The Outer Banks has been a top wedding destination for many years. However, times have changed and it’s really time for the Outer Banks to shine with elopements and micro weddings! Elopements are becoming a more and more popular option to say “I do” within the last couple of years. Many couples are looking for reasons why to enjoy their big day with just the two of them. Eloping used to get a bad rap. Originally, it was seen as being secretive and getting married without approval from family members and friends. Now, eloping means a sense of freedom, intimacy, and, honestly, saving your wallet from taking a huge hit. If you need reasons why you should elope on the Outer Banks, we’ve got 10 right here.

The Outer Banks Is Beautiful

But seriously, you already knew that. This is the easiest and most obvious reason! An elopement on the Outer Banks places the pristine beaches as your backdrop for your ceremony.

image via Mary Basnight featuring Amaranth + Artifact

It’s Cost Effective

The average wedding in North Carolina is about $29,500…that’s literally a car; a nice car at that. Of course there are budget friendly options for a traditional wedding, but with elopements, you save a pretty penny. You don’t have to worry about catering for guests, a bunch of decor, a large venue, or even a DJ. Just your officiant, your marriage license, and your significant other.

image via Fredericks Photo & Film

It Can Be Just The Two Of You…

Speaking of just your significant other; elopements are such an intimate and beautiful way to celebrate your love and your commitment to one another. Sometimes, large weddings can seem less about you and yours as a couple and more about pleasing guests and making sure everyone has a great time. With an elopement, it’s just you, your significant other, and your love.

image via Lauren Rader Photography

…But It Doesn’t Have To Be

The beauty of an Outer Banks elopement is that your close friends and family can easily join in. You can rent two homes side by side or in the same town and everyone can join in on your vows! Your close family and friends can celebrate your marriage all while keeping the party small and intimate.

image via Neil GT Photography

You Have Options

Do you want to get married on the soundside or right on the ocean at your favorite beach access? Want to elope on Jockey’s Ridge? Or at your rental home? No worries. Elopements offer flexibility. You have options including how much or how little decor you want, where you want to say your vows, and so much more. That kind of customization sounds pretty stress-free if you ask us.

image via Lauren Rader

It’s Flat Out Easier

Back to worrying about everyone having a great time; you don’t have to worry about that with an Outer Banks elopement. With an elopement, you only have to worry about you, your significant other, and what you want to do. Additionally, you can even hire a coordinator you can to make it virtually stress free. It’ll still be cheaper than hiring a coordinator for a large wedding!

image via Mary Basnight featuring Amaranth & Artifact

You Can Get Married On Your Honeymoon

One of the best parts about getting married (besides being bonded together with your best friend forever) is the honeymoon and adventuring somewhere beautiful and relaxing. Literally get married on a Friday and start your honeymoon Saturday. Relax and enjoy your Outer Banks honeymoon getaway as soon as you get married; no additional travel required.

image via Markee Fuller Photos

You Can Always Have A Party After

If it’s just you and your honey eloping on the Outer Banks, you can always have a big reception party when you get home or at a later date if you’re local! Elopement can allow you more time to plan out the perfect party and if you’re a fashionista; another reason to buy another stunning bridal gown!

image via Sarah D’ambra

You’ll Get Great Photos

Elopement photographers LIVE for beautifully decorated set ups. The photos end up being absolutely breathtaking. Plus, with an elopement focusing on just two lovebirds, the photos can really show the affection and love from that special day. It’s also less stress on the photographer. The photographer doesn’t have to worry about photographing the bridal party or wrangling family members away from cocktail hour. Plus, you’re not forced to use only one shoot location due to time restrictions. If you want photos taken on the beach then want some on Jockey’s Ridge, you’ll have the time to do so!

image via Sarah D’Ambra for Amaranth & Artifact

Experience Over Things

Don’t get us wrong, eloping vs a traditional wedding is complete personal preference. One is not better than the other and everyone has something that suits them. Elopement, especially an Outer Banks elopement, gives you a once in a lifetime experience.

image via Lauren Rader Photography

Elopement on the Outer Banks is magical. If you’re looking to elope on the Outer Banks, Resort Realty has a wide array of homes for you to choose from for your stay. From larger event homes fit for family and friends to cozy condos for just you and your loved one, we’re here for you!