The Outer Banks of North Carolina is gorgeous. The beaches are stunning, the locals are friendly, and the food is out of this world. The one thing no one tells you? You’ll become addicted to this little chain of islands and you’ll always want to come back. If you can say “yeah, I do that” to these 10 signs, you might just be an OBX addict.

1 // You countdown the days until The Next Outer Banks Getaway

You and your family can’t wait to get to the beach, is it ever really too early to start your countdown?

2 // You’ve Reserved the perfect OBX Vacation Home

Which is a super smart move on your part because Outer Banks vacation homes book fast! (Plus, you can take advantage of deals and specials Resort Realty has in advance!)

3 // Your phone Camera roll looks a lot like this…

Because let’s be real, can you actually take too many pictures of all the awesome spots on the Outer Banks?

4 // And Your Instagram Feed Looks Like This…

Since you took so many photos on your phone, naturally you have to post them to Instagram to make all your friends jealous!

5 // You Can’t Wait To Eat Fresh, Local OBX Seafood

OBX Food Guide on Instagram features some of the best, local spots on the beach. Another reason to visit the Outer Banks and eat your way around town (and add to your Outer Banks obsession).

6 // You Spend Most Of Your Time Day Dreaming About OBX Beaches

And honestly, we don’t blame you. We have some of the most gorgeous beaches in the country, but we might be a little biased.

7 // You Have An OBX Landmark as Your Desktop or Phone Wallpaper

Seeing an image of the Bodie Island lighthouse or a picture of an Outer Banks beach can make your day that much better.

8 // Your Wardrobe Is OBX Ready 99% of the time
image via Whalebone Surf Shop on Instagram

Repeat after us: if you dress like summer, summer will last forever…

9 // This is your mood when you realize it’s time to leave the OBX…

Because seeing the “Now Leaving Dare County” sign is super depressing and we know you want to turn around and come back.

10 // But then you realize you’ll be back to the OBX soon enough

And that’s enough to keep you going until the next time. Let’s be real, you’ve already started a new countdown for next summer, haven’t you?