The Outer Banks is undoubtedly known for its pristine beaches and coastal beauty. While oceanfront rental homes often are the first to go, soundfront and soundside rentals are a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. See why we love our waterfront retreats and why soundfront rentals are a great choice for your next OBX vacation.

1. The Most Stunning Sunsets

OBX sunsets at soundfront rentals are absolutely stunning.

An Outer Banks staple is sunrises over the sea, but have you ever experienced a sunset over the sound? There’s nothing quite like it. With hues of bright oranges fading into baby purples and pinks, OBX sunsets are truly spectacular. Couple that with not even needing to leave your rental home to experience a work of art in the sky makes a soundside or soundfront OBX rental totally worth it.

2. Easy Sound Access for Watersports

Taking advantage of watersports while staying at a soundfront or soundside rental is always fun.

Ever wanted to kayak or give stand-up paddleboarding a try? Staying in a soundside or soundfront rental home on the Outer Banks allows you the perfect opportunity to do so! Most soundfront Outer Banks rentals offer direct access to the sound. This makes it easy to launch a kayak or standup paddleboard. Soundside rentals typically offer communal sound access. This also makes it easy for you to get out and get active on the Outer Banks sound.

3. It’s A Fisherman’s Paradise

Soundside fishing is made easy while staying at a soundfront or soundside OBX rental.

For those who love to fish, imagine being able to step out on a private dock at your soundfront rental and cast out a line. Renting a soundside property? Just like with sound access for water sports, there are typically communal sound accesses and docks. Even if you’re not staying directly on the soundfront, you can cast out a line too. You’ll find fish like speckled trout, red drum, flounder, spot, croaker, and striped bass in the sounds of the Outer Banks.

4. Easy Beach Access

Making it to the beach is still easy even if you choose to stay at a soundside or soundfront rental.

Just because you’re staying in a soundside or soundfront OBX rental doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on prime beach time too! One of the great things about the Outer Banks is the vast amount of public beach accesses. Some communities like Corolla Light even offer a free trolley service from your rental home to the beach. See all of our Corolla Light properties here. You can check out all the beach accesses from Corolla to Hatteras Island here on OBX Beach Access.

5. A Great Place for Kids

Allowing kids to swim in the sound is a great way to avoid rough oceans at the beach.

There’s nothing better than an OBX beach day but what about an OBX sound day? On those days where the ocean is a little too rough, soundside swimming is always an option and staying in a rental home that’s soundfront or soundside makes it that much easier. Unlike the ocean, sound water doesn’t produce super strong waves. The sound is also notoriously shallow, averaging to being only 3 feet deep close to shore. While you still need to always keep an eye on your little ones around any body of water, the Outer Banks sounds are the perfect place to take the kiddos for the day. No matter if you’re staying at a soundside or soundfront rental, you’ll be able to access the many soundside beaches the OBX has to offer.