The holidays can be a wonderful time! Decorating, however, can be a hassle. Luckily minimalism is a huge trend in 2017 that can also apply to Christmas decorations! Check out five different ways to make your home merry, bright, and minimalist this holiday season!

1 // Get Crafty


Use the holidays to get creative! Getting the family together to create simple holiday decor from simple household items! Grab a simple red Christmas stocking and embellish it in old costume jewelry or make your own easy, festive twig ornaments!

2 // Set The Table

Adding greenery and festive candles to the dining table can easily bring holiday cheer to a meal. Any store that sells live Christmas trees will be happy to give you the branch trims for shaping the trees! Simple, easy, and free.


3 // Choose Special Ornaments

Minimalism is about embracing what you have and letting go of what you don’t need. The holiday ornaments that mean the most to you? Keep them and use them at the forefront of your decorated spaces! They’ll be that much more special to you and your family.


4 // Keep it simple

Less can be so much more. You don’t have to decorate every corner and inch of your home. Create focal points with decorating certain spaces. Do you have a gorgeous mantle? Set up a simple scene on it! Have a great space for your tree? Make sure your tree is trimmed to the T and have it be your focal point.

5 // Go Through Decor

As you bring out holiday decor from storage, go through what you may not want anymore. Create a pile of favorites and a pile for donation. Hold on to your absolute favorite and sentimental pieces. Those that don’t make the cut can go to someone else in need!