The Outer Banks in the summer time is the best place to be! Everyone else thinks so too. If you’re an OBX vacation veteran, you’ll know that traffic coming in and out can get super congested. But don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect guide on how to avoid Outer Banks traffic. With everyone coming in on the same day and leaving on the same day, it can get a little congested. If you’re not trying to sit in your car for hours on your next vacation, read on to see how to beat the infamous Outer Banks traffic

Leave Early

By leaving early you'll be able to avoid the dreaded Outer Banks traffic with ease!

The thick of Outer Banks traffic happens roughly between 11 AM and 3 PM due to everyone coming in. This can vary by an hour. However, by leaving early in the morning you can get on the OBX by 9 or 10 AM. This means you won’t have to deal with incoming traffic. Let the kids can sleep in the car so you can get a little peace and quiet. When you get here, explore the OBX while you’re waiting for check-in! There are plenty of things to see and do before your vacation rental is ready for check-in. From going to the beach to exploring amazing Outer Banks landmarks, there’s so much to choose from. To get an idea on what to do while you’re waiting browse through the following blogs:

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Find An Alternate Route

Going off the beaten path is our type of adventure. Instead of 158 to the Outer Banks, hit highway 64 and avoid Outer Banks traffic jams.
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The most traffic on the Outer Banks on turnover days occurs on the route coming in over the Wright Memorial Bridge. While the GPS may say that taking an alternate route may take more time, it’ll save you from sitting in traffic; especially if you’re vacationing from Kitty Hawk south. Taking highway 64 instead of 158 may add miles to the journey but you’ll be moving at a steady pace and will be on the OBX in no time! Plus, who doesn’t want a good Bojangles biscuit?!

Keep Calm + Plan Ahead

Charcuterie boards are so in style...and they make great snacks for when you know you just won't be able to avoid Outer Banks traffic.

If leaving early or an alternate route to avoid Outer Banks traffic isn’t in the cards for you and your group, have a plan for possibly sitting in traffic. See which rest stops and restaurants are along your route, and pack enough snacks and entertainment for the kids. We’ve come up with a list of great apps for kids to help car rides to the Outer Banks pass faster! You can see them here.

Use Travel Apps

Travel apps can help you figure out what traffic is going to look like, where your rest stops are, and more.

Travel apps like Waze and Gas Buddy can help you travel with ease. The Waze app can help you avoid accidents, road obstructions, and gives you real time traffic updates. Plus, it offers turn by turn voice navigation and ETA. You can share where you are exactly with people you may be meeting at your vacation home. Gas Buddy can help you find the best and closest gas prices along your route. You can also enter to win $100 in free gas everyday, too!

Book A Home With A Friday or Sunday Turn Day

Homes with less conventional turnover days can end up saving you time in the car and help you avoid Outer Banks traffic!
Crosswinds #5716 has convenient access to the beach, great amenities, AND a Sunday turn day!

Most people coming to the Outer Banks book a vacation rental home that has a check-in and check-out day that falls on Saturday. This is why traffic on Saturday is usually the worst. If you book a home with a turn over day that’s a Friday or Sunday, not only can you avoid traffic, you can also save money! Most homes with check-in and check-out that aren’t Saturday are typically cheaper! Resort Realty has homes with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday change over. This allows you to customize your Outer Banks vacation however you see fit!

See everything Resort Realty has to offer and get your (minimal traffic) Outer Banks vacation started today!