When taking a vacation to the Outer Banks of NC, Resort Realty guests are ready to get their vacation started the moment they arrive. To make things more convenient for our guests, we introduced the Kaba Keyless Entry system to our owners in 2011. We had a surprisingly high opt-in rate initially of  28%! Our savvy and sophisticated OBX vacation homeowners saw the value in this product. As of 2013, approximately 50% of Resort Realty vacation homes now have this feature for their vacation home. We have received such a positive response from our guests, vendors, housekeepers, inspectors and maintenance staffs over the ease of use, the benefits to the keyless entry system are endless.

Our guests are given the opportunity to fill out a departure survey after their stay and are asked if they have the keyless entry experience how did they like it. 99% of the guests had an excellent experience with the use of the keyless entry. Here are a few comments we received back from our guests:

• “Having this feature was amazing! It was so great to be able to go for a walk or swim without worrying about keeping track of a key, and great that we could step out of the house for just a minute without the risk of getting locked out – we wished our all-the-time homes had keyless entry!”
• “The keyless entry was great! We never had to worry about taking a key to and from the beach with us. It was also helpful that everyone in our family could have access to the house at any time without impeding other members.”
• “The keyless access was a great feature. It was significantly easier than having one, two, or even three keys. It allowed all the guests to leave and return to the house at any time without having to coordinate with other guests, which was easy and problem free. The code panel was easy to operate, and worked without problems.”
• “Our rental property did not have a keyless entry but we wish it did. Keyless entry avoids a lot of problems that a large group can have as they share the two provided keys. Security is also better since it’s easier to lock the house and still give everyone access.”

Below is a list of benefits to the homeowner as well as the OBX vacationer for the keyless entry system:


• Vandalism Resistant
• One Million possible code combinations
• Tampering will cause the lock to shut down for a period of time• We can audit the lock to determine all entries to the home. Who was in and when?
• Internet based so a code can be made anywhere an internet connection is available
• Anyone can be issued a code for a set period of time. Guests get a code for the duration of their stay, vendors, housekeepers and inspectors are given a code for set times such as 12 hour periods of access.

Rental Office, Housekeeping/Inspections, Maintenance and Vendors:
• No keys to keep track of and no possibility of someone making a copy of your property’s key • If a housekeeper schedule changes, we can issue a code over the phone and they do not have to drive back to the office to retrieve a key• Improves service time for all departments. Vendors can be contacted for a work order and have a code issued without driving to the office to retrieve a key.
• There is no drive time for guest lock outs. A code can be made over the phone and service is delivered immediately
• During mandatory evacuations, our team can access and secure homes much faster with keyless entry instead of having to issue keys from each office.

The keyless entry system of KABA locks saves time for operations as well as provides security and peace of mind to homeowners and their guests.

Please feel free to contact your our Director of Operations, Cathy Cole at 252.261.8383 ext. 2403 or  CathyCole@resortrealty.com for more information and  to add this to your homes’ amenities.