Vacation is supposed to be your time to get away, relax, and enjoy time with family and friends! In the midst of planning, traveling, and getting everything organized before and during your trip can make your head spin. Don’t worry and don’t get stressed, we’ve got the perfect guide to help you have a stress free Outer Banks vacation!

1 // Plan Travel + Accommodations Ahead Of Time
By booking your stay ahead of time, you can get that luxury, oceanfront home you’ve dreamed of!

When planning your vacation to the Outer Banks, make sure you book your vacation rental home ahead of time. As the busy season approaches, many homes that might fit your size needs, vacation date, and price point might already be booked. By booking at least 6 months in advance, you’re insured to find the house of your dreams during the right time and for the right price! Resort Realty has homes to fit all of your family’s needs from small homes and condos to large, luxury getaways. As you plan your drive (or flight) check out which rest stops, gas stations, and restaurants are along your route and when you can plan your stops accordingly!

2 // Leave Work Behind
Work should stay at work, you’re on vacation, enjoy it!

You’re supposed to relax on vacation, not work! Make sure you tell your co-workers when you’ll be out of town well in advance so they know you won’t be in  the office. Change your voicemail and set an auto-response on your email to notify those who try to contact you that you’ll return back to the office soon. As tempting as it might be, try not to check your work email while you’re away on vacation, whatever comes up can be dealt with when you get back home!

3 // Travel While The Kids Snooze
Traveling while the little ones snooze ensures peace and quiet for the journey!

Youngin’s and road trips don’t really go hand in hand so schedule your road trip while they’re sleeping! Arriving on the Outer Banks early in the morning before 11 AM can help you beat traffic anyway. (We’ve come up with a list of ways to avoid traffic on the OBX in our blog here) If the kids are awake, no worries, we have another blog with the 10 best family travel apps to help the time go by faster and your trip go smoother!

4 // Go With The Flow
Everyone loves a visit to the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island!

Take a lesson from the ocean and go with the flow! Planning ahead is great, but plans don’t always work out sometime. Don’t lose your cool if you encounter a rainy day or a packed restaurant, just go with the flow! There are tons of rainy day activities you can do on the Outer Banks and hundreds of restaurants to choose from! No matter what you encounter, remember your vacation is meant to be stress free!

5 // Tie Up Loose Ends Before You Leave
Tie up loose ends before you leave so you can relax when you return home

There is nothing worse than going on vacation and then coming back home to a messy house. Take a day before you leave and have a family cleaning day! Get all laundry done, perishables out of the fridge, and do a thorough clean of the house. That way when you get home, you have nothing to worry about except for reminiscing on memories from you epic vacation!

6 // Make A Wish-list + A Budget
A visit to H2OBX Waterpark should be at the top of your Outer Banks wishlist!

Before your vacation, have each person (or family) in your crew come up with one thing they really want to do during your stay on the OBX. That way everyone gets to do and see something they want. Don’t forget to make a budget too. That way you know your limitations and know what activities are best suited for your group! We have a list of great Outer Banks activities here to give you a few ideas that won’t break the bank!

7 // Make A Packing Checklist

Everyone’s biggest fear is going on vacation and realizing you’ve forgotten something. The easiest way to make sure you have everything is to make a list! Luckily for you, we’ve put one together for you in this blog here!

8 // Relax, Have Fun, + Be In The Moment

You’re on vacation to relax, have fun, and be with friends and family! Be in the moment and enjoy it. Make sure to take a ton of photos and videos and if you post them on instagram, be sure to use the hashtag #MyOBX so we can see what awesome adventures you’ve had and the memories you’ve made while on the Outer Banks!




There’s nothing worse than going on vacation and realizing that you’ve forgotten something. Don’t worry, at Resort Realty, we’re here to help! Here’s the Ultimate Outer Banks Vacation Checklist to help make sure you have everything packed and ready to go! To make the image larger, just click on it!




March came in like a lion…and is going out like a lion! With all the Nor’Easters we’ve had, we’re ready for the warmth and sunshine that April is sure to bring! Along with great weather on the OBX, April brings great events too. Check out the best Outer Banks events and what’s going on throughout April right here!

April 7 // Graveyard of the atlantic museum underwater heritage symposium

10 AM – 5 PM @ The Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum 

Learn about German U-Boats off the North Carolina Coast, different shipwrecks, diving experiences, underwater photography, and more! Professional divers and underwater archaeologists will educate you at this free and informative symposium! For more info call 252-986-0720, email, or visit the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum website.

April 14 – 15 // First Flight 5K + Flying Pirate Half Marathon

Recurring Daily

Calling all runners! This famous OBX race is perfect for you! The First Flight 5K and Flying Pirate Half Marathon is a great event for all to participate and attend. The First Flight 5K takes place on April 14th at the Wright Brothers Memorial at 7:30 AM. The Flying Pirate Half Marathon starts at 7 AM on April 15th at 5300 Woods Road and ends at the end of Nags Head woods! For more information and registration, visit the OBX Sporting Events Website.

April 14 – 21 // OBX – Wind

Recurring Daily

The biggest windsurfing event in America is held right here on the OBX! Enjoy watching or taking part in windsurfing competitions and clinics all around Hatteras Island! From long distance to freestyle, there is an event for everyone. Participation prizes will be awarded as well! For more information and updates, visit the OBX Wind website!

April 20 – 29 // Outer Banks Bike Week

Recurring Daily

Bikers and bike enthusiasts, this is the week for you to come visit the Outer Banks! With different events all over the OBX, there’s so much for you to do! Over 100 vendors, live music, pig pickins, and more are all happening during this exciting week! For more information, visit the Outer Banks Harley Davidson website.

April 28 – 29 // BlackBeard’s Half Marathon, + Scallywag 5K/10K, Family Fun Run

1050 Irvin Garrish Highway, Ocracoke NC

Explore Ocracoke and run for a good cause! Participants can choose between a 5K, 10K, and Fun Run that occur on Saturday, April 28th and half marathon that takes place that Sunday. All finishers will receive a medal and runners in the 5K and 10K will receive a t-shirt. Join in on the 2nd Annual Lt. Maynard’s (famous for his defeat of Black Beard 300 years ago) Challenge and run on both days! All proceeds benefit Ocracoke Community Radio, Ocracoke School Athletic Boosters Club, and the Ocracoke Community Park. For more information, visit the Run Ocracoke website.


The Outer Banks in the summer time is the best place to be! Everyone else thinks so too. If you’re an Outer Banks vacation veteran, you’ll know that traffic coming in and out of the beaches can be super congested and time consuming. Everyone is coming in on the same day and leaving on the same day. If you’re not trying to sit in traffic on your next OBX visit, read on to see how to beat the summer jam!

Leave Early

image via Pinterest

Most traffic jams on the Outer Banks happen roughly between 11 AM and 3 PM (give or take an hour). By leaving early in the morning and arriving on the Outer Banks by 9 or 10, you won’t have to deal with traffic. The kids can sleep in the car, you can get a little piece and quiet, and you can explore the OBX while you’re waiting for check-in! There are plenty of things to see and do before your vacation rental is ready for check-in. From going to the beach to exploring amazing Outer Banks landmarks, there’s so much to choose from. To get an idea on what to do while you’re waiting browse through the following blogs:

Top 10 Hidden Gems On The Outer Banks

Top 10 Free Things To Do On The Outer Banks

Explore The Outer Banks On A Budget

Top 25 Outer Banks Rainy Day Activities


Find An Alternate Route

image via Pinterest

The most congestion on turn over days occurs on the route coming in to the Wright Memorial Bridge. While the GPS may say that taking an alternate route may take more time, it’ll save you from sitting in traffic; especially if you’re vacationing from Kitty Hawk south. Taking highway 64 instead of 158 may add miles to the journey but you’ll be moving at a steady pace and will be on the OBX in no time!


Keep Calm + Plan Ahead

image via Pinterest

If leaving early or an alternate route isn’t in the cards for you and your group, have a plan for possibly sitting in traffic. See which rest stops and restaurants are along your route, and pack enough snacks and entertainment for the kids. We’ve come up with a list of great apps for kids to help car rides to the Outer Banks pass faster! You can see them here.


Use Travel Apps

image via Pinterest

Travel apps like Waze and Gas Buddy can help you travel with ease. The Waze app can help you avoid accidents, road obstructions, and gives you real time traffic updates. Plus, it offers turn by turn voice navigation and ETA to share with people you may be meeting at your vacation home. Gas Buddy can help you find the best and closest gas prices along your route. You can also enter to win $100 in free gas everyday, too!


Book A Home With A Friday or Sunday Turn Day

Crosswinds #5716 has convenient access to the beach, great amenities, AND a Sunday turn day!

Most people coming to the Outer Banks book a vacation rental home that has a check-in and check-out day that falls on Saturday; which is why traffic on Saturday is usually the worst. If you book a home with a turn over day that’s a Friday or Sunday, not only can you avoid traffic, you can also save money! Most homes with check-in and check-out that aren’t Saturday are typically cheaper! Resort Realty has homes with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday change over so you can customize your Outer Banks vacation however you see fit!

See everything Resort Realty has to offer and get your (minimal traffic) Outer Banks vacation started today!

Summer is coming up and that means making arrangements now for Summer vacation! One of the biggest questions that is posed during vacation planning is where will you stay? Hotels may seem like the cheapest option but they can actually end up costing you a fortune. Between hidden fees, small spaces, and limited access to basic amenities, hotels can be more of a hassle than you may realize.

Why Rent a Vacation Home?

By renting a vacation home with Resort Realty, you’ll end up having way more space, saving money, and so much more. Take a look at our info-graphic to see why you should rent a vacation home instead of reserving a hotel room for your next Outer Banks vacation!

Vacation Homes vs Hotels

{To make the image bigger, just click on it!}


Ditch overpriced and overcrowded hotel rooms this summer and find the vacation home of your dreams! By renting an OBX vacation home with Resort Realty, you’ll be sure to make your vacation fun and memorable. Everyone will have plenty of space to relax and unwind, you can bond over family dinner, and even spend endless hours in the sun, sand, and surf! Book your next Outer Banks vacation with Resort Realty today by visiting our website or by calling us at (800) 458-3830!

The Outer Banks is full of popular attractions. Honestly, what’s an Outer Banks vacation without a visit to the aquarium, climbing Jockey’s Ridge, and eating your favorite meal at your favorite, local spot? Although these attractions are amazing, there are so many more hidden places to see, things to do, and food to eat that you may not know about! Check out our 10 hidden gems of the Outer Banks to add to your to-do list this Outer Banks vacation.

Little Red Mailbox of Hope

Glenmere Ave Beach Access, Kill Devil Hills

Not very many people have heard of the Little Red Mailbox of Hope. Started by Sue and Eddie Goodrich and the Town of Kill Devil Hills, this little mailbox spreads messages of hope and love. When you come to the Outer Banks, make sure you take some time to read some of the messages in the Little Red Mailbox journal and even leave a note. You might find something you didn’t know you needed.

The Futuro House

Hwy 12, Frisco

image via The Virginian-Pilot

This unique UFO sighting can be found in Frisco off of Highway 12! Full of UFO inspired decor and items, this 26-foot wide dwelling is one of the few Futuro homes left in the United States! Because it is not up to code, you can’t enter it to visit but you can definitley pose in front of this ornamental structure for a great photo.  The Futuro House is a strange sight to see but definitely a gem on the Outer Banks!

Full Moon Restaurant + Lost Colony Brewery

Downtown Manteo

Full Moon Cafe, The Lost Colony Brewery, or The Full Moon Brewery – whatever you call it, there’s no denying that there is great food and great, craft beer to be had at this Manteo eatery! Opened in 1995 initially as a restaurant, Full Moon Cafe doubled as a brewery in 2011 and continues to make uniquely crafted beer and amazing food. “We are the home town restaurant where first dates, prom dates, wedding proposals, family gatherings, showers, and birthdays, have taken place for 22 years,” which is why Full Moon has earned it’s spot as a hidden Outer Banks gem!

Canadian Hole

Windsurfers from all over the world come to Canadian Hole to windsurf during the spring and summer months. If you’re not an avid windsurfer, Canadian Hole is still a really cool place to go and watch windsurfers sail over the sound with their colorful kites! The area is also ideal for families with young children because of the shallow waters and lack of waves!

Monument To A Century of Flight

This public monument located in Kitty Hawk honors the achievement and the history of flight! The Wright Brothers completed the first successful flight right here on the Outer Banks on December 17, 1903. This monument honors successful men and women who contributed to the history of modern flight and aviation that we continue to use today!


Winged Horses of the OBX

If you’ve been to the Outer Banks, you’ve noticed the colorful winged horses that stand proudly outside of different local businesses. As a part of the celebration of the 2003 Centennial of Flight, 99-lifesized fiberglass horses with aluminum aircraft wings were decorated and displayed all over the Outer Banks. This project went on from May 2002 to October 2004. Many of the horses can still be seen today! Check out photos of all the horses and a list of current winged horse locations!

Hatteras Cats

On Hatteras Island, you’ll find Burrus Red & White Supermarket. There’s nothing super special about this grocery store…except for the 6 toed cats! The cats that wander around the supermarket are descendants of a ghost ship from a few hundred years ago. When the ship was looted, locals brought them ashore and more six-toed (or polydactyl) cats appeared over time. The store owner, Allen Burrus, has recently gotten the wandering cats spayed and neutered.

Lucy + Ricky’s Nest

Basnight’s Lone Cedar Cafe is a local and visitor favorite. While this restaurant is very well known, not everyone knows about the Lone Cedar residents; Ricky and Lucy! Ricky and Lucy built a nest right outside of Lone Cedar to raise their young. They have returned each year and Lone Cedar even named their bar the Osprey Lounge! Ricky and Lucy’s nest can be seen outside of the windows while you dine at Lone Cedar!

Ocracoke Island Cemetery

Few people know that the Outer Banks was home to lurking German U-Boats during World War I and World War II; patiently waiting to attack the U.S. coast. Allied forces from England were sent to the US to protect the coastline, and many English troops ended up guarding the Outer Banks and Ocracoke. A number of ships and submarines were destroyed during the wars. A cemetery was created for the bodies of two unnamed British Soldiers who washed up on the beach during WWII. This cemetery is considered British soil and is a rich part of the history of Ocracoke Island.

Nags Head Woods

Full of nature, walking paths, and beauty, Nags Head Woods is a must visit on your next Outer Banks visit. Nags Head woods spans over 420 and over 5 miles of different trails from advanced to leisure! On a nice, sunny day, the secret sound access is the perfect place to go relax and get away from it all!

Spending a ton of money on your vacation to the Outer Banks should be the last thing on your mind! You can easily have a great vacation and create amazing memories without breaking the bank. Check out our top tips on how to have an amazing vacation on the OBX while on a budget!

Take Advantage Of Free Activities

From strolls on Jennette’s Pier to going ghost crabbing at night, there are so many free OBX activities to do on your vacation!

There are so many great Outer Banks activities that are either free or super inexpensive! You can explore Jockey’s Ridge, spend all day on the beach, visit lighthouses, and so much more without spending a ton of money. Check out our “Explore The Outer Banks On A Budget” blog for even more ideas on how to have fun without going broke!

Cook Meals Instead Of Going Out

A home made seafood roast with local OBX seafood? Yes please!

With so many great restaurants on the Outer Banks, it’s hard to not want to try them all! While dining out can be a great and tasty experience, it can be costly. The average entree on the Outer Banks will run you around $12-$15 depending on what restaurant you go to. When you’re going out to eat with your family, that can really add up. Instead of dining out every night, maybe pick a night to go out and prepare meals at your rental homes the rest of the time! You can get fresh, local seafood from many places on the Outer Banks and prepare it yourself or even cook your own catch if you’re into fishing!

Be Flexible With Travel Dates

With a visit in the off season, you’ll find uncrowded beaches and money saved!

During the peak vacation months of June to August, vacation homes and accommodations can be at their most expensive. If you can be flexible with your vacation schedule, visiting the Outer Banks in the off season can end up being much cheaper. Many locals will say that visiting the Outer Banks in the fall and spring seasons are the best time to come because there is less traffic, less crowds, and beautiful weather! See “Why We Love Fall On The Outer Banks” and plan an off season vacation to get the best bang for your buck!

Consider A Mini Vacation

Vacation homes like Beacham Cottage #7810 are perfect for an affordable weekend getaway to the OBX!

Sometimes a weekend getaway is just what you need! Mini vacations are great alternatives to staying a whole week. The rates can be cheaper, you’ll save money, and you’ll still get to explore the Outer Banks! Resort Realty has many homes that offer weekend and short stays! See all the homes that offer partial vacations!


Make A Budget + Stick To It

Budget for fun OBX activities like a trip to the H2OBX water park!

It’s okay to splurge, you’re on vacation after all! Sit down with your family and make a list of things that you want to do on the Outer Banks. Determine how much money you want to stick to spending and then divvy out a set amount to specific activities like dining, souvenirs, and attractions. Stick to this budget all week long and this way you can still do the activities you want to do and have control of your money!

Check Out Budget Friendly Homes

Sea Cabin #7590 is an oceanfront OBX rental that can rent for as little as $695 per week!

Many Outer Banks vacation homes can be super lavish and luxurious but super expensive. You shouldn’t have to compromise comfort and style on your vacation. There are many homes in the Resort Realty family that are inexpensive, beautifully decorated, and comfortable that you and your family can rent without breaking your budget!

Take advantage of Deals + Specials

Home of the free because of the brave, to honor your service, Resort Realty offers a Hometown Hero vacation discount to save you money on your Outer Banks vacation || Image via Pinterest

Resort Realty has many deals and specials to help you save money on your Outer Banks vacation! Our Hometown Heroes discount is offered all year long on select properties and specials like our President’s Day sale and our Summer Kickoff Sale will save you money for a limited time! Plus, select homes will often put certain weeks on special! Check out our Deals and Specials page to get the perfect OBX vacation rental at a lower price.

Rent A Home With A Group

Luxury vacation homes can be super expensive, but if you have a great group of people to split it with, it can be super affordable! A luxury home split between a group of people can be as low as $53 per night per person! See all of the luxury homes Resort Realty has to offer you, find a great group to vacation with, and start your affordable, luxury vacation!


We are pretty well into the New Year and more than likely you’ve made a few resolutions for 2018! Why not change up your New Year’s resolution this year? Instead of making the usual pledge of getting a gym membership or starting a juice cleanse, why not make an investment resolution on the Outer Banks? (Or, if you’re ambitious, do all three!) Owning a second home on the Outer Banks could be an easy and profitable New Year’s Resolution.

Own A Piece Of Paradise

Owning an Outer Banks vacation home is like owning your own piece of paradise! You’ll make memories with your friends and family plus, you’ll give other families the opportunity to make memories on the Outer Banks as well!

Make a Quality Investment

Kevin’s Corner Property #4735

Investing in a vacation home on the OBX can be a great move financially, especially when you list your home with Resort Realty. With over 30 years of experience and being a leader in the Outer Banks vacation rental industry, we make sure you get the most out of your vacation home and ensure that your guests are happy and content on their vacation!

Our Professional Staff Has You Covered

At Resort Realty, our excellent staff want to make sure your home is taken care of and you get the maximum profit out of your investment. Our friendly and professional reservationists, housekeeping staff, maintenance staff, accounting, marketing, and property managers will make sure your house gets the rentals it deserves and shines in its best light!

See Why Our Homeowners Love Us

We aim to keep our homeowners as pleased as our guests! See why listing your rental home with Resort Realty is the best choice you could make.

“…I very much appreciate your high standards and the attention that you have given to our homes.  It certainly brings peace of mind.  Especially during the busy rental season, with every little thing that can go wrong, I’m confident, cleanliness isn’t going to be one of them if you are in charge.  Thank you so very much.” –  Property owner of a Duck vacation rental home

“Thank you Resort Realty for a successful season with 16 rentals! This is my first year with Resort Realty and this was the most rentals I have ever had in the 30 years that I have owned the property. I truly appreciate everything you all do and I’m looking forward to next year!” – Property Owners of a Nags Head vacation rental home

Make This New Year’s Resolution Count

The August Lauren #7020

Make your New Year’s Resolution of owning a vacation property on the Outer Banks come true! Take a look at all of the homes for sale on the Outer Banks and connect with one of Resort Realty’s experienced and friendly real estate agents. Then, when you find the perfect vacation home and you’re ready to make profit on your investment, contact a Owner Consultant by emailing or calling (800) 458-3830. You can also get more information on our rental program on the Resort Realty Owner page of our website!

If you’ve ever visited the Outer Banks, chances are you’ve usually arrived on the hectic day of Saturday. Have you ever thought about starting your Outer Banks vacation a day later? See why Sunday turn days are the best and all of the benefits that come with it!

Less traffic coming in and out
Check-in on Sunday and you’ll see these signs even sooner!

On the Outer Banks, there’s only one way in and one way out. This means so much traffic on Saturdays. When you’re itching to get to the beach, sitting in traffic can be that much more miserable. However, if you’re checking in on Sunday, there’s much less traffic which means more time spent on the beach relaxing and soaking up the sun!

You have an extra day to prepare
An extra day to pack can be the difference between relaxing on the beach or sweating over something you forgot!

When you’ve got your vacation planned for Sunday instead of Saturday, you have a whole extra day to pack! Make sure you have all the essentials packed for your trip to the beach. You’ll even have enough time to plan out some of the best things to do around the Outer Banks!

Brunch before check in
Ummm….Sunday Brunch before check-in? Yes PLEASE!

One of the best things about Sunday is brunch, hands down. On the Outer Banks we’re blessed with some of the most amazing restaurants with phenomenal brunch specials! Restaurants like Roosters, Stripers, Blue Water, and so many more are places you must visit while you’re on vacation. So while you’re waiting for you rental to be ready, stop and treat yourself to brunch!

Possible early check-in
Early check-in = more vacation

Less people tend to rent houses on Sundays which means the possibility of early check in! Since housekeeping and reservations aren’t as swamped on Sundays as they are on Saturdays, you might be able to get in to your house earlier than expected!

Begin the week at the beach
Start the week off right at your favorite place…on OBX beaches!

Since Sunday is technically the beginning of the week, what better way to start it off than at the beach? We personally can’t think of starting off the week than with toes in the sand and a cold drink in hand!

#5808 – Damfino | #5410 Ocean Star | #5738 Ocean Breeze | #5716 Crosswinds

So, why not start your Outer Banks vacation on a Sunday instead of a Saturday? Resort Realty has plenty of homes available for Sunday check in! See for yourself and book your Outer Banks getaway with Resort Realty today!

A day at the beach can solve all problems and when you come prepared for hours in the sun, it makes it even better! We’ve come up with a guide to a few beach day essentials that will ensure that you’ll have stress-free fun in the sun!


1 // Big Beach Bag

You have to have a big bag to put all of your essentials in! Any big, durable bag will do, but this bag by Billabong will definitely get everything from the car (or the house) to the sand!


2 // Radio/Bluetooth Player

A portable speaker is sure to put you in a beachy mood with your favorite radio station or a beach playlist. (You should check out our Spotify playlists if you haven’t already!) This radio/speaker combo from Sunnylife is perfect for a perfect day spent by the beach.


3 // Beach Blanket

Beach chairs are a no brainer when heading to the beach, but if you have a bigger group of friends and family, a big circle of beach chairs is no fun. A big beach blanket has enough room for everyone to sit or lay comfortably while still being able to have a view of the ocean and great conversation with everyone. The Billabong beach blanket is shown in the photo, but you can find one almost anywhere.


4 // Sandals

Going barefoot on the beach is ideal, but sometimes the sand is just way too hot. Save yourself some time and pain and wear sandals or flip flops while you’re trying to find that perfect spot on the beach! Something like the women’s Billabong sandal and the men’s Reef flip flops are perfect for weathering the scorching sand.


5 // Healthy Snacks

Unless you go to Jeanette’s Pier or Outer Banks Pier, you’re going to have to leave the beach to get a quick snack. If you’re all about getting as much beach time in as possible, pack some snacks or even a full lunch! A salad in a jar is a great, healthy meal and there’s no mess when eating it! Something nice and cool like the corn, avocado, and black bean dip pictured above is a great snack that will keep you cool in the sun too. Don’t forget to help do your part and bring an extra bag to put your trash in, lets keep the beach clean!


6 // SPF Lipbalm

We tend to often neglect our lips when we’re out in the sun. Since the skin on our lips is so thin, they can burn super easily. An SPF lip balm can protect your lips from the suns harmful rays.


7 // Sunscreen 

Last, but definitely the most important is sunscreen! Sunscreen is super important to use regularly while you’re outside. You should look for sunscreens that protect against UVA and UVB rays. Sun Bum sunscreen does both and helps protect against skin aging too!

The Outer Banks is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, there’s no doubt about it (but we can’t help to be biased here). While the beach is one of the best Instagram posts you can have, there are a few more spots that’ll definitely improve your feed on your next Outer Banks vacation. Check out our top 10 Insta-Worthy Outer Banks spots and get ready for the likes to pour in.


Corolla Wild Horses – Corolla


















Seeing the wild horses in Corolla is a must! It’s so cool to see them roaming around free and swimming in the ocean. Just make sure when you do take photos, you zoom in. You have to stay at least 50 feet away from the wild horses. It’s illegal and dangerous to get any closer than that.


Triangle Shipwreck – Kill Devil Hills










If you’re more adventurous and are familiar with free diving or snorkeling, grab your GoPro and check out the Triangle Wrecks in Kill Devil Hills! These wrecks met their fates back in the 20s on the Outer Banks. One ship, the Kyzickes, wreck in December 1927 and the second ship, the Carl Gerhard, wrecked in 1929 and cut the Kyzickes in half. Exploring the shipwreck is fun but best done when the water is clear and especially best done with a dive buddy so you’ll be safe and so they can get some rad pictures and video of your adventure.


Seagreen Gallery – Nags Head


















Seagreen Gallery is an Outer Banks hidden gem. Located on the beach road in Nags Head, Seagreen Gallery is home to art made from recycled and repurposed items. Everything from the giant wave made from license plates (pictured above) and candles made from Coca-Cola bottles, Seagreen Gallery has given new life to items that most people overlook. With all of the recyclable art inside and out, you’ll definitely find something that’s Insta worthy at Seagreen.


Waterfront Shops – Duck

via Pinterest










The Waterfront Shops in Duck are home to all of your shopping and ice cream needs. With little ice cream stores and shops like Life’s a Beach (an official Lilly Pulitzer retailer) and Islands by Amity, you’ll have the perfect wardrobe and the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram post!



Corolla Beer Garden – Corolla

via Corolla Beer Garden Facebook











The Beer Garden has over 60 different craft beers and wine for you to try! Located in Corolla just off of Highway 12, The Beer Garden welcomes everyone, including your four-legged friend! With a quirky and chill island vibe, The Beer Garden is the perfect place to unwind after a long beach day with the perfect backdrop for tons of pictures!


Downtown Manteo – Manteo


















There are so many beautiful places in downtown Manteo, it’s hard to choose just one spot! From the beautiful, historic brick buildings that make the perfect backdrops, to the bridge that connects Downtown Manteo to Roanoke Island Festival Park, there’s so much to see, do, and photograph. The sound on the waterfront is gorgeous on sunny days and the Elizabeth II representational ship or any of the Marinas are beautiful any day, any season.


The Spot – Nags Head

the spot

The Spot will soon be your new favorite place to cool off when you come to the Outer Banks. Serving up smoothies, ice cream, and their specialty acai bowls, The Spot in Nags Head is perfect for a sweet treat in between beach sessions. Treat yourself to an ice cream cone or a for a healthier treat grab a Loggerhead Bowl (pictured above). Not only are acai bowls super good for you, they photograph well too!


Elizabethan Gardens – Manteo

















Definitely make sure you have enough storage on your phone because you’ll want to take pictures of everything at The Elizabethan Gardens. With so many different plants and flowers, you won’t see anything you don’t like. Located at the Northend of Manteo, The Elizabethan Gardens will transport you to a garden fit for Queen Elizabeth herself. You’ll be a hit on Instagram with your pictures because honestly, who doesn’t love flowers?!
(photo by Elizabethan Gardens Instagram)


Nags Head Woods – Nags Head



















Take a hike through Nags Head woods! With over 5 miles of trails, you’ll see wooded dunes, ponds, marsh and more! 7 different trails are available to explore, even a trail for those who have disabilities to get out and experience the beauty of Nags Head woods! Any trail you pick will sure to be picture perfect!



Pea Island Wildlife Refuge – Hatteras Island


















Pea Island Wildlife Refuge is unlike any other place on the Outer Banks. Pea Island is about 13 miles of land with no hotels, business, or houses in sight. This land is completely undeveloped and home to about 400 species of migrating birds and other wildlife. You’ll definitely see some awesome bird sightings and stretches of beach without anyone or any building in sight!