Resort Realty has partnered with Silicon Travel to offer all of our owners Silicon Travel’s Vacation Attendant service. The attendant is displayed to internet users when accessing the internet, similar to what you experience when using a hotel’s internet service. The home screen will offer details about your property, allow for guestbook entries, pre-reservations for the following year, guest surveys and reviews, or to enter a housekeeping or maintenance request. Your guests, friends and family members will also receive quick link information for local weather, area restaurants, events and attractions. This service is complimentary for all Resort managed properties and will be added to all homes currently offering internet service (excluding RenterNetUSA accounts). Currently, Silicon Travel is in the process of installing this program into all of our properties. All should be completed by the end of May. Internet has become a standard amenity for our guests. For the few properties that we have that do not offer this service, we strongly encourage you to sign up for internet service for your guests. Silicon Travel is offering a limited time pricing offer for our owners. Personally speaking, I was a customer of a competitor for years, and recently switched to Silicon Travel for my own home. I can tell you that my experience has been nothing but stellar. In addition to having no “down time,” my family can use multiple devices at the same time with superior speed. Also by switching I am saving $600 a year! We welcome your feedback once you’ve had a chance to use the Vacation Attendant!