Humans are 60% water and we need water and sunshine to survive! We’re pretty much just houseplants with more complicated emotions. If you’re needing a reason to book a trip to the Outer Banks, here’s one: it’s literally good for your health! Being on the beach and in the sun (with sunscreen of course) is extremely beneficial to your overall mental and physical health! See the reasons below!

1 // The Sun Triggers Production of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is so important for overall health. It also protects your body against inflammation in muscles, can lower high blood pressure, and help improve your brain function! Vitamin D also helps the strengthening of bones, so let those little ones run around in the sunshine on the beach so they can grow big and strong!

2 // Being Near The Ocean Relaxes You

Research has shown that the sound of crashing waves actually alters brain patterns which allows you to deeply relax and reenergize your body and mind. (Can totally use this as ammo to convince your family to rent an oceanfront house and call dibs on the oceanside bedroom).

3 // The Sun Can Help Fight Depression

Studies have shown that your brain actually produces more serotonin (the happy chemical) on sunny days than it does darker days. So, in theory, you may feel less depression symptoms if you spend more time in the sun!

4 // The Ocean & Sun Can Both Improve Skin

Studies have also shown that the magnesium in ocean water can increase skin’s’ elasticity and improve its overall appearance. The sun and salt water can both be good for certain skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Just be sure to put on sunscreen and reapply if you’re on the beach for long periods of time!

5 // Salt Water Can Strengthen The Immune System

Your red and white blood cells actually increase when you take a dip in the ocean. Your white blood cells are responsible for fighting off viruses and bacteria. Taking a dip in the ocean can help a weakened immune system gain back some of its strength! Just be sure you’re swimming by a lifeguard and paying attention to the waves, currents, and flag warnings!