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Thank you for visiting our Last Minute Vacation Offer page! By placing your last minute offer (21 days or less prior to your arrival) you may receive incredible savings on your next visit to the beautiful Outer Banks. Please read the policies below and then proceed with placing your offer and save!

Please follow these easy steps to place your Outer Banks vacation offer:

  • First, please check to see if your desired property is available for your dates.
  • To place your offer, please completely fill out the form below.
  • Resort Realty will accept your offer or place a counter offer as soon as possible.
  • Once your offer is accepted, you will receive a lease agreement, which will need to be signed within 24 hours in order to confirm the reservation.
  • Then just enjoy your vacation and the great savings!

Important information:  Only one offer per user will be considered at a time. Additional offers for other properties or weeks will not be presented while your previous offer is pending. Although you have the right to place any offer on any available property, please refer to the normal advertised rates before placing your offer and optional packages. Please note that sales tax (12.75%) and an administration fee will be added to your accepted offer. All accepted offers must be paid in full within 24 hours of acceptance and are non-refundable per our cancellation policy. Red Sky Trip insurance can be purchased. You are now ready to place your offer. Good luck!!