Small vacation rentals on the Outer Banks are making a huge comeback and that’s good news to smaller families and groups! The Outer Banks has been a family vacation destination since the early 1920’s.

Historic Cottage Row

Historic Cottage Row emerged with classic vacation homes cedar shake siding and wrap around porches. These homes were simple and featured no more than 1,000 square feet of room for families to come spend their summers by the sea.

Small vacation rentals on the Outer Banks got its start from Historic Cottage Row in Nags Head. Homes on Cottage Row stem back to the 1920s.
image via Outer Banks Vintage Scrapbook by Eric Sandberg | Historic Cottage Row in the 1970s-80s

Emergence of Large Vacation Rentals

While the Cottage Row homes still stand, you’ll also find large, grandiose homes; some up to 24 bedrooms. The direct opposite of a quaint, small vacation rental. In the early 2000s, larger more grandiose homes began to pop up. As time went on, these homes became larger and more extravagant; featuring private in ground pools, recreation rooms, large master suites, and gourmet kitchens.

Today, you can find large, extravagant vacation rentals with a mix of small vacation rentals too

New Smaller Rentals

There’s a wide array of homes on the Outer Banks but in Kill Devil Hills, you’ll be able to find 14 brand new 4 to 5 bedroom small vacation rentals perfect for smaller families on a budget. These new, single family homes will not exceed 2,500 square feet; giving smaller, single families and groups more rental options on the Outer Banks.

SAGA has slated 14 brand new small vacation rentals for smaller groups and families to enjoy without renting a huge home
image courtesy of SAGA Construction (not actual new SAGA home design; design may vary)

Small vacation rentals offer so much for so many groups and demographics of OBX vacationers. The average American family consists of about 3.24 family members so 12 bedroom mansions aren’t really necessary. Smaller Outer Banks vacation rentals:

Are more affordable than large homes

Provide the basics

Are still luxurious with some featuring private hot tubs and pools

Can be found in every town on the OBX from Corolla to Hatteras

This new project presented by SAGA will be sure to offer even more variety and options for the average American family and it’s something that we truly can’t wait for!