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We can’t wait to catch HGTV’s newest show this weekend, “Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovation”.  Not only is it based here on the Outer Banks, but it features some locals we are quite familiar with.  Cooper Hawk, a Resort Realty Real Estate agent, and Jason Krieg, a Resort Realty employee, star in the episode airing this Saturday at 9pm!  Jason and his wife Audra, a local Outer Banks photographer, are the subject of the hour long episode titled “Outer Banks Overhaul in North Carolina”.   While we don’t know details until the episode airs, we do know that the couple meets with their Real Estate agent, Cooper, who shows them a few different homes. From a soundfront bungalow to a larger home to a home closer to the beach, they explore the variety of real estate that the Outer Banks has to offer.  After exploring their options, Jason and Audra pick their new home and  they seal the deal with the help of their knowledgeable agent. Audra mentions in her blog “none of it would have been possible without our amazing real estate agent, Cooper Hawk. If we didn’t get such a great deal on our house, we would still be paying crazy high rent and dreaming of owning a home!”

After the home is purchased, the real work then starts for Jason and Audra- it’s renovation time! The couple designs and renovates their new home, which is a twist on the original “Beachfront Bargain Hunt” show.  Using local Outer Banks contractors, designers, and real estate agents, we have so much local pride for our town and coworker hitting the big time with this fun real estate HGTV feature.   We can’t wait to see what house they choose and how they choose to renovate. Set your DVRs or tune in this Saturday August 20th at 9pm to catch Cooper Hawk, Audra and Jason buy and renovate their house, turning it into their dream home!  You can read more details about the filming and real estate process on Cooper’s article here and more information on the film crew and the upcoming show on Audra’s blog here.

Photo by Audra Krieg