Your wedding day should be one of the best days of your life! But any bride and groom know all too well that the weeks and months leading up to your wedding day can be super stressful. Finding a perfect venue for the ceremony and reception can be one of the hardest and most expensive parts. Renting one of Resort Realty’s event homes can eliminate all of that stress and more! See why you should rent an event home with us for your special day!

A dream wedding destination

There’s no doubt that the Outer Banks is one of the top vacation and wedding destinations in the country. Finding the perfect venue for your ceremony and reception can be tricky. Especially with venues on the Outer Banks being in high demand, it can make the search harder. Booking an event home with Resort Realty is simple and stress free.

Everything is in one place + Less Stress
Sister houses Virginia Dare #5460 and Queen Elizabeth #5461 are located side by side!

One of the hardest parts of planning for your wedding day is trying to find a place that can accommodate everyone. Where is your bridal party staying? What about close family? By renting an event home, you can ensure that everyone has a place to stay. Plus, you can even rent event homes that are right next door to each other! One less item on your list to worry about!

Built in honeymoon

Most couples come to the Outer Banks for their honeymoon. By renting an event home for your wedding, you can get your honeymoon started the very next day.  More time to enjoy the beautiful Outer Banks beaches, no extra travel time needed!

Beautiful luxury homes
Property #5464 Recovery Room offers plenty of space for your big day!

The luxury event homes that Resort Realty has to offer will make your big day super special. Our homes are beautifully built, lavishly decorated, and have all of the amenities you could ever need. With spacious kitchens, living areas, and entertaining space, renting an event home with Resort Realty for your big day is the best choice.

It’s budget friendly

When it comes to renting a venue on the Outer Banks, you could end up spending a lot more than you originally planned. Renting an event home cuts out the cost of paying for a venue and a place to stay since it’s already 2-in-1! Resort Realty also offers an EZ-pay plan. So, yes, you can still have your dream wedding without breaking the bank!

Booking a rental home for your Outer Banks wedding has so many benefits that will be sure to make your wedding day the best day ever. Check out all of the event homes Resort Realty has to offer and make your Outer Banks wedding dreams come true!