We are pretty well into the New Year and more than likely you’ve made a few resolutions for 2018! Why not change up your New Year’s resolution this year? Instead of making the usual pledge of getting a gym membership or starting a juice cleanse, why not make an investment resolution on the Outer Banks? (Or, if you’re ambitious, do all three!) Owning a second home on the Outer Banks could be an easy and profitable New Year’s Resolution.

Own A Piece Of Paradise

Owning an Outer Banks vacation home is like owning your own piece of paradise! You’ll make memories with your friends and family plus, you’ll give other families the opportunity to make memories on the Outer Banks as well!

Make a Quality Investment

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Investing in a vacation home on the OBX can be a great move financially, especially when you list your home with Resort Realty. With over 30 years of experience and being a leader in the Outer Banks vacation rental industry, we make sure you get the most out of your vacation home and ensure that your guests are happy and content on their vacation!

Our Professional Staff Has You Covered

At Resort Realty, our excellent staff want to make sure your home is taken care of and you get the maximum profit out of your investment. Our friendly and professional reservationists, housekeeping staff, maintenance staff, accounting, marketing, and property managers will make sure your house gets the rentals it deserves and shines in its best light!

See Why Our Homeowners Love Us

We aim to keep our homeowners as pleased as our guests! See why listing your rental home with Resort Realty is the best choice you could make.

“…I very much appreciate your high standards and the attention that you have given to our homes.  It certainly brings peace of mind.  Especially during the busy rental season, with every little thing that can go wrong, I’m confident, cleanliness isn’t going to be one of them if you are in charge.  Thank you so very much.” –  Property owner of a Duck vacation rental home

“Thank you Resort Realty for a successful season with 16 rentals! This is my first year with Resort Realty and this was the most rentals I have ever had in the 30 years that I have owned the property. I truly appreciate everything you all do and I’m looking forward to next year!” – Property Owners of a Nags Head vacation rental home

Make This New Year’s Resolution Count

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Make your New Year’s Resolution of owning a vacation property on the Outer Banks come true! Take a look at all of the homes for sale on the Outer Banks and connect with one of Resort Realty’s experienced and friendly real estate agents. Then, when you find the perfect vacation home and you’re ready to make profit on your investment, contact a Owner Consultant by emailing owner@resortrealty.com or calling (800) 458-3830. You can also get more information on our rental program on the Resort Realty Owner page of our website!

Buying a house is easily one of the most stressful but rewarding things you will ever go through. Some aspects of house shopping are obvious like having a list of home features that you would like or how far away from work you’d like to live. But what about everyday things that you would never think could affect the buying process? Tipsographic has provided a super helpful infographic on 8 Things Not To Do In Your Quest To Buy A House. Take a look and you may be surprised about what could affect the process!

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With these tips and with the help of your Resort Realty agent, you’ll be in your dream home in no time!

Congratulations! So you’ve closed on the sale of your home and the keys have been handed over to the new owner. You’ve come a long way and there have probably been some bumps in the road during your journey. Finding an agent, filling out paperwork, reviewing offers and counter offers; now that it’s over, what’s next?

Now that you’ve sold your home, it’s time to find someplace new. Across the city, country, or the globe; it’s best to work with someone that can help you every step of the way. As an affiliate of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, your Resort Realty agent can connect you with a relocation professional in your new destination so you’ll be in the best possible hands. So, why should you buy with a Resort Realty agent?


Home Selections >>

Buying a primary home, second home, or investment property on the Outer Banks can be an intimidating experience for some buyers. Resort Realty agents provide a broad view of the market, without wasting your time with inappropriate properties. Our comprehensive website, ResortRealty.com, makes it easy for you to view all the available homes on the market.


Second / Investment Home Financing >> 

Through the years, Resort Realty has created relationships with some of the area’s top lenders. Because buying a second home or investment property is much different than buying a permanent home, you will want a real estate agent that can provide you with the most up-to-date specifics on resort real estate financing.


Our Commitment to You >>

We are bound by fiduciary responsibilities to you as a buyer. We represent you as our client. Resort Realty agents take these duties very seriously, which is a significant benefit to you.


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If you’re planning to put your house on the market, it goes without saying that you’re hoping it sells as soon as possible and that it sells at your asking price. Image is everything and Resort Realty is here to help you prepare your home for sale. Check out our tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale!


Curb Appeal Is Key

Your home’s exterior is what is going to catch the buyer’s eye right off the bat. An overgrown yard, unattractive fence, or empty porch is going to turn them away.


– Your front door is going to be one of the biggest first impressions; make sure it’s clean and painted if necessary

– Plants, door wreaths, a catchy welcome mat, and even new house numbers and little improvements that make a huge impact on how your house is seen

– Make sure your outdoor areas like porches, patios, and deck are neat and tidy

– Keep your lawn mowed and watered, weeds pulled, and bushes and trees trimmed

Touch Up The Inside

Prospective buyers often can’t see past the homeowners’ decor to see what’s most important about the house. Neutral, appealing decorations can help the buyer see important details like the floor plan and space the home has to offer.


– Make sure you paint any room that needs a touch-up; neutral colors can help create a sophisticated backdrop

– Clean your windows, drapes, carpets, ceiling fans, and appliances as well as normal cleaning

– Increase the wattage in your lamps and fixtures (aim for a total of 100 watts for each 50 square feet)


Set The Stage For An Open House

You can’t decorate your home to please everyone, but neutral decor and minimal clutter will showcase your home in the best light.
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– Rearrange your furniture for a quick and easy new look

– Remove any unnecessary objects from counters, tabletops, and dressers

– Place fresh flowers throughout your home

– Set dining room tables and bars as if you were hosting a dinner party

– Up the coziness factor and arrange throw pillows and soft blankets on couches and beds to allow the buyer to feel more relaxed and at home

Follow these tips and your home will definitely be selling in no time!

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