When it comes to your home, you want it to be comfortable, cozy, and of course stylish. Take a few notes from the design trends we’ve gathered from across the internet, local businesses, and even our own homes to spruce up your own space!

Fresh Light Fixtures

Brighten up your kitchen with fun light fixtures! Property #5410 Ocean Star

Modern light fixtures like these found in the kitchen of Ocean Star #5410 can really brighten up your space! (Pun fully intended). With metallic colors like silvers, bronzes, and golds being especially trendy in home decor this year, you have so many options to make your home super up to date!

Make Use Of Natural Elements + Colors

Modern Beach House by Nicole Peters sure knows how to spruce up a space // image via Modern Beach House

Modern Beach House, a local Outer Banks interior design service and store hit the nail on the head with this buffet table display. The natural, tan colors of the table and the stark, white walls and topping are beautifully offset by the green plants! This look is easily achievable and can really brighten up your home. To see more great inspo and before and afters of local Outer Banks homes, take a look at the Modern Beach House website!

Shiplap Is Back

Don’t call it a comeback; shiplap is here to stay! Image via Pinterest

If you’ve ever set foot in a classic OBX beach box home, one thing you will see is dark and dreary shiplap and wood paneling. This can make the home look dark and dingy, but fear not, shiplap is making a comeback in a major way! A fresh coat of paint and bright interior furniture or furniture covers and take a drab room and make it fab in no time.

Create An Outside Oasis

Oceanfront porch swinging in style? Yes please! Image via Pinterest

When you’re on the Outer Banks, there’s nothing better than sitting out on the porch with a tall glass of sweet tea. Make sure your porch space is inviting and comfortable. Install porch swings or update the current seating you have with outdoor durable pillows and cushions for the ultimate relaxing space!


Make A Statement

Spice up your space with statement walls! Image via Pinterest

Tired of the same old paint? Make a statement with fun walls! You can get inexpensive wall paper and tile and create a focal point in a room to make it bright and inviting. You don’t have to stop at the walls either, a huge design trend for 2018 is statement floors and ceilings too! Think outside the box and be creative, just make sure you don’t go too overboard, pick one wall and off set the vibrancy with simple furniture and other decor!



Minimalism: A trend you can never go wrong with

Minimalism is a huge trend that we don’t see going anywhere anytime soon. There’s just something about clean lines, crisp colors, and the simplicity of a great room that makes it super relaxing and serene. Add pops of color to the walls and accent pillows to put a little color in the space. Fun lamps like the wave ones pictured in this bedroom from property Atlantic Breeze #5411 can really pull a minimalistic bedroom together!

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Fall is officially here and with colder months approaching, it is important to get ready to winterize your home to keep it safe. Whether you have a rental home or are a year-round resident, check out these fall maintenance tips!

1 // Fall Clean

Image via Pinterest

A new season means a fresh start. Open the windows and give your house the deep clean it deserves. Pay careful attention to areas that get overlook and that collect dust like shelves and corners.


2 // De-Goop the Gutters

Image via Pinterest

Gutters keep water from sitting on your home. Make sure they’re doing their job by cleaning out blockages caused by leaves, twigs, and pine needles. Make sure no spouts are loose and use a water hose to rinse out the gunk and make sure that your gutters are in tip-top shape.


3 // Store the Hose

Image via Pinterest

Water hoses that still have water in them can freeze and burst when the temperature drops. When the weather takes a turn for the chilly, make sure your hose is drained and stored properly.


4 // No More Drafts

Image via Pinterest

Instead of cranking up the heat (and the electric bill) buy or create a draft guard for under doorways that leak cold air. You can find an easy DIY tutorial on Pinterest.


5 // Eyes on the Thermostat

Image via Pinterest

Colder temperatures mean the AC will soon be switched to heat. Average households tend to spend 50 to 70 percent on their energy bill. Make sure to turn down the thermostat when you’re not home and save energy and money. You could save around $180 a year.


6 // Cleaner Air

Image via Pinterest

Dirty air filters = low airflow and more energy demand. Make sure you’re changing your air filter once a month for cleanliness and efficiency.


7 // Go Clockwise

Image via Pinterest

Not only do ceiling fans keep you cool in the summer, they can keep you warm in the winter too! By changing the fan direction to clockwise, it’ll push hot air that’s along the ceiling towards the floor!


8 // Clean Your Vents

Image via Pinterest

One of the most flammable materials in your home is dryer lint. Keeping your dryer free of lint will help your clothes dry more efficiently and prevent the risk of a house fire. You can prevent buildup by emptying out the lint trap after every use.