Road trips can be stressful, there’s no doubt about it. When you’re trying to remember if you packed everything for everyone and the kids are getting restless in the backseat, you can’t wait to get that OBX vacation started. With these 10 family travel apps, the traveling process from packing to pit-stops will be seamless!

1. USA Rest Stops

This travel app will help you find the closest rest stops along your route on the closest highway or interstate. The app shows traditional rest areas as well as welcome centers. The app also allows you to mark rest stops as favorites, gives you notifications when you’re in range of a rest stop, and lets you leave reviews and see other reviews of the rest area.

Screenshot of USA Rest Stops, a family travel app that helps users find the closest rest stops along their route.

2. Petting Zoo

Do you remember your favorite childhood book? This app is perfect for the kiddos that need entertainment. This family travel app has many beautifully animated animals that offer storylines to keep them at bay. Petting Zoo was created by illustrator Christoph Niemann and is perfect entertainment for ages 3 and up. This app does come with a $4 price tag, but it’s well worth it!

Screenshot of Petting Zoo by C. Niemann, a family travel app that'll keep little ones entertained during road trips.

3. Whiteboard: Just Draw Together

Are you or your kids interested in Art? The app, Drawing Pad is the perfect app to keep your kids entertained for hours. The app features a clean whiteboard and several basic colors making it the perfect family travel app for kids ages 4 and up.

Screenshot of the Whiteboard: Just Draw Together app for child entertainment during road trips.

4 . Spotify

What’s a road trip without some quality music? Spotify is free to use and features music from every artist you can think of. If you search “kids” in the search bar, you’ll find kid-friendly songs that everyone will love. While you’re at it, search for Resort Realty, give us a follow, and listen to our monthly Music Monday playlists to put you in that summer vacation mode! Don’t worry, our playlists are family friendly too!

Screenshot of the Spotify app for family road trip entertainment.

5. Kids World Atlas

The Kids World Atlas is a free app that’s perfect for kids to learn about places all over the world. The free version of this family travel app allows you to learn about animals all over the world with text and video along with quizzes that test your child’s animal knowledge.

6. Mad Libs

Remember playing Mad Libs in the car and it was so hard to write when the car was moving? Now there’s an app for that! The free Mad Libs app has 21 free stories that allow you to save the stories to re-read and laugh at them for hours. The app is kid-friendly and you can play solo or with friends and family. The app is suitable for ages 9 to 11, but let’s be real, you’ll probably play Mad Libs as much as the kids will!

7. GasBuddy

GasBuddy is the app you need if you’re trying to find the cheapest gas anywhere. You can choose to view gas stations by distance or price, report gas prices to help others find cheap gas, and you can enter to win $100 in free gas every day!

8. First Aid by American Red Cross

Accidents happen, hopefully not during your travel or on vacation, but they happen. Just to be prepared, the American Red Cross has provided an app that helps you in situations from anaphylactic shock to CPR chest compressions. The First Aid App also gives you tips on how to prepare for emergencies, can call 911, and locate the nearest hospital making it the perfect family travel app to keep you safe and prepared.

Screenshot of First Aid: American Red cross family travel app to keep the whole family safe and prepared

9. Waze

Waze is like the wonder app of traffic. Seriously. This family travel app helps you avoid accidents, road closures, police traps, and gives you real-time traffic updates. It also gives you turn by turn voice guided navigation. You can also send your ETA and real-time drive to update people you’re meeting at your Outer Banks vacation rental.

Screenshot of Waze, a family travel app that gives traffic updates, accidents, road closures, and more.

10. Candy Crush

Oh good old Candy Crush. This game will work on problem solving with your child but you’ll probably end up wanting to play a couple of rounds too! This family travel app is sure to keep everyone, no matter their age entertained on your Outer Banks road trip.

Screenshot of Candy Crush, a family travel app that will keep everyone entertained.

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