It may not feel like it now, but warm weather is just around the corner. With thoughts of summer vacation dancing through your head, now is the time to start planning your summer getaway. While there are a ton of online travel agencies out there, nothing beats directly booking your Outer Banks vacation from the source. See our 7 reasons why you should cut out the middle man and book direct with Resort Realty!

1 // You’ll Save Money
By choosing to book direct, you'll save money but not paying additional hidden fees.

When you book with online travel agencies (or OTA’s), you can end up paying hidden fees that the OTA charges for miscellaneous items. Different OTA’s can add additional charges to your booking total, costing you way more than booking direct ever would which can add up to being anywhere from 4% to 15% higher than booking directly with us. Book direct with Resort Realty and there are no hidden fees, plus, you’ll have our knowledgeable local reservationists (not a robot) to help you with anything you need during your booking process. We also have an EZ pay plan running until March 15th to help you budget and make the most out of planning your Outer Banks vacation.

2 // Access To Unlimited Inventory
When you book direct, you'll have access to inventory that usually can't be found on an OTA website.

On many OTA sites, there are only a handful of homes that are available for rent which can cause a sense of urgency to book without thinking. The vacation homes that have high demand usually can’t be found on an OTA website. Usually, a select few homes are available to choose from on OTA sites. When you book a vacation rental home with Resort Realty, you have access to choosing from over 560 homes that are in our program. You can even add homes to your favorites and compare properties side by side.

3 // No Extra Work Needed
By making the choice to book direct, you're able to easily find the home that you want for your OBX vacation.

With OTAs, you’re going from most likely a search engine, to the OTA site, then looking within that site to find a home. That’s a ton of work! Skip the unnecessary steps and go directly to the source. Choosing homes on the Resort Realty website is super simple. You can choose homes by town, number of guests, different amenities, and so much more. By going directly to the vacation rental company, you cut out extra work and get more customized results.

4 // It’s Flat Out Easier
When you book direct with Resort Realty, you cut out the middleman.

When you go directly to Resort Realty, you cut out the middleman. There’s no hassle of trying to find available dates from a limited array of homes, there’s no pressure to try to book sooner, and you can find exactly the home you want directly from the source. By going straight to Resort Realty, you can cut out any other hassle and start relaxing before your vacation even begins.

5 // Added Extra Benefits
By choosing to book direct, you'll get extra perks you wouldn't get with an OTA.

By booking straight with Resort Realty, our friendly reservationists can help you out with anything. They may even help you get discounts you may not know about like our Hometown Hero discount. Plus, if you or a family member needs special accommodations, one of our amazing reservations can help you find a home that suits you best. OTA’s don’t have the best prices you can find or the customization you may need. You can save so much time, effort, and money by booking directly. You won’t get added extra benefits from booking with an OTA; you’ll get a robot.

6 // Local Knowledge & Help

Our friendly and specialized reservationists are also all locals so you can get all of the ins and outs of the Outer Banks! They can tell you where to shop, play, dine, and more. Plus, we have so much added information on our website (like Outer Banks Journeys for every type of person in your crew), why would you go to an impersonal OTA?

7 // Always Updated Calendars & Photos

On OTA websites, photos and calendars sometimes can be outdated. This means you might book a house you saw online, but it looks nothing like that in person. You could also want to book a home for a specific date but it turns out to be unavailable. On Resort Realty’s website, we try to keep our pictures as current as possible and our calendars up to date so when you’re planning your Outer Banks vacation, you know exactly what your property looks like and when exactly you can go!

These are just a few reasons why booking your Outer Banks vacation directly with Resort Realty will save you time, money, and hassle! View our inventory of over 600 OBX vacation homes and start planning your summer stay with us today.