A successful rental home has a very specific recipe. You have to know your rental audience along with having tasteful decor and thoughtful amenities. Knowing who you’re renting to and what vacationers want when they come to visit can make a world of difference to your home, your rental year, and your wallet! Here are some top tips of what vacationers want when they come to spend time and make memories in your rental.

A few quick facts: Most people coming on vacation bring their families (pets included). Vacationers are willing to pay extra for pet-friendly rentals that have larger yards and space indoors. Millennials are slowly beginning to rent more lavish homes, their taste is more expensive and they are more likely to rent a home with their friends.

Top 3 Things Guests Look For In A Successful Rental Home

1 // Cozy Kitchen

While there are a ton of amazing restaurants to try while on vacation, guests actually use the kitchen way more than you would guess! 2 out of 3 meals eaten on vacation have been cooked in the rental home. Only a handful of people actually eat out for every meal while away on vacation.

Renters look for easy to use, updated appliances when searching for a rental home. Little things like easy to clean surfaces, stainless steel appliances, and even a wine opener will up the success of your rental property. An appealing and spacious kitchen is the key to many renter’s hearts.

2 // Outdoor Entertainment

When guests arrive on vacation, their number one priority is relaxation! Guests enjoy unwinding outside and even grilling out. They are willing to pay extra when homes have updated and well kept outdoor areas.

Hot tubs and pools add so much value to your rental property as well. Even if adding a pool or hot tub to your home isn’t in the budget, you can still add other, affordable updates. Think of adding updated outdoor lounge furniture and games like cornhole, can jam, and spikeball to up the ante of your home.

3 // Location

Renters, especially visitors to the Outer Banks, want to be close to the beach. Obviously you can’t up root your home and move it to the oceanfront, but if you’re close to some of the best Outer Banks attractions, make sure that’s advertised! Mention the best dining or the most fun mini golf in your description. When people go on vacation, convenience is the top factor in the vacation rental selection and the mention of great, local businesses to visit helps renters know that you know the OBX.