Summer is just around the corner! Many families are gearing up and booking their Outer Banks vacation. It’s time for you as a property owner to get your home in tip top shape for families to enjoy and create memories this summer season. See what exactly you should do to make sure your home is summer vacation ready!

Spring Clean

A clean home is a happy home, especially after being shut down and closed up all winter! Giving your home a good, deep clean is the perfect start to having a successful summer season. As a Resort Realty homeowner, you have access to our in-house spring clean and carpet care packages to make sure your vacation rental is in the best shape possible for all of your guests.

Manicure + Landscape

Let’s face it, curb appeal is a very real thing. When your home has a beautifully landscaped lawn and bright flowers that are cared for, it makes the property look inviting! Make sure your lawn is cut and not overgrown and that your plants and flowers are cared for!

Update Your Kitchen

Updating can be an expensive project but it can be well worth it. Many families that rent a home on vacation utilize the kitchen to save money on dining out. A dream kitchen on vacation can keep guests coming back year after year. Updating your kitchen can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint and new light fixtures or can go as in depth as new appliances. Everyone goes crazy over new, stainless steel ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, and more. If it’s in your budget, get some inspiration from Pinterest and consider doing a kitchen update!

Fresh Decor

Speaking of updates, why not revamp your decor before the summer season? Dark, wood paneling, outdated wallpaper, and old bedding can easily be updated on a budget! Fresh paint colors, simple bedding, and fun throw pillows can easily update a home. To see some of the best home decor trends, check out our home decor blog here! Little updates can make a huge difference!

Entertain Outdoors

A great outdoor space is great to have in the summer. If you have a pool area at your home, make sure the furniture surrounding the pool is in good shape and if not, invest in new chairs and tables. Make sure the grill is ready to take on a bunch of family cookouts and pool toys are free of holes and are ready to take a dive. If you don’t have a pool area, utilize your porch space! Ensure the furniture is comfortable, looking great, and the perfect spot for post beach relaxation!

Little updates throughout your home and utilizing this time to get ready for the summer season can make a huge difference on how many rentals you receive and how many repeat guests you keep! See some of the top requests guests have when staying in a vacation home. As a homeowner with Resort Realty, we make sure your property is as successful as possible. We want to keep you and your guests happy, so see how we can help manage your vacation property today. See our website for more information, give us a call at 800-458-3830, or email us at