Vacation just wouldn’t be the same without your four-legged best friend, right? Make sure you and your pet are well prepared with our how-to guide on traveling with a dog.


1 – Know Your Dog

Do you know if your dog has travel anxiety or gets car sick? Take them out for test drives if they don’t like to ride around already. Start with short rides of 10 to 15 minutes to help your dog acclimatize to your car and the motion of the vehicle. Then, increase the time daily or weekly until it’s time for your trip. If your pet does exhibit anxiety or car sickness, talk to your vet and they may be able to prescribe them a light sedative or something to help nausea.



2 – Stay Safe

According to AAA, 30,000 accidents a year are caused by unrestrained pets roaming freely around the vehicle. Keep your dog secure by either using a pet barrier, crate, or pet seatbelt.


3 – Plan Your Pit Stops

Plan to stop every 2-3 hours so your dog can get out and exercise, use the bathroom, or have a snack!


4 – Hydrate

The ASPCA recommends you should have a gallon of cold water handy so your pet doesn’t dehydrate on the road trip.



5 – Don’t Leave Your Pet Alone


On an 85 degree day, a car can reach 110 degrees in 10 minutes. If you have to stop somewhere that isn’t pet-friendly, like a restaurant, leave the windows down at least an inch and order your food to go. If it’s available, go through the drive through.


6 – Don’t Let Your Pup Hang Out Of the Window

As much as they love the wind flying through their fur, please don’t let your dog hang his head out of the window. High wind speeds can cause damage to the dogs’ already sensitive ears and lungs. Flying debris and cars driving too closely also can pose dangers to your pup.


7. Have Documents Handy (Just In Case)

Just in case the unimaginable happens, happens, make sure you have important documents handy. Proof of vaccination, microchip registration, and insurance are just a few examples of what you should bring along.


Just a few more tips:

Now that you know how to travel with your four-legged family member, check out the array of pet-friendly vacation homes Resort Realty has to offer you! Between this checklist and our awesome homes, you and your pet will have the best vacation yet!


Spending quality time with your favorite four legged friend is a great way to spend any day. So why not go out and adventure around the Outer Banks with them too? Check out these spots you and your pup will enjoy in our Top 10 Places to Take Your Dog On The Outer Banks.

1. Jockey’s Ridge

Take a hike with your dog up to Jockey’s Ridge! Enjoy a nice sandy walk on the dunes. Just make sure you’re up to date on Jockey’s Ridges’ pet safety rules.

2. Snowbird Ice Cream

Treat your pooch (and yourself) to a sweet treat at Snowbird Ice Cream in Nags Head. You can get a milkshake, ice cream cone, or even a burger and fries while your dog can lap up a pup cup. Pup cups are vanilla ice cream in a cup that’s $2. With every pup cup purchase, Snowbird donates $1 to the Dare County SPCA, the sweetest treat of all.

3. Nags Head Woods

Keep puppy active by going for a stroll in Nags Head woods. With 7 different trails to discover, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure you bring plenty of water for you and your dog and take a break and enjoy the beauty of the woods.

4. Downtown Manteo

Historic downtown Manteo is the perfect place to explore with your dog. Filled with plenty of shops and a few pet friendly restaurants with outdoor seating, there’s plenty to enjoy and do. Take a stroll dockside and check out all the boats or walk the sidewalks and admire the architecture of some of the historical buildings.

5. Roanoke Island Festival Park

While you’re in downtown Manteo, make your way over the bridge to Roanoke Island Festival Park. Festival Park is a historical representation site of Roanoke Island in 1585. Although your furry friend isn’t allowed in the representational part of the park, there is a beautiful grassy area near the pavilion perfect for playing a game of fetch and a sound side boardwalk that borders the majority of the park.

6. The Beach

The beach is one of the best places to spend time with your dog. Wake up early in the morning to enjoy a beautiful beachside sunrise stroll or wait a little later and frolic in the waves with your pooch. Just make sure you know of the water conditions and stay informed on rip currents.

7. Wright Brothers National Memorial

Learn more about the first flight that took place right here on the Outer Banks and visit the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kill Devil Hills. Visit the monument and even see a real size version of the Wright Flyer. While you’re learning, your dog is enjoying a nice walk around the park. It’s a win-win for you and your dog.

8. The Sound

In the evening, take a sound side stroll at the sound access behind Jockey’s Ridge and watch one of the famous Outer Banks sunsets. In the summer, even when the sun starts to go down it’s still pretty warm and since the sound is brackish water, it usually stays pretty flat (meaning, no waves). That creates the perfect opportunity for your dog to go for a fun swim.

9. Island Pet Gallery

Stop in with your furry friend to Island Pet Gallery! Let them pick out a new toy to take home or maybe a new collar or leash so they can make a new fashion statement. Treat them for being a good dog and a good friend.

10. Kitty Hawk Dog Park

Enjoy the dog park in Kitty Hawk and let your dog play and even maybe meet a few new dog friends. A registration form does need to be filled out and you must present a current vaccination record.


Make your visit even more enjoyable with your dog and book one of our pet friendly vacation homes today!

dog lying on beach