If you’re planning to put your house on the market, it goes without saying that you’re hoping it sells as soon as possible and that it sells at your asking price. Image is everything and Resort Realty is here to help you prepare your home for sale. Check out our tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale!


Curb Appeal Is Key

Your home’s exterior is what is going to catch the buyer’s eye right off the bat. An overgrown yard, unattractive fence, or empty porch is going to turn them away.


– Your front door is going to be one of the biggest first impressions; make sure it’s clean and painted if necessary

– Plants, door wreaths, a catchy welcome mat, and even new house numbers and little improvements that make a huge impact on how your house is seen

– Make sure your outdoor areas like porches, patios, and deck are neat and tidy

– Keep your lawn mowed and watered, weeds pulled, and bushes and trees trimmed

Touch Up The Inside

Prospective buyers often can’t see past the homeowners’ decor to see what’s most important about the house. Neutral, appealing decorations can help the buyer see important details like the floor plan and space the home has to offer.


– Make sure you paint any room that needs a touch-up; neutral colors can help create a sophisticated backdrop

– Clean your windows, drapes, carpets, ceiling fans, and appliances as well as normal cleaning

– Increase the wattage in your lamps and fixtures (aim for a total of 100 watts for each 50 square feet)


Set The Stage For An Open House

You can’t decorate your home to please everyone, but neutral decor and minimal clutter will showcase your home in the best light.
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– Rearrange your furniture for a quick and easy new look

– Remove any unnecessary objects from counters, tabletops, and dressers

– Place fresh flowers throughout your home

– Set dining room tables and bars as if you were hosting a dinner party

– Up the coziness factor and arrange throw pillows and soft blankets on couches and beds to allow the buyer to feel more relaxed and at home

Follow these tips and your home will definitely be selling in no time!

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