EZ Pay Is Here!

We know you and your family look forward to your annual Outer Banks vacation. Resort Realty now offers a convenient payment plan to make planning easier than ever! Resort’s easy payment plan allows you to plan ahead and have plenty of time to break up the cost of your OBX vacation home. Traveling with your extended family and/or friends, our payment plan is a great way for each family to contribute to the perfect Outer Banks vacation rental. Get all you want and deserve out of your annual trip to the beach at your convenience.

How It Works:

A 3-payment installment plan will allow you to divide your payments into 25, 25, and 50% in order for you to make plans and arrangements to find the OBX home of your dreams! EZ Pay Reservations must be made by calling us at 800-458-3830

If you book BEFORE November 15th:

• 25% is due by 11/15/2019

• 25% is due by 1/15/2020

• 50% is due 45 days prior to check-in

If you book AFTER November 15th:

• First payment of 25% is due within 3 days after you book*

• Second payment of 25% is due 30 days after your initial booking

• Final payment is due 45 days prior to check in

*If applicable, the fee for optional Travel Insurance (highly recommended) will be added to the first installment of the EZ pay plan. The administrative fee will also be due with the first 25% payment.

Call us today to set up your EZ Payment Plan now!

Office hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, EST daily.

Please contact the Resort Realty Reservations Department at (800) 458-3830 or email at info@resortrealty.com for more information.