So you’ve found your home, you’ve closed, and you now have the keys and are ready to create new memories in your new space. Packing is something we all dread, but with the right organization, it can be a breeze!


Before You Move:

  • – Get rid of anything you don’t want. Go through your closets, attic, basement, and garage and hold a yard sale or donate all you don’t want to charity. You’re starting in a new place, there’s no need to bring the old and un-needed with you!
  • – Gather all the boxes, plastic storage bins, tape, markers, and whatever else you need ahead of time so you’re not scrambling at the last minute. Coordinate with your movers (if needed) and schedule your moving day. If you go to your local ABC Store, they almost always have boxes they’re willing to give you for free!
  • – Take care of all your mail needs ahead of time, meaning, get the post office to forward your mail to your new address and update all your subscriptions. Notify your bank and credit card companies too




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  • – Be careful with your fragile items (i.e. plates, dishes, mirrors) and make sure they’re protected for the move
  • – Have a “necessities box” that contains things like tools, toiletries, extra clothes, medicines, and basic kitchenware. This box can be the first one you unpack and you’ll have all the basic necessities handy while you’re trying to unpack everything else.
  • – Label everything! That way you can place boxes in corresponding rooms and spaces and makes unpacking and organization easier.



  • – The bedroom, bathroom, and the kitchen are the first rooms that you should probably unpack first since they’re the most used.
  • – Set aside time to unpack the rest of your home and organize as you go

Planning and organization can turn the nightmare of moving and packing into something that’s easy and