You can still take advantage of visiting the Outer Banks while you learn from home! With most schools moving towards remote learning for part of or the rest of the school year, the first day of class can take place in an oceanfront abode or a soundfront sanctuary! With more than just stunning views and things to do, we’ve got some great benefits of remote learning on the Outer Banks!

Beach Breaks

Taking a break from remote learning on the Outer Banks means heading to the beach to clear your mind!

You’re going to have to take a break (or two) from sitting in front of the computer. Why not take those breaks at the beach? The beach actually has positive, physical effects on the brain. According to Ion, “The negative ions,,,in the ocean air can actually help calm your brain.” You can learn more about how being at the beach can affect your overall health on our blog here, but for now, we think you deserve to be in school by the ocean and take advantage of remote learning on the Outer Banks.

Homes With WiFi

All Resort Realty homes feature WiFi and internet access so remote learning on the Outer Banks just got a lot easier.

At Resort Realty, all of our homes are equipped with WiFi so you’ll be able to stay connected to assignments throughout your stay. One less thing to worry about!

A Plethora of OBX History

The Outer Banks is full of America's richest history, so remote learning can be fun!

Lucky for students, the OBX is home to some of the country’s richest history. From the story of the Lost Colony to America’s first flight, the OBX has plenty of history for you or your kids to learn remotely. Parks like Roanoke Island Festival Park, The Elizabethan Gardens, and The Wright Brothers Monument are still open and you’re able to safely socially distance yourself while remote learning on the Outer Banks. Plus, the above mentioned also have virtual field trips you can find right here and take an adventure from the comfort of your couch!

Local Restaurants Instead of Cafeteria Food

A shrimp noodle bowl from Greentails sounds a lot better than cafeteria food, another reason why remote learning on the Outer Banks is great.
Cafeteria pizza is great, but pizza from local Outer Banks pizzerias makes remote learning that much better.

Don’t get us wrong, cafeteria pizza absolutely slaps, but we’d much rather have pizza from Vinny’s Pizza Joint or a shrimp noodle bowl from Greentails. With just about every OBX restaurant is offering curbside pickup, you can order your food, pick it up, and go back to your vacation home to finish up your courses, all with yummy, non-cafeteria food in your belly. Another benefit of remote learning on the Outer Banks!

P.E. In the Pool

Who else would love to have P.E. in the pool? We would!

As in Physical Education…get your mind out of the gutter, John B. But seriously; by renting a home with a pool, you’ll be able to stay cool and active and get credit for your P.E. course! Remote learning on the Outer Banks just can’t be beat.

Along with all the perks of remote learning on the Outer Banks, rental home prices are significantly cheaper in the fall months than during the summer. This is a good chance to get away, enjoy the OBX, but still be productive and learn! Resort Realty is here to help your vacation dreams come to life, no matter the situation.