The Shipwreck Bridge.


Climbers can choose the difficulty of the courses in which they engage at the park. A total of six courses with more than 40 elements have been planned. The first three courses, the Tropical Storm, Category 1, and Category 2, have been planned for beginners, kids, grandparents, and climbers who have a fear of heights. If you are looking for a more challenging adventure, try the Category 3, Category 4, and Category 5 courses. Most climbers can expect to finish between two and three courses within the two hours their tickets allow.

Hours of Operation and Pricing

First Flight Adventure Park will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. A general admission two-hour ticket will cost $49, and a two-hour ticket for children 9 years and under will cost $39. Group rates will also be available for groups with twelve or more climbers. The park will accommodate those who are six years of age and older. The ticket grants access to the park for two hours, but climbers are asked to arrive approximately 20 minutes before to prepare for the adventure and learn about the different courses offered. The park provides a great opportunity for an adventure during an Outer Banks vacation.

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