Resort Realty is pleased to offer a variety of Outer Banks rental properties for your vacation needs. Whether you’re looking for a “kick back and put your feet up” type of beach rental or a luxury escape, Resort Realty has an OBX vacation rental home to accommodate every lifestyle and every budget. Check out our Rental Policies below, or give us a call. Our experienced vacation specialists can answer all your questions and assist you in planning the best beach vacation ever. We look forward to seeing you on the Outer Banks!

Advance Reservations (Pre-Reservations)

As a VIP guest, Resort Realty is pleased to offer current guests priority in pre-reserving the same home, for the same week of next year. As the priority VIP guest, you will have until end of business day on your day of check-out to pre-reserve next year’s reservation. After that day, the booking calendar will be open to the general public and all advance reservations will be taken on a first come, first served basis.

There is a non-refundable Advance Reservation fee of $50.00 (plus NC Sales and Occupancy Tax), per week reserved, that is not applied to your rent and must be paid to Resort Realty within 10 days of making your advance reservation. If we do not receive your $50 Advanced Reservation fee your reservation will be cancelled without notice.

Once we have determined that your desired property will be available for the dates requested, a reservation will be made. All Lease Agreements will be sent to our guests no later than October 1st of this year, with all Advance Rental Payments and signed leases due within 3 days of receipt of the emailed lease agreement . If you do not receive your Lease Agreement by October 1st, please call (800) 458-3830.

Starting October 1, 2021 Resort Realty will change our pre-reservations rules to a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. If you would like the same house and week’s stay, we highly recommend pre-reserving after your vacation for the upcoming year(s).

Please note: Certain restrictions and exceptions might apply. Owner time takes priority. If the homeowner requests the same week, we will assist you in finding an alternative week or property. 

Cancellations and Transfers

In the event that a reservation has to be cancelled this must be made in writing and received by Resort Realty prior to check in. Refunds are available only if the property is re-rented. The tenant is responsible for verifying that the cancellation letter has been received by Resort Realty. If Resort Realty is unable to re-rent the property, any and all prepaid rental payments, administrative fees, and taxes due, will be forfeited. If the property is re-rented for full term of the original rental period, Tenant will receive a refund of any prepaid rental payment, less a service charge of $125.00. If the property is re-rented for only a part of the original rental period, the only refund due to the canceling Tenant are those funds in excess of the original rental rate, less a service charge of $125.00. If the rental rate has been negotiated to a lower rental rate, tenant is only refunded any amount in excess of the original lease amount, less the $125 service charge. If tenant has purchased the Trip Cancellation Insurance, premium is non-refundable. Refunds will be payable to the Tenant within 45 days after the subsequent re-rent payment has cleared our accounts. Tenant will be entitled to reimbursement of any fees paid to Agent for goods, services, or benefits procured by the Agent from third-parties for the benefit of Tenant that have not been paid out prior to Resort Realty receiving the written notice of cancellation. TRAVEL INSURANCE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO PROTECT AGAINST UNEXPECTED EVENTS.

Transfers WITHIN THE SAME PROPERTY ONLY AND SAME CALENDAR YEAR may be made only one time from one week to another. Requests for transfers must be made in writing. Transfers that occur from a higher rental rate season to a lower rental rate season will remain at the charge of the higher rental rate season. Transfers from a lower rental rate season to a higher rental rate season will be charged the higher rental rate. There will be a $125 transfer fee plus tax due before we can transfer your reservation. Transfers can only be made up to 45 days prior to arrival.

Check-In Office Information

In order to allow time for cleaning, inspecting, and maintenance between guests, homes are not available for check-in earlier than 4:00PM on your arrival date, unless you have purchased an early check-in. Check-in will be available from 4:00PM – 6:00PM. Please do not go onto the premises before you have received your check-in packet from our office unless your rental home offers keyless entry. Keys will be released to the leaseholder only. In extreme situations (cleaning and regular maintenance), check in-time may need to be extended past the normal 4:00PM check-in time.

Please check-in at the corresponding office based on your Resort Realty property number:

  • Corolla Office: Property #1000-4477 and CB1-CB51
  • Kitty Hawk Office: Property #4478-5402
  • Nags Head Office: Property #5403-6999, AV1B1, C104-C108
  • Hatteras Office: Property #7000-8000


Check-out on the day of departure will be no later than 10:00 am unless you have purchased a late check-out.

You may check out via telephone by calling (877) 413-7216. As prompted, press 2 for departure. You must call from the house phone, not a cell phone for this feature to work. Please leave the keys by the phone.

Upon check-out, we ask our guests to leave their home in the same general condition as it was found. Please leave the home clean. Vacuum and sweep floors, wash all dishes and return to cabinets, remove all food and trash, and lock all doors and windows.

Construction & Beach Nourishment

New home construction and home renovations are abundant throughout the Outer Banks. Unfortunately, we have no control as to when and where construction occurs. No refunds or property transfers will be made.

There is a possibility that some areas along the beaches may be involved in beach nourishment projects. There may also be construction projects in progress nearby during your stay. We cannot predict when or where these jobs will begin or how long they will last. Since we have no control over these situations, no compensation or moves to other properties are permitted.

Damages (Partial Damage Fee)

We realize most of our guests are responsible people; however, accidents do happen. To report any accidental damages during your stay, please notify Resort Realty immediately by calling your check-in office at (800) 458-3830 and speaking to the Rental Manager. You can also stop by one of the offices to speak with a property manager as well. Resort Realty will then personally assess the damage and you will be notified and responsible for any costs relating to the damage.

Early Departures

If you are planning to leave earlier than your scheduled check-out day, please drop the key off at your check-in office or call us at (800) 458-3830 and then follow the check-out steps below.

Emergency After-Hours Phone Number

An emergency after-hours phone number will be supplied to guests at check-in and in pre-arrival information. Please utilize this number for emergencies only.

Family Group Policy

It is our policy at Resort Realty to rent only to family groups due to the obligations to our owners. A family group is defined as parents, grandparents, children, and extended family members vacationing in one home. We will not rent a property in connection with a non-family use such as high school, college or civic groups. Tenants must be at least 24 years of age. Properties are patrolled on a regular basis and should a violation of this policy be found, the group will be subject to immediate eviction with NO REFUNDS OF RENT. Identification may be requested. N.C. Gen Stat. 14-100 makes it a crime to obtain any rental under false pretenses.


Use of all fireplaces is limited to the off season only; fireplaces are not to be used starting 05/01 through 09/30 unless otherwise noted on the property description page. No refunds are given for nonfunctional fireplaces.


Fireworks are illegal in the majority of Outer Banks towns, therefore they are NOT permitted on ANY of Resort Realty’s properties.


Grilling is only permitted on concrete driveways with a minimum distance of 25 feet from the house. No grilling is allowed on decks, porches, wooden walkways, or carports. Upon departure, please dump all the ashes and leave the grill cleaned. If a gas grill requires propane, call or stop by one of our offices for a replacement.

Housekeeping Services

Daily, mid-week, and check-out cleaning may be scheduled for an additional fee prior to check-in. Please call (252) 261-8383 and press 2 for more information.

Our mid-week cleaning includes:

  • Vacuum/sweep/mop floors
  • Disinfect all countertops and sinks in kitchen and bathrooms
  • Take out kitchen and bathroom garbage
  • Clean inside of microwave and stovetop
  • Disinfect bathroom toilets
  • Clean bathroom mirrors
  • Clean all slider doors

**Note: No bedding or towel laundering or change out is included with our mid-week cleaning service, these services can be arranged for an additional price.  Personal items will not be moved during service. 

Keys & Lock-Out Policy

Two (2) sets of keys will be issued to the leaseholder at check-in, unless your rental home provides keyless entry, along with directions to the property. In the event a guest is locked out of the home during the rental period, the guest may borrow a key from the office. For lockouts between the hours of 5:00 P.M. and 8:30 A.M., the guest must call the posted emergency number. An agent will meet the guest at the office.

Late Arrivals

Your vacation check-in packet will be left in the drop box outside the appropriate check-in office. Keys will not be left out unless your balance is paid in full.

Linens & Towels

For your convenience, many Resort Realty homes provide linens and towels.

Resort Realty’s Linen Packages are as follows:

  • Standard Linen Package: Linens & towels will be provided but beds will NOT be made.
  • Optional Bed Making: Beds will be made only if the Standard Linen Package is included or if the Optional Linen Package has been purchased. All Signature Series properties offer Optional Bed Making

1 Towel Set includes: 1 bath towel and 1 wash cloth per person, based on occupancy of the home.

One (1) hand towel and one (1) bath mat are provided for each full bathroom and one (1) hand towel for each half bath.

Please note: Bunk beds of any type, with Optional Bedmaking, will be provided with linens, but only the bottom beds will be made. Only beds advertised will receive linens (if included/purchased).

For the properties that do not include a linen package, guests can request one for an additional cost. You may also purchase additional towel sets. For prices or to arrange any of these extra services please contact our office as they must be ordered and paid for up to 1 week prior to your check-in date. This service is available for the duration of the reservation dates and any laundering needed during these dates will be the responsibility of the guests.

Lost and Found

Resort Realty is not responsible for any items left behind. Please be sure to check thoroughly before departure. Any shipping that is required will be the responsibility of the guest.

Mail and Messages

We are happy to receive mail and messages, which may be picked up during regular business hours; however, there is no delivery to the rental homes. Our guests are welcome to use our copy and fax services for a nominal fee.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Every effort is made to have the home clean and all equipment in good working order. Even new and well-maintained equipment occasionally malfunctions. Any problems should be reported to our office immediately by calling (252) 261-8383 so we can make arrangements to resolve them. Repairs are corrected in as timely a manner as possible. We reserve the right, if necessary, for the maintenance staff to enter the home during business hours for repair, care, or management of the property. We will make every effort not to disrupt your vacation. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE ISSUED DUE TO MALFUNCTION IN EQUIPMENT OR OTHER GUEST DISSATISFACTION.


Please respect the wishes of our owners and guests and do not smoke in the homes listed as non-smoking. Although a home may be advertised as “Non-Smoking,” this does not guarantee that the home is smoke-free.


Our occupancy limits are determined by local health laws and must be adhered to. Each maximum occupancy includes children. Recreational vehicles may be used for transportation purposes only and not as a means to increase occupancy, nor can they be attached to the water or the electricity facilities. In the event a property is over occupied, guests are subject to eviction with NO REFUNDS.


Resort Realty offers many Outer Banks pet-friendly homes that can accommodate your four-legged family members. Pets are limited to two (2) domestic, housebroken, well-behaved adult dogs; no puppies permitted. Pets are NOT permitted on any premises unless otherwise noted in the property description as “Dog Friendly.” For homes that accept pets, a non-refundable fee up to $200 is due with the balance payment. Pricing fees vary by property. Breach of this condition is grounds for immediate eviction without refund. Although a home may be advertised as a “No Pets Allowed” home, this does not guarantee that a pet has never entered the home.

Pools and Hot Tubs

Many of our homes feature private pools and hot tubs for your vacation enjoyment and may incur an additional per week charge; please check the property description for any additional fees. Pool heaters will warm a pool to the operating temperature of 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit in 24-48 hours – depending upon the ambient air temperature. If the outside temperature at your vacation home drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, then the pool heater will not operate, and the pool will not be heated. If the overnight temperature drops below 50, the pool may not be able to return to the operating temperature range during the following day. All guests should note that pool heat cannot be guaranteed, as sometimes mechanical devices fail, or environmental factors will not allow the pools to be heated. Guests must notify the company of failure of pool heat on the day, so that the temperature or the equipment can be checked by personnel.

  • Heated Pools are available from  4/02/21 to 10/17/21.
  • Unheated Pools are available from 4/18/21 to 10/10/21.

Pools will not be available outside of these scheduled dates unless noted in the property description. Hot tubs are available year-round unless otherwise indicated in the property description. Pools and hot tubs are chemically serviced and cleaned regularly. It is the guests’ responsibility for the supervision and appropriate use of the hot tub. They can be dangerous for children, pregnant women, and other people requiring medical attention or with sensitive skin conditions. Homes not equipped with hot tubs do not allow rental of soft spas/hot tubs by guests due to possible electrical and/or structural damage.

Community Pools: Community pool policies, including dates of availability, are subject to change and are determined by the individual Homeowner Associations, not by Resort Realty. Community pools are not heated and are normally open from Memorial Day to Labor Day — but please check with a Vacation Specialist about the open and close dates for the particular property you are inquiring about.

Power, Phone, Internet and Cable Outages

As part of Outer Banks life, we occasionally experience outages that are beyond our control. We will be more than happy to report these outages, but NO REFUNDS will be given due to outages.

Printing Errors

Every effort has been made to assure that our information and descriptions are accurate; however, information published, though deemed accurate, cannot be guaranteed and is subject to errors, omissions or withdrawal without notice. We reserve the right to correct such issues. Resort Realty cannot be held responsible for changes made by owners in furnishings, equipment, and pricing or for printing errors.

Rental Rates & Making Your Payment

Please check our website for rental rates or call (800) 458-3830 to speak to a vacation specialist. The rental rates quoted or printed on our website are the weekly rate only. They do not include tax, administration fee ($200 plus tax), or optional fees. Optional fees include travel insurance, pet fee, heated pool fee, housekeeping services, optional linens (for homes that do not include linens), and Optional Bed Making.

Our office must receive the signed Lease Agreement, along with an advance rent payment of one-half of the rental rate, travel insurance premium (if elected), and a non-refundable administration fee ($200 plus tax) within three (3) days of making your reservation. Payments are due immediately for reservations made 30 days or less prior to arrival. Due to the high demand for rental property, we cannot hold unconfirmed reservations beyond the 3-day period and therefore suggest that you take advantage of logging into the Guest Portal to view and sign your lease. All you need is your reservation number and your 5 digit zip code. Your reservation will be automatically cancelled without notice if your payment has not been received on time. A copy of the fully executed lease will be returned to leaseholder upon tenant request.

The balance of the rent plus taxes and any other fees (e.g. pet fees, housekeeping services, linens and/or towels, etc.) is due 45 days prior to check-in. ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE PAID IN FULL PRIOR TO CHECK-IN.

Please make all checks payable to Resort Realty and mail to P.O. Box 129, Nags Head, NC 27959 (5219 S. Croatan Hwy. is the street address for overnight delivery.) Payments may be made by personal check (not accepted within 30 days prior to check-in), debit/credit card, or e-check. All credit card transactions are subject to a third-party processing fee of $44.95 (per transaction, subject to change).

All rental payments are deposited in an interest-bearing trust account with accrued interest payable to Resort Realty. Advance rent payments are disbursed to the owners on a monthly basis.

There is a $25 charge for returned checks. We do not redeposit returned checks. They must be replaced immediately with a money order, cashier’s check, or credit card.


Our offices are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm seven (7) days a week. We are closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. Reservations can be made in person, online, or by calling on our toll-free reservation number (800) 458-3830. If our toll-free lines are busy, try our alternate number (252) 441-5000.

Smoke Alarms

Guest acknowledges that he/she will report any malfunction in these items promptly to Agent and will hold Agent harmless if he/she has not done so.

Telephone/Long Distance Phone Calls

Telephones are provided in our homes for your convenience and safety. Please do not abuse this privilege by charging long-distance calls to the home telephone. There will be a $20 collection fee added to any calls charged to an owner.

Things to Bring on Vacation

Each of Resort Realty’s vacation homes are equipped for normal housekeeping. Cleaning supplies such as all-purpose cleaner/disinfectant, dish, and laundry detergent are not included. Please note that you will need to furnish certain paper products such as toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and garbage bags. Guests must provide linens and towels for the property if they are not included or if they have not rented these items. Pillows will be provided. Dish towels and dishcloths are not included.

For a common list of items to pack for your beach getaway, please visit our What to Bring on Your Outer Banks Vacation page.


Place trash in outside receptacles and leave receptacles by the road for curbside pick up. Do not leave receptacles under the house. Refer to the information in your home for the day, time, and location of pick-up.

Travel Insurance and Hurricanes

In the event of a mandatory/ordered evacuation by the Dare and/or Currituck County Emergency Management Control Group, no rebate will be offered. However, travel insurance is available as a viable alternative, as it offers additional coverage such as medical emergencies, death in the family, as well as storm evacuations. The cost of this insurance is a percentage of the base rent, administrative fee, and taxes and is automatically added and due with your advance rent payment. A brochure outlining the benefits, exclusions, and limitations will be sent via email after booking. If you do not wish to purchase this coverage, you may delete the charge by initialing where indicated on your Lease Agreement. We strongly urge you to take advantage of this option, as no refunds are offered.

More information about Travel Insurance…

Water (Well Water)

Many vacation homes on the Outer Banks are served by private well water. Water here is unlike your water at home. In some areas, particularly in Currituck County, water may be discolored, have an odor, and/or be distasteful. We suggest purchasing bottled drinking water, readily available at grocery stores if guests find the taste, odor, or color objectionable. This condition is beyond the control of Resort Realty and the homeowners. No refunds will be given.