I’ve been to two Outer Banks Daredevils baseball games this year and I’ve got to say the level of play on the field is surprisingly good. Well, at least the Daredevils seem to play a good brand of ball. Opening night, when they crushed the Petersburg Generals 24-2–that wasn’t very good baseball. The best I can say about the Generals is they did not look as though they were ready to play yet, and their season could only improve from that point.

The Outer Banks Daredevils are a member of the Coastal Plain League, which has 15 teams playing in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. The  League is made up of some of the best college players around, and for a lot of them, it’s the first time they have ever used a wooden bat, which is a must do step to play professional ball. It’s still 90 down the base paths and 606 from the pitchers mound to the plate, but the wooden bat changes the battle between pitcher and batter dramatically. Currently, the league has had over 930 alumni drafted with 44 alums making it to Major League.

The first thing I’m sure the ballplayers learn is metal bats don’t power the ball nearly as well as metal bats, so to get a ball out of the park–especially at First Flight High School Field where the Daredevils play–takes some power. Which is what Alexander Aurrichio from Columbia University did on opening night . . . in dead center, 390 out there.

Baseball aside, there’s all sorts of little things that make this a wonderful family or community event. As the starting lineup takes their positions at the start of the game, little kids run out with them for the Star Spangled Banner. Every night between at least two or three innings there is some kind of involving kids and families. The environment is very safe and protected. Also, the price is right–$6.00 admission for adults, less for kids–the concession prices look like something from 10 years ago and there’s good quality baseball on the field.

This is community baseball in its truest form. There’s 40 some banners along the outfield fence, all of them business sponsors working together to keep the Daredevils here (Resort Realty is one of those sponsors). All the players stay with local families, and every family who has had a player staying with them, raves about the experience.

All in all, a great time for the family and a great value in entertainment. For schedule information go to www.obxdaredevils.com.  Tickets can me purchased at the front gate an hour before game time.

Join us Monday, August 1 for “Resort Realty Night” at the Outer Banks Daredevils last home game!