What Guests Want in a Vacation Rental

When searching for vacation properties we have observed many different “must haves” and “would be nice” search criteria’s from our guests. By listening to their feedback we have compiled a list of their most frequent requests:

• Internet
People are connected more than ever in this day in age. Having a trusted reliable internet connection is a mandatory requirement for most guests. Some guests come on working vacations and must have a solid connection to the outside world. Having an outage creates frustration for all.
Resort Realty has partnered with Silicon Travel for vacation home internet service. Click here to read more about Silicon Travel.

• Fully Stocked Kitchens
In the age of Food Network our guests love to cook. Having your kitchen stocked with plenty of pots and pans, crock pots, knives, plates, silverware, wine glasses, etc. is very appealing. The guests also appreciate a home that has dining/seating for the listed occupancy of the house. Outside areas to eat are requested.

• Entertainment
Flat screen televisions and/or televisions in every room are in high demand. Guests are also looking for features in the cable packages such as HBO, Showtime and sports channels. Believe it or not but Netflix has also become a growing request! Get rid of VCR’s and replace with DVD players.

• Floor plans
One of the most effective marketing tools is a floor plan to help your guests visualize the home and spaces that will work for them. Click here to see an example.

• Rest
You are on vacation and you need fun and relaxation! Our guests are more frequently requesting clean quality mattresses, pillows and bedding.

• Dog Friendly 
Our canine companions are family too! More and more renters are looking for that perfect home that they can bring their dog(s) to. Dog runs and fenced in areas for homes that currently allow pets have also been requested.

• Fresh furnishings and decor
No one wants to feel like they stepped back in time. Vacationers are looking for bright, clean and stylish amenities just like at home. You don’t have to break the bank if you don’t have the budget, liven things up with a fresh coat of paint in neutral colors, inexpensive rugs and slipcovers.


A comfortable, well maintained home will bring you repeat renters year after year!

 For more information on the benefits of offering these amenities, feel free to contact your vacation rental manager.