Managing a business on the Outer Banks is not like running a business anywhere else and to paraphrase a quote, “The long journey to success begins with the first step.” And the first step on that journey is finding someone who knows the market and understands your dreams.

Broker Randy Jones has ten years of real estate experience helping people follow their dreams and take that first step to fulfilling their dreams. Resort Realty Agent of the Year in 2009 and 2010, Randy has the unique background and experience that gives his clients added benefits that bring them closer to realizing their aspirations.

A graduate of Wake Forest School of Law, Randy was a practicing real estate lawyer before becoming a broker. He currently owns or co-owns a number of businesses on the Outer Banks including a commercial town center, a restaurant building currently being leased by a national chain and a number of residential rental properties.

It is that hands on knowledge of this market that makes him so well qualified to help his clients. The Outer Banks is unique in many ways, Randy says. Much of the local economy is tourist based. With real estate being cyclical in nature, our markets vary from the country’s norms. Because of our local economy, marketing and pricing, market position, and ultimately the value of the property are very different here than say, metropolitan areas.

Randy brings more than hands on experience running businesses. His background as a real estate lawyer has helped him to bring the parties together in a negotiation–a skill that a number of his clients have seen. I had practiced law twenty-five years, and during that time participated in a number of real estate closings, writes Duane Holloway of Williamsburg, Virginia. Randy managed our purchase of the property with professionalism and a personal concern for our interests.

Although he has considerable expertise in handling commercial transactions, Randy’s real estate experience extends beyond his commercial property success. With his knowledge of the overall market on the Outer Banks, Randy is in the ideal position to work with clients looking to buy or sell residential properties. His listings include some of the finest properties in the area, properties he knows represent a fair value in the current environment. I study the market daily Randy explains. I am very aware of what the current market values are.

Knowledge and expertise are important, but they are not the only qualities Randy’s clients recall. We trust Randy to be personally and professionally a knowledgeable, honest person, writes Gerald and Susan Holm of Pt. Pleasant, New Jersey. He guided us through our search for property to a very successful conclusion. I have and continue to recommend Randy to friends and family.