Known to be the OBX town that has it all, Kill Devil Hills is full of rich history and local folklore that not many people know about. From where KDH got its’ name to being the home of the first successful flight, learn 5 fast facts about the town you know and love; Kill Devil Hills

1 // Kill Devil Hills is the highest populated OBX town

According to the U.S. Census, the year round population of Kill Devil Hills is around 7,000 making it the most populated OBX town. This number can jump to over 40,000 each week during the summer.

2 // No One Really Knows How KDH Got Its Name

Local legend and folklore have varying stories on how Kill Devil Hills got it’s unique name. The most popular story? It has to deal with shipwrecked pirates that came ashore and had barrels of rum that were strong enough to “Kill A Devil”.

3 // The Wright Brothers Had Their First Successful Flight Here

On December 17th, 1903, the Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur had their first successful flight in Kill Devil Hills. The brothers returned in 1911 and set a new record of a successful 9 minute flight.

4 // It’s Home To The Little Red Mailbox

Created by Eddie and Sue Goodrich, the Little Red Mailbox can be found at Glenmere public beach access. In the mailbox, you’ll find a notebook with letters and notes of hope from people all across the OBX, and across the country.

5 // Avalon Pier is the “Newest” Pier

With other Outer Banks piers being built as early as 1939, Avalon Pier is one of the “newest” piers on the Outer Banks. Many of the original piers on the OBX are long gone and newly renovated and reconstructed piers have taken place. Avalon Pier was originally built in 1958. Though it has suffered damage from past hurricanes, tropical, and winter storms, it’s original frame still stands and dozens of locals and visitors alike cast out lines daily.