The Outer Banks is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, there’s no doubt about it (but we can’t help to be biased here). While the beach is one of the best Instagram posts you can have, there are a few more spots that’ll definitely improve your feed on your next Outer Banks vacation. We’ve updated our blog from March 2017 with some of the best spots of 2020! Once you visit the below spots, be sure to tag us on instagram at @resortrealtyobx and use the hashtag #ResortOBX to be featured on our page and in our brochure! Check out our top 10 Insta-Worthy Outer Banks spots and get ready for the likes to pour in.

Kitty Hawk Pier

Kitty Hawk

Outer Banks Instagram spots in Kitty Hawk

The Kitty Hawk Pier has a rich, Outer Banks history. Originally constructed in 1953, the pier was ruined by Hurricane Isabel in 2003; just after undergoing about $300,000 worth of renovations. In 2006, the Hilton Garden Inn purchased the pier and is now popularly used for weddings and events. The pier is still open to the public with purchase of a pier pass; making it a great place for some great insta pics or just taking in the view of the beaches!

Ashley’s Espresso Parlour

Kill Devil Hills

Ashley's Espresso Parlour is one of the best Instagram photo spots on the Outer Banks

Trust us; go for the coffee and fresh baked treats and stay for the great photo spots! Ashley’s Espresso Parlour has been open on the OBX for just over a year now. Their menu consists of a multitude of coffee drinks, local beers, baked goods and more! Our personal suggestion? Any of the amazing cold brew milkshakes. A sweet treat that’ll definitely have you bright eyed for your Outer Banks instagram pics.

Wright Brothers Monument

Kill Devil Hills

The Wright Brothers Monument is home to rich Outer Banks history and great instagram locations!

Oh, the Wright Brothers. Quite possibly the biggest contributors to modern day flight. The first manned flight took place in Kitty Hawk on December 17th, 1903. The Wright Brothers National Memorial is located in Kill Devil Hills and not only is it educational, but it provides some of the best spots to take photos and have a piece of history to hold on to long after vacation is over.

Nags Head

Seagreen Gallery in Nags Head, NC provides a great backdrop for Instagram photos on the Outer Banks

Seagreen Gallery is an Outer Banks hidden gem. Located on the beach road in Nags Head, Seagreen Gallery is home to art made from recycled and repurposed items. Everything from the giant wave made from license plates and candles made from Coca-Cola bottles, Seagreen Gallery has given new life to items that most people overlook. Plus, the back garden is full of life, spanning from tropical plants, driftwood waves, and the cutest little bunnies you’ve ever seen. You’ll leave Seagreen Gallery with a new piece of unique art for sale along with some great Outer Banks Instagram content for your feed.

Bodie Island Lighthouse

Nags Head

The Bodie Island lighthouse is a great Outer Banks instagram spot

Bodie Island Lighthouse was commissioned in 1837 by the US government. The 156 foot tall lighthouse helped guide boats safely to shore. The Bodie Island Lighthouse (actually pronounced as “body”) is full of Outer Banks history…and a great photo op. There’s a huge lawn that’s perfect for posing right in-front of the lighthouse, a docked path that leads to an overlook of the marsh, and a covered porch; all perfect places for Outer Banks Instagram content!

Festival Park


Roanoke Island Festival park has great paths and spots for Outer Banks Instagrams.

Roanoke Island Festival Park is home to historical representations of what life was like in 1585. Strictly a military settlement, the colony of 1585 is known as the colony before the Lost Colony. On site at Festival Park, there is a working blacksmith, representational ship named the Queen Elizabeth II, and history museum! In addition, the grounds surrounding the park features a soundfront dock that gives you stunning views of downtown Manteo; perfect for Instagram pics.

Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse


The Roanoke Marshes lighthouse is a stunning spot for Instagram photos

The Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse is actually a replica lighthouse of the original that was built in 1877. The lighthouse was originally located in Wanchese in order to help sailors and fishermen find their way to dock. Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse is a great spot for photos since it provides super cool views of the Nags Head bridge, the Elizabeth II, and the back side of Pirate’s Cove!

Other Great OBX Photo Spots

Corolla Wild Horses 


Seeing the wild horses in Corolla is a must! It’s so cool to see them roaming around free and swimming in the ocean. Just make sure when you do take photos, you zoom in. You have to stay at least 50 feet away from the wild horses. It’s illegal and dangerous to get any closer than that.

Triangle Shipwreck

Kill Devil Hills

If you’re more adventurous and are familiar with free diving or snorkeling, grab your GoPro and check out the Triangle Wrecks in Kill Devil Hills! These wrecks met their fates back in the 20s on the Outer Banks. One ship, the Kyzickes, wreck in December 1927 and the second ship, the Carl Gerhard, wrecked in 1929 and cut the Kyzickes in half. Exploring the shipwreck is fun but best done when the water is clear and especially best done with a dive buddy so you’ll be safe and so they can get some rad pictures and video of your adventure.

Waterfront Shops 


The Waterfront Shops in Duck are home to all of your shopping and ice cream needs. With little ice cream stores and shops like Life’s a Beach (an official Lilly Pulitzer retailer) and Islands by Amity, you’ll have the perfect wardrobe and the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram post!

Corolla Beer Garden 


The Beer Garden has over 60 different craft beers and wine for you to try! Located in Corolla just off of Highway 12, The Beer Garden welcomes everyone, including your four-legged friend! With a quirky and chill island vibe, The Beer Garden is the perfect place to unwind after a long beach day with the perfect backdrop for tons of pictures!

Ben Franklin

Nags Head

Ben Franklin is an OBX staple that happens to have some pretty awesome artwork painted on their building! The entire outside of the store has a seascape painted that’s perfect for taking instagram photos. You can even get yourself a souvenir inside!

The Spot

Nags Head

The Spot will soon be your new favorite place to cool off when you come to the Outer Banks. Serving up smoothies, ice cream, and their specialty acai bowls, The Spot in Nags Head is perfect for a sweet treat in between beach sessions. Treat yourself to an ice cream cone or a for a healthier treat grab a Loggerhead Bowl (pictured above). Not only are acai bowls super good for you, they photograph well too!

Elizabethan Gardens 


Make sure you have enough storage on your phone because you’ll want to take pictures of everything at The Elizabethan Gardens. There’s so many different plants and flowers, you won’t see anything you don’t like. Located at the North-end of Manteo, The Elizabethan Gardens will transport you to a garden fit for Queen Elizabeth herself. You’ll be a hit on Instagram with your pictures because honestly, who doesn’t love flowers?!

Nags Head Woods

Nags Head

Take a hike through Nags Head woods! With over 5 miles of trails, you’ll see wooded dunes, ponds, marsh and more! 7 different trails are available to explore, even a trail for those who have disabilities to get out and experience the beauty of Nags Head woods! Any trail you pick will sure to be picture perfect!

Pea Island Wildlife Refuge

Hatteras Island

Pea Island is about 13 miles of land with no hotels, business, or houses in sight. This land is completely undeveloped and home to about 400 species of migrating birds and other wildlife. You’ll definitely see some awesome bird sightings and stretches of beach without any building in sight; giving the perfect setup for the best Outer Banks instagram photos!