We already wrote a blog all about the wonderful benefits of Sunday check-in, but did you know that there’s added benefits of Friday check-in too? Instead of starting your OBX vacation a day later, get on it a day earlier and see why Friday check-in might be the best option for you and your family!

Less Traffic

As with Sunday check-in, there’s less traffic coming into the OBX and leaving the OBX on Friday’s. That means less time sitting in the car and more time sitting on the beach.

Better Availability

With 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, #5655 Seaside Per-SPECHT-tive is the perfect Friday turn day home

Most people aim to rent a home that has a Saturday turn over, so the odds of a home being open for a Friday turn day are a lot higher! You’ll be able to get the home that you love for a Friday check-in with no hassle!

Possible Early Check-In

Property #1417 is a large oceanfront Corolla home that offers Friday turnover!

Along with availability, less people renting Friday turn day homes = better chance for it to be open early and you and your family can get vacation started! Since housekeeping and reservations aren’t as swamped on Fridays compared to Saturdays, you very well could get into your rental way earlier than anticipated!

Getting the Weekend to Recoup

Ending vacation is always a bummer, but when you have a check-out day for Friday, you have time to get back home and get back into a routine over the weekend. More time to unpack, relax, and get ready for the week ahead after an amazing OBX vacation.

Better Beach Time

Most people that come to the OBX hit the beach as soon as they get here…meaning they’re probably sunburnt by the end of the week. With the beach crowd dwindling by the time Friday rolls around, you’ll pretty much have the beach all to yourself as soon as you get here!

So the next time you’re planning your Outer Banks Vacation, consider a Friday turn over day and see what at difference it’ll make!