Today is National Day Of Unplugging! Without a doubt, our society relies on social media for news, trends, and entertainment. According to Forbes, there are now more people with smartphones in the world than there are working toilets. Additionally, the average adult in the US spends roughly 8.5 hours a day looking at some type of screen. While social media and technology is amazing, it can also be detrimental on our physical and mental health. So, after you read this blog, turn off your computer, power down your phone, and discover something new on the OBX! Happy National Day of Unplugging!

Enjoy The Outdoors

A stroll in Nags Head woods without your phone is good for the soul

The Outer Banks is full of places to explore and immerse yourself in nature. Take some time to put your phone on Do Not Disturb! Take a walk through Nags Head Woods or Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge. You might possibly catch a glimpse of some of the amazing wildlife that calls the OBX home.

Take A Friend For Coffee

Good coffee, great friends, no technology; it’s what everyone needs

You’ll never be short on caffeine on the Outer Banks. Local coffee spots like Front Porch Cafe, Morning View, or Ashley’s Espresso Parlour are just a few of the coolest locations to sit down and catch up with a friend; no phones needed.

Take A Yoga Class

Find your flow…without your phone

The ultimate way to relax, unwind, and unplug is with a yoga class. Studios like Duck Village Yoga offer an array of classes ranging from basic yoga for all skill levels to power vinyasa for more experienced yogis. Whatever class you take at whatever studio you choose, it’ll be better than scrolling on your phone all day long!

Visit The Spa

A spa day with your mini me is the epitome of making memories and unplugging

Do you really need an excuse to treat yourself to a spa day? Take advantage of the National Day of Unplugging and book a massage or facial at one of many top of the line spas on the Outer Banks. Phone: off. Relaxation: on.

Find A New Favorite Shop

The only selfie we want to see on National Day of Unplugging is this one from Honey + Hive

The beautiful thing about the Outer Banks is the amount of local talent there is all around. Take a visit to Seagreen Gallery for a piece of cool art or head to Honey + Hive to treat yourself to a new outfit. There’s so many cool, local places to discover and support; and the great thing about it? No technology required, just wander wherever you’re called.

Spend Some Time At The Beach

Because what’s better than the beach and a page turner?

Of course if you’re on the Outer Banks you’ll want to spend time near the sea! Take a moment (or a few) to grab a beach blanket and a good book, turn off your phone, and just relax and listen to the ocean. Soak in the moments you have by the sea. Take a minute to cherish a moment without posting about it to your feed.

Visit a Local Landmark

Rumor has it that Outer Banks lighthouses are 10x more beautiful when you’re not trying to get the angles for the gram

Full of rich history, the Outer Banks features a ton of great landmarks and historical attractions that will inspire you to get up and get out; sans phone. Visit the Wright Brothers National Monument, the Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station, Fort Raleigh National Historic Site, or even The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse!

Volunteer At The SPCA

Spending quality time with deserving animals will make everyone smile

Taking time to get off of your phone and volunteer for good! Because honestly, who wouldn’t want to spend time playing with deserving pups and kittens? The Outer Banks SPCA in Manteo is home many loving dogs, cats, and more who deserve all the love in the world. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, take some time away from your screen and help out a few animals in need.

Go Wine Tasting

Wining, dining, and friends? Yes please!

TRiO is the place for tasting some of the best wine, beer, cheese, and more! Take some time to hangout with friends without your phones and engage in great conversation and making even better memories.

Whether you’re on the OBX for National Day of Unplugging or spending it somewhere else, you can make this day every day! No matter if it’s for 24 hours or 24 minutes make sure you take time to unplug, logout, and be present in the moment you’re in!