We've used most of the realty companies on the OBX, and Resort Realty is always my first choice! We often are last minute vacationers, so we don't always find availability with you, but the people working for Resort Realty are always a pleasure to work with!

A. Mann (Guest)

The employees in the Nags Head office are the reason we booked a second time with you. Initially, in July, we were stuck with a house we had rented from another realty company in Waves and that house became uninhabitable due to the hurricane. We came to your office and the employees there found us a house. However, after a few hours of waiting, we discovered the house was still occupied and your company saw it was double booked. The employees went out of their way to find us a house, on the beach, and much nicer than we had booked. Because you treated us so well, we returned to you for a second booking for my wife's birthday. It is because of this commitment that we came back. You did not disappoint us. We enjoyed the house and your check-in and check-out process. Thanks again and we will return for further bookings.

C. Schaeffer (Guest)

My husband called today to inform you of the family who was coming with us that cancelled their trip with us. We were so nervous because we paid the initial down payment and the other family was in charge of paying the rest. And with the payment due we weren't expecting to pay. Your company explained how they could help and what they would do for us. I want to thank you for being so understanding. Very rarely do you find great customer service. Although money is a big part, customer service is very important to me and your company has it. We will definitely continue to use Resort Realty as our number one Realty. Can't wait until August!

D. D'Alessandro (Guest)

My husband and I called and spoke with Linda multiple times today and she was fantastic! She was very patient with us and very very helpful! We were trying to book a last minute trip and as listings were filling up throughout the day, she was able to help us out! Awesome job Linda! and thank you very very much! :) - Fimple Family

Fimple Family (Guest)

We had a great stay and highly recommend this company to anyone interested in renting in Nags Head/Outer Banks. I will definitely use this realtor again next time I rent or purchase in the Outer Banks. And the 'phone' checkout was a real time saver and a great idea! All employees I dealt with were courteous and great to deal with!

Guest, #5433

We had the most relaxing and satisfying vacation we've had in years. The house exceeded our expectations in most ways. Also having access to the club was a great bonus. The reservation and check-in/out process was super easy. Thank you! We will definitely be looking to rebook with Resort Realty.

Guest, #7651

I liked having the [keyless] code in an email. We had four cars arriving from four different directions so whoever got there first could easily get in. Nice feature. We have been coming to OBX for several years renting large houses. We have always had good accommodations, but this was the best! We had nearly perfect weather so some of the amenities were not used much, but they were appreciated and would have been important on rainy days.

Guest, #7658

It was just what we were looking for! We had a great time and [were] able to enjoy our 3 dogs. Just being able to have them there was a big stress relief for us. We felt at home there. Everyone was very friendly. Thank you!

Guest, #7913

Your courtesy on the phone each and every time I called was WONDERFUL. I could easily get in touch with you, which these days can be difficult. I never had to wait to talk to a "real" person. Please keep up the excellent customer service!

Guest, #5725

We were happy dealing with Resort Realty. The people were excellent to work with. Everyone we spoke with was very courteous and helpful. We would contact them again in the future.

Guests #7550

I've been to the Outer Banks many times, but this was my first time with Resort Realty. I was very pleased with how clean the house was and also that the pictures were an accurate representation of the property. We also really loved the early check-in and being able to have the beds made. I hate checking in at 4, having to make beds and try to squeeze in a grocery store trip. Thanks for helping make our trip more relaxing.

Guest, #4211

We have been coming to OBX for over 20 years, typically staying for 3 weeks over the last several years. This year we rented Sandrose (7651) in Avon from 8/2-8/23, with the property management changing to Resort Realty some time after the rental agreement was signed and paid. I can only say great things about Resort Realty’s level of service. This is the first time we walked into a really clean house in 20 years. We will definitely rent with Resort again based on our great experience this year and want to thank you and all your courteous maintenance staff. We also phoned about a few issues and Resort fixed them very quickly. This has not been our experience in the past and we have rented from pretty much every agency on the island. Again, great service provided by Resort!

J. Boissonnault (Guest, #7651)

[The keyless entry] was great. After driving 17 hours it was wonderful to go right there and not have to go pick up a key. I will tell you Jamie the caretaker was amazing. She gave some great food suggestions in the area and she was right on. Our stay was amazing. I am 40 years old and have vacationed at Emerald Isle all my life with my parents and now with my own family. This one stay has changed where we will stay going forward! We loved it.

L. Walker (Guest, #7025)

I just wanted to email you regarding how Resort Realty has handled my cancellation. With great customer service is how! You always hear about things when they go wrong, here’s a note to say thanks for doing so many things right. I guess this is why you’ll always be our choice for the beach!

T. Panigall (Guest)

I ADORE Resort Realty's floor plans that show the rooms from different angles and show the views from the decks, etc. I have not seen this with any other realtor, and it makes it SO MUCH easier to decide if a property is right for our needs.

Website User

I love the new look of the website. Its so easy to navigate. Also, love the team at Resort Realty. You guys are the definition of hospitality. Great service all around. Thank you!

Website User

Just want to say thanks for everything. We rented Latitude Adjustment and it was great. We needed really nothing as this house seemed to have everything. Close to the beach and Surfin' Spoon. Been a week and miss it all ready. Thanks for a great vacation.

R. Bragg (Guest, #5409)

I submitted at 10pm on Saturday night a request to have basketball rim that was rusted replaced and noted toaster was missing knobs. When we returned from church Sunday morning there was a new toaster in the kitchen and the entire goal replaced. Maintenance does not get better than that. Thank you for excellent service.

Guest, #3945

Ted was extremely helpful, not only in replacing the faulty AC units, fixing a ceiling fan and getting someone to cut the grass... but he also suggested local auto shops regarding one of our vehicle issues. He even checked in on us during the middle of the week. Ted is probably the primary reason I'll use Resort Realty again. Everyone we talked to was helpful, but Ted went the extra distance.

Guest, #4699

I really appreciate the way your calendar is set up with the cost of the rental per week right on the calendar; very visual for someone who does not always like to read a full paragraph.

Website User

This has been by far the best website for viewing and making reservations at OBX. The pictures, property info, directions, and helpful hints on what to bring are great. We've been coming to OBX for years, and now our grown children and their children come as well. The list helps us all to remember items we might have forgotten.

Karen Glover (Guest)

We have been coming to the Outer Banks every summer for years. This is by far the cleanest house we have ever stayed in! The housekeeping was excellent, from the refrigerator to the beds. It is so nice to "come home" to a beautifully cleaned house. Now, I'm just sorry that I packed so many extra cleaning supplies! Thanks very much!

C. Billy (Guest, #6285)

Extraordinary service from start to finish...thank you for a great vacation in Majestic Serenity! Helping me to get two packages delivered and front door service was unexpected...WOW!!! We would love to return to area north of Pea Island NWR next time due to desire to explore northern Outer Banks more.

Recent Guest Survey

During our stay, our dog was lost. We did eventually find him, but the staff at Resort Realty checked in with us and gave us options for resources. Everyone in Avon was absolutely wonderful to us, the other vacationers and the locals were extremely helpful and concerned. We are so grateful to the entire community and will recommend Avon as a vacation destination to everyone we know!! Thank you so much!!! We are so happy we chose Hatteras Island and also Resort Realty.

Guest, #7520

Everything was absolutely spotless - we were very pleased. We have had years (with another realty company) when we had to spend our first 2 hrs cleaning. So glad we did not have to do a thing when we arrived. Exceptional service!

L. McIntyre (Guest, #C208)

This is our first year with Resort Realty (that we can remember) and everyone we interacted with there was just great. We have already reserved the property for next year and look forward to many more enjoyable vacations on the Outer Banks through your company.

Guest Survey

The grill outside ran out of propane and Resort Realty was amazing in swapping it out quickly with a new one, but the grill ultimately needs to be replaced... it took too long to cook our food. We loved our stay and would recommend Resort Realty to everyone!

Guest Survey

It was absolutely the cleanest condo and also the house decor is wonderful -- so beachy feeling yet well equipped with everything you could possibly need. This is my first day, will be here a week, and I know it's going to be a great place to be looking forward to my week down here. I know now where we will be vacationing from now on.

L. Ellison (Guest, #C110)

From Anna upon arrival helping us gain early access and Brittany visiting prior to a storm to warn about rising water levels and offering parking options to the maintenance worker, (did not get his name) making sure everything was secure and safe to the young lady visiting while we were leaving to prepare for the next guest who volunteered to take a family photo before we left. All were wonderful!

Guest, #7027

I LOVE working with GiGi in the Duck office. She is always attentive, friendly and upbeat. All businesses need more employees like her!

Recent Guest Email

Kay Cammer did an incredible job! We had to be moved on the day of arrival because the hurricane damaged our original rental. Her prompt and personalized service made the stressful situation smooth and manageable. We could not have been happier with Garvin's Gift!

Recent Guest Email

The reservation group has always been very nice and we spoke to Britany on checkout day and she was very nice. Although we checked in a day later than normal due to the storm we were able to get the key right away and that was nice. On our previous visit in June we reported a hole in the wallboard in the 3rd floor bath. It was nice to see when we came back this time it had been fixed. Also the man who takes care of the pool and hot tub is very personable.

Guest, #7534

My family had the VERY BEST Thanksgiving ever and we have been coming to OBX on even years since 1990. What a marvelous time! I love the layout of the house (although I am getting a little old for all the steps, tee-hee). We used the hot tub a lot. This is the 1st time we had a company that monitored the hot tub during the week at Thanksgiving. Thank you! One refrigerator was being "cranky" and the freezer of both were iced up. It didn't impact our vacation. There was a frig in basement. Office monitored the situation and tech came 2 times to check. What a marvelous time we had! Resort Realty is the best company we used so far. I wish I knew the names of the staff members that I worked with as well as the tech. Everyone was very professional, kind and accommodating.

Guest, #6100

We loved [the keyless entry], every minute of every day. This is my new yearly destination at OBX. Since husband and I have been traveling here for more than 40 years, that says a lot for Resort Realty!

Guest, #7027

Thank you so much for your superior service… the customer service is the reason I always shop Resort Realty first when vacation house hunting. Your team is the best!

Guest, #5654

I love everyone at Resort Realty! Everyone I have ever worked with is beyond helpful and friendly. It is the single reason I shop RR first when planning my family's OBX vacations! Thanks for all you do!

Recent Guest Survey

I LOVE the team at resort realty. So amazing! Customer service off the charts

Recent Guest Survey

Susie answered all my questions thoroughly and took care of the property rental during the chat.

Recent Guest Survey

The Customer Service Rep - Bobbi responded in a timely manner to my inquiry and offered to send me the URL and rental rate quotes

Recent Guest Survey

I wanted to reach out to let you know about the wonderful customer service experience I had with your company, all thanks to Danielle Gartelman. I had just placed a deposit on a rental when I realized that it would be difficult to arrange a place to keep my boat for the week, as an avid fisherman, this was a bit of a disappointment. I am not sure how I was initially so short sighted, but I sent an email to the agent listed as my point of contact and had not heard back, so I had attempted to call and was told it’s usually not possible. Then today, Danielle saw my message (the agent I had emailed is off/out of office) and she took the time to reach out to me. When we spoke I explained that I understood I couldn’t switch houses but had hoped she might be able to help me get in contact with the Avon Harbor, only to find out it was no longer a public marina. Danielle made a few calls and presented me with a few options but was concerned because the driveway at the house we had initially selected was very narrow and would not easily accommodate a boat trailer. Upon further research she called me back and offered a rare but much appreciated opportunity to switch houses. With the switch Danielle took the time to walk me through the available options as well as how much more money would be due and when, she even helped me to better understand the importance of travel insuranc e(which we elected to add). She did all the math, solved all my problems, and made it so simple! I am writing to tell you that this was a wonderful experience, in fact it was one of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve even shared my story with a co-worker(an annual sun realty customer) and will tell many more, all because of the great service Danielle provided! Thank you for the wonderful experience and I look forward to visiting you all when I come to check in!

Vince B. (Guest)

We can't say enough about how great Captain's Retreat II was for our event this week. We had 30 of our family and closest friends here Saturday for my daughter's wedding. She had dreamed her whole life about having a beach wedding in OBX. I was so happy to be able to make that dream come true for her in such a beautiful oceanfront home. From the kindness of local vendors, to finding a great minister, we were surprised at every turn how wonderful and helpful everyone was to us. To top it off, we then walked into Captain's Retreat II and discovered a whole new makeover had occurred that was outstanding in every way. Add to that, the weather was perfect and the pool was warm. We made some great OBX memories this week. Thank you so much Resort Realty for making this week perfect for all of us!

C. Miller (Guest, #4664)

When we arrived on Saturday, 6-10-17, there was a cleaning lady there (I did not get her name) but she was very very nice and did and excellent job at cleaning that 11 bedroom house. Next, when I got home on the 17th I realized we had left some clothing and my arthritis medications at the house. I called Monday morning and spoke to Kay [who] was very cooperative and sent me to Anna who also was very helpful in finding the meds and clothing and took care of having my items [shipped] UPS to me. Also a huge thank you to all, who went through the garbage cans to find my stuff. That was really beyond their job descriptions. I believe God sends angels to help us and everyone who helped find my items I believe are angels. Thank you all for your help and making sure we all had a great trip!

Guest, #6100

We had a great time and appreciate the great service we get from Resort Realty! You are by far the best on the Outer Banks! Already looking forward to next year with our Resort Realty vacation.

S. Mack (Guest, #5612)

This was our first time staying with you. This was a very important get away for us because for the first time we could afford a nice house for our family vacation. Usually when you walk into a place there is something that is unappealing especially the smell. This house was so beautiful and perfect for our needs. Thank you for making our much needed and much deserved OBX vacation a wonderful success.

Tammy G.

Resort Realty's website is by far the easiest to navigate [compared to similar sites] to find exactly what I'm looking for. In the past, I've requested brochures from multiple real estate companies around town and was told they don't do them - I love that Resort Realty does! When surfing to compare prices, their website is the best!

Marlo S. (Guest, #5426)

We had a very easy and painless experience booking with Resort Realty and would do so again in a minute. Thanks for making our first OBX experience a great one!

Erin F. (Guest, #1040)

I have to say you all have been so pleasant and awesome on the phone. I wish you had the property that would work for us because by far you have the best customer service. Please know, you all have the upper hand against all competition because of this! Thank you so much for your help and continued follow up.

Recent Guest Email

The house was entirely clean - there was no trash or sand around - the toilets were nice and clean and wrapped indicating that they were indeed clean. The beds were nicely made and towels were waiting for us. The housekeeping staff did an exceptional job of prepping the house for our visit.

Mel B. (Guest, #7027)

My family was in a bind as we had previously had a contract for a rental with another local realty company and they notified us just two weeks ahead of our arrival to say the "owners had alerted them that there were repairs needed" and that they couldn't honor our contract (which had been paid in full for six months prior). Resort Realty stepped in and was very supportive, helpful and personable in aiding me in finding a suitable replacement and their customer service was so far above and beyond the previous company that we have now found our new company with which to deal when we travel to the Outer Banks. Thanks to Resort Realty and the entire team for helping us out and being so supportive during what would have otherwise been a very trying time for my family.

T. Mathis

I spoke with Amy who was very helpful. Everyone with whom I spoke was overwhelmingly pleasant, professional and helpful and I'm very appreciative of their time and attention.

Guest Survey

I submitted my payment online (e-check). Thanks for the easy to use reservation system! I used to always use VRBO, but they are terrible now, so I'm glad I found you guys!

Recent Guest Email

My family and I have been vacationing in the OBX for 20 years and have used several agencies; Resort Realty is by far the best in my opinion.

J. Womack (Guest, #1077)

We have been coming to the Outer Banks for 25 years. This was the best year ever! We absolutely love the fact that we didn't have to bring towels, our beds were made, and we didn't have to run a vacuum. The house was exceptionally clean and cheery! Oh, and we loved the early check in! Special thanks to Angel. She was prompt and helpful. Also, we have to recognize the outstanding housekeeping staff! The house was exceptionally clean.

Marita Hines (Guest, #7034)

This house was amazing, clean and accommodated our entire group. We couldn't have asked for a better location and setup. Was a great time and look forward to renting again.

C. Newsom (Guest, #5580)

We have been coming to Nags Head for a number of years and must say this is probably the cleanest home we have had the pleasure of visiting.

B. Mrugacz (Guest, #5808)

Everyone was exceptional throughout our experience with Resort Realty. Our maintenance gentleman that came to the house, twice, was awesome. Very friendly and accommodating.

C. Alexander (Guest, #5514)

House was extremely clean when we checked in and we appreciated the beds being made so kudos to the cleaning staff. Reservation and customer service staff is always top notch!

D. Holland (Guest, #5784)

The week of June 17th we stayed at the Hill Duplex, 4417 Virginia Dare Trail, Nags Head (rented under the name of Christina Balderson). A week after we got home my daughter realized she did not have her watch and another bracelet and thought they might have fallen down behind the dresser. We called your housekeeping team and asked them if they could look for it. We did not really expect anything to be found, but the watch especially had sentimental value because it was a Confirmation gift. We spoke to two people, Debra and Anna. Initially my daughter spoke to Anna. She went over to the house and found both items and had them sent back to us. Both ladies were very nice and helpful on the phone and Anna especially went out of her way to make sure we got the items and had the tracking. I think both ladies, and especially Anna, should be commended for their great customer focus. Thank you very much. Regards, Louise and Katie Greaney Chapel Hill, NC

L. Greaney (Guest, #5501)

While vacationing we had a death in our family back home. Not unexpected but your office and staff were great help with some details we had to take care of. Really nice to know you can count on your services that are beyond normal. Many thanks!!

Guest, #6503