So, you’re selling your home and you need to photograph it for listing. Photos can really make or break you in advertising your home. With these tips and tricks we’ve provided, you’ll be able to photograph your home like a pro!

1 // Capture Selling Points + Views

When photographing your home, focus on points that you think would really hook a buyer! For example, say you just recently updated your kitchen or your home is located right on the ocean, use those to your advantage and make those photos really stand out!

2 // Stage Each Room + Clean Up

No one wants to see images of a cluttered home and everything in disarray. Pretend like you’re having company over and tidy up. Hide personal items and set the stage. Even though you love your pets, make sure they’re not in the photos. Take a tip from the Danish concept of Hygge and create a feeling of comfort and cozy in your photos. Remember, you want to show off your space, not what’s in it!

3 // Make Use of Natural light

Open curtains and blinds in your home to let in natural light and make your space look more open and inviting. Try not to rely on your camera’s built in flash. It can cast a harsh light, create weird shadows, and bounce off of windows and mirrors.

4 // Edit Your Photos

Editing your photos can take an average photo to a great one. If you’re just wanting to edit this one time, you don’t have to spend a ton of money (or any money at all) on editing software. BeFunky and Pic Monkey are free, online editing apps that can do basic editing like lighting adjustments, color adjustments, and cropping. If you want to invest and are planning on taking photos more often, Adobe Lightroom is great for a monthly fee.

5 // Don’t Include Holiday Decor

While you want to create a lifestyle and certain feel in your photos, you don’t want to include your Christmas tree or Halloween decorations. Not only does it date your photos, buyers might night celebrate the same holidays as you do. Remove and store all holiday decor before you snap photos; you can always put them back out after.

6 // Use A Tripod + Find Your Angles

Using a tripod while taking photos can make a world of difference in how they turn out. It keeps the camera steady and you can get angles that you normally wouldn’t be able to get without one. You can take lower shots in the bathrooms and shoot straight on in hallways. This will make photos look more like ones you see in magazines and catalogs.

With these tips, you’ll be able to show your home in the best light and get your house off the market!