Everyone looks forward to their Outer Banks vacation but not everyone thinks about what all you have to pack! No one wants to drag a U-Haul behind them on their journey to the beach and you sure don’t want to overpack the car. Along with our top 10 items most people forget to pack blog, we’re bringing you the top 10 OBX vacation rental essentials that you can rent with Ocean Atlantic Rentals with zero hassle!

1. Beach Umbrella

When going to the beach, especially with little ones or those who have fair skin, sitting out all day can be hard and no one wants to walk around with sunburn. A beach umbrella makes it easy to hideaway when the sun gets a little too hot without having to leave the beach for the day. An umbrella can take up precious space in the car, so renting one from Ocean Atlantic is the smartest choice. It’s also easy and affordable plus, With an 8’ diameter and 100% UV protection, it’s definitely an Ultimate Umbrella.

Don't want to haul a beach umbrella with you to the Outer Banks? Don't worry, you can rent one for the week with Ocean Atlantic Rentals.

2. Beach Chairs

Beach chairs are another must have! Sitting on a towel can hurt your back after a while and you can’t sit at the shoreline without it getting soaking wet. A beach chair from Ocean Atlantic is an easy choice to be as comfortable as possible during your beach day. American made, you can choose between the classic oak and canvas beach chairs or opt for the lightweight aluminum chairs. You can (literally) kick up your feet with an added footrest, too! Throw in a couple of umbrellas and you can save some major money with the OAR value packages.

Beach chairs are an absolute essential for your outer banks vacation, rent one with OAR!

3. Watersport Essentials

From the sound to the ocean, Ocean Atlantic Rentals has you covered. If you or someone in your crew is a lover of watersports, don’t worry about lugging down bulky equipment. Ocean Atlantic Rentals provides everything from double and single ocean or sound kayaks to stand up paddle boards and surfboards. Plus, all their rentals come with life jackets at no extra charge! You can be safe all while having stress-free fun.

For the water lover on vacation, you can rent stand up paddle boards, kayaks, and more!

4. Cornhole

Not everyone likes to just sit on the beach with a good book or listen to the waves. They want to have fun! While games like can jam or a simple volleyball don’t take up space in the car, the crowd favorite corn hole can. Luckily, Ocean Atlantic has cornhole sets available to rent too.

Who wants to play cornhole?! Rent a cornhole set with Ocean Atlantic to make your beach day that much more fun.

5. Baby Equipment

Moms and dads know that babies don’t travel lightly. From making sure you have a crib for baby to sleep in to a high chair for them to be able eat with the rest of the family. That stuff can get bulky and take up so much unnecessary space in the car. Luckily, Ocean Atlantic Rentals has you covered! If you’re looking to get some exercise, take baby for a spin with a jogger stroller or you can keep them safely in one spot with baby gates or a play yard!

Ocean Atlantic Rentals provides rentals for the smallest in your crew like cribs, pack-n-plays, and high chairs.

6. Bikes

Let Ocean Atlantic Rentals take the stress of hauling down the family fleet of bikes away! OAR features bike rentals for large groups or small families looking to explore the Outer Banks. They also provide kiddie carts, baby seats, pull behind bikes, fat tire bikes, and new electric bikes for you to try out during your stay!

Take a cruise on the bike bath on the beach road with a bike rental from Ocean Atlantic.

7. Rental Essentials

Resort Realty vacation rentals are fully stocked with some of the best amenities you can find. However, some homes might not have amenities you may want. With Ocean Atlantic Rentals, you have the ability to rent wheelchairs for making it easy to get around your Outer Banks vacation home, a dog crate for your pup, and even a grill if your rental home doesn’t provide one!

Your rental home missing a grill? Rent one for easy OBX summer barbecues!

8. Golf Carts

Having a golf cart at your rental home is a super easy way to shuttle beach gear and beach goers back and forth from your home. Ocean Atlantic Rentals offers an array of golf cart rentals to suit you and your family perfectly.  A word to the wise, though, reserve golf carts early because in peak season they book quickly! You can also save $50 when you come to their store to pick-up and drop off the rental golf cart instead of having it delivered.

Ocean Atlantic Rentals golf carts make it easy for you to get to the beach or community pool.

9. Utility Cart

Speaking of shuttling gear, a utility car is perfect and is one of the most popular rentals at OAR. Their carts have inflatable tires making it easy to roll over sand and completely eliminating the need to go back and forth to the car or vacation home to grab additional beach essentials. The OAR rental beach wagon has lots of room to move gear and rolls great on pavement too!

Hauling stuff down to the beach just got that much easier with Ocean Atlantic Rentals beach carts.

10 . Umbrella Setup Service

Last but certainly not least is the Umbrella Setup Service Ocean Atlantic Rentals provides. Each morning during your stay, OAR will come set up beach equipment for your family including umbrellas, chairs, and even a daily iced cooler and cornhole set. When you’re all done with your day at the beach, Ocean Atlantic rentals will break everything down and get it situated and ready to go back up the next day! The Umbrella setup service also provides you with text notifications letting you know when the setup is all ready for you and your family to enjoy the most perfect beach day.

No more having to set up and take down your beach equipment. Let Ocean Atlantic Rentals take care of it for you with their Umbrella Setup Service!

Ocean Atlantic Rentals makes it easy for you and your family to truly relax during your Outer Banks vacation. These 10 essential rental services will help you get the most out of your vacation but they tend to go fast! This year, orders are being placed way earlier than in years past. Book early to ensure the rental items you choose are in stock and ready to go the week of your vacation! Call the Ocean Atlantic Rentals advance reservation team at 800-635-9559 or visit the exclusive Resort Realty page on the Ocean Atlantic Rentals website here.