Off Season on the Outer Banks

Sure, there's not much that can beat a summer vacation on the Outer Banks...except maybe a visit to the Outer Banks in the off season.

More and more vacationers are discovering that the cooler spring and fall months are an ideal time to plan an OBX beach vacation. With the throngs of summer visitors gone, and miles of (empty) gorgeous beaches left behind, the off season is one of the most peaceful and relaxing times to visit the beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks.

And if you ask the locals, it’s the perfect time of the year. Most of the traffic is gone, the days are mild, the nights are cool, the ocean is still beautiful...and you might just have the beach to yourself.

Even better? During the off season, vacationers get a chance to experience a different side to the Outer Banks. From lower rates and uncrowded beaches to personalized service at local shops, restaurants, and attractions, many Outer Banks vacationers will tell you that the off season is the best time to enjoy all that the Outer Banks has to offer.

What is the "off season?" Typically defined any time besides June, July, and August, the off season is an ideal time for couples, families with young children, retirees, not to mention fishing and water sports enthusiasts.

So, if savory fresh-caught seafood, cozy nights by warm fireplaces, and gentle night breezes (all at a much slower pace) sound like you're cup of tea, then let us welcome you to our well-kept secret. Welcome to the off-season on the Outer Banks.  

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