So, you’re going on vacation and you couldn’t be more excited about it! You’ve gotten to your beach house, you’re unpacking your bags, and you realize you forgot some of the most important items. Now you have to go to the local store and spend a fortune on the things you’ve forgotten. We’ve come up with some of the most forgotten items (and tasks) that travelers often overlook.

Umbrella + Raincoat

When you visit the Outer Banks, you never know when it’s going to rain! Packing an umbrella and raincoat ensures you’re prepared.


Most vacation rental homes are equipped with hairdryers, but just in case, it’s always a good idea to bring your own.


No one wants to go to the beach without sunscreen, you can always buy some when you arrive to the Outer Banks, but you’ll save money buying it at home!


You never know when you’ll need cash at a restaurant or while out and about on the OBX. By bringing cash with you from home, you can avoid annoying ATM and bank fees.

Call Your Bank

Okay so you technically don’t “pack this” BUT, you should make sure you call your bank and let them know you’re going on vacation. More often than not, when your bank sees a strange transaction, they’ll shut your card down which is sure to put a damper on your vacation.

Glasses, Contacts, and Solution

For those of us that can’t see without corrective lenses, make SURE you pack your glasses and/or contacts and solution if needed!

Socks + Sneakers

When you come to the beach, you don’t really think about bringing athletic clothing. If you plan on exploring some of the amazing parks and museums we have here on the OBX, you should have a pair of socks and sneakers handy!

Tech Chargers

Nothing is worse than going on vacation without your phone, tablet, or camera charger! Make sure they make it into your suitcase!

First Aid Equipment

Having band-aids, Tylenol, bug spray, and allergy medicine handy can be really important on vacation.

Personal Protective Equipment

If you’re vacationing during times where a virus is at hand, don’t be scared! Just be safe! Most places of business on the OBX are requiring face coverings of some sort to enter so make sure you have a cloth facemask packed and ready to go. Don’t forget hand sanitizer to keep you and your family germ free!

Pet Stuff

If you’re bringing your four legged friend along on vacation, make sure they have everything they need to make them happy! Water and food bowls, their favorite toys, and a doggie bed will ensure Fido has a great vacation too!

Goggles + Pool Toys

If you’ve rented a vacation home that has a pool, don’t forget to bring along the pool toys for the kids! Pack the floats while they’re deflated to save space in the car.

Seafood + Grill Tools

If you’ve got a master griller in your crew, make sure they bring their best grilling gear. Most homes that feature grills do feature grilling tools, but there’s nothing like having your own! If you’re planning on having a family seafood boil, make sure you have tools like Oyster shuckers, mallets, and crab crackers!

Linens + Towels

If you’re not renting a home that provides linens and towels, be sure to pack your own!

Celebratory Items

Coming to the Outer Banks for a holiday or a special occasion can be super fun! Don’t forget to bring decorations and props if you’re celebrating something special!