So…some of y’all are certified, bonafide, Outer Banks addicts! If you haven’t seen the initial symptoms, you can check out our blog here. You guys are such addicts to the OBX, we’ve come up with round 2 of signs you’re addicted to this special little chain of islands! So without further ado, here is our second list of even more signs you’re an Outer Banks addict!

Most of Your T-shirts are from OBX Businesses

Bonus points if you own a t-shirt from Sam and Omie’s

From local restaurants to surf shops, you have a t-shirt that covers just about every local establishment. And you wouldn’t have it any other way because you’re a true Outer Banks addict.

You’re Still Finding Sand From Your Last Vacation…

You see the leftover sand as a bonus souvenir

But you don’t mind one bit. It’s in your car, in your bag, in your shower…the list continues, but it’s a reminder of the sandy beaches of the OBX and it couldn’t make you happier.

You get excited when you get a whiff of the salt air

As soon as you hit the bridge and you roll down the windows, you smell the salt air and you know it’s going to be a good week!

You just don’t understand people when they say “I don’t like the OBX”

Like…what do you mean? They have the beach, they have great food, they have cool people? Are you even human?!

The sound of the ocean sounds better than anything else

Especially when you’re sitting on the beach at sunset at your favorite pier…and you have a favorite pier.

You’re a member of the Roanoke Island Aquarium

Because let’s face it; you frequent the OBX enough to know that your membership to the aquarium will pay for itself in just a few visits.

Your car is always packed and ready for a beach day…

You’ve got snacks, a cooler, an extra bathing suit, towels, and sunscreen on deck for an impromptu beach day.

AND You have a favorite OBX Beach access…

Which you REFUSE to share with anyone else but your family and close friends…unless they’re really really special and can keep a secret.

You take a special trip to Ocracoke for food from Eduardo’s Taco Stand

If you know you know…and if you know, you know a cheesy fried shrimp mango taco has your name ALLLLL. Over. It.