The time has come to plan your Outer Banks vacation! You’ve found the perfect home, you’ve come to the checkout process, and you see that travel insurance is an option. You think to yourself, do you want to spend the extra money? Is it worth it? My vacation should be okay, why do I need it? We’re here to help you understand what can happen and why protecting your Outer Banks vacation is the smartest thing you can do!

The OBX Is Home To Hurricanes

Hurricanes are a common occurance on the Outer Banks and if you’re vacationing during hurricane season (June through November), there’s the off chance one may make landfall. In that case, you’ll be evacuated or your vacation cancelled. And honestly, even if a hurricane doesn’t make landfall, you still could be evacuated out of pure safety precaution. No matter the cause, trip insurance helps soften that blow and makes up for your vacation interruption or cancellation.

Life Happens

Travel insurance doesn’t just cover storms and trip interruptions. It’ll also cover injury or accidents that happens on vacation along with injury, illness, or death that could happen before your stay, making it impossible for you to have your vacation. While this could have a very slim chance of happening; it’s always a good idea to have coverage just in case.

Your Credit Card Insurance Isn’t Really Travel Insurance

You may think “well, my credit card has travel insurance so why do I need to purchase travel insurance from anywhere else?”. While some credit cards do advertise travel protection, it doesn’t always apply. Most credit cards don’t cover medical or evacuation coverage, has a very limited trip cancellation policy, and trip interruption is limited too. When you purchase travel insurance, you’ll be covered for trip cancellation, interruption, illness, death, injury and more. It’s important to discuss this with your credit card provider.

It’s Flat Out Worth It

Have you ever heard that saying “I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it”? That’s travel insurance for you! Travel insurance is about 7% of your total rental price. So for example; if your Outer Banks vacation rental is $10,000, you’ll be spending about $700 on travel insurance. While this sounds like a large number; should you have to cancel for a covered reason, you’ll get back your investment rather than flush that down the toilet!

If you’re still debating on purchasing travel insurance, you can read all about it here. Our guide breaks down everything from what is covered to what isn’t and why you should protect your vacation!