Summer is here! It’s time to pack up the car, get the family together, and head to the beach! Although beach days can be fun, they can be stressful if you aren’t a seasoned pro (especially if you have little ones). Don’t worry, we’ve got the best beach hacks for you and your family to have the best summer ever!

Just Throw It In The Bag

Backpacks and bags like these from Billabong are perfect for beach days with your family

First things first; having a good beach bag is essential for a day at the beach! A bag that’s large enough to fit everyones needs and that is easy to carry is a must. Some of the best beach bags can be found at local surf shops, and souvenir stores. Backpacks also make a great beach bag, just make sure you don’t mind getting a little sand in it!


Protect What You Love

Clean beaches are beautiful beaches

When you’re on the beach, please keep in mind that we all need to make an effort to keep it clean! Put those plastic grocery bags to good use (and out of our oceans) and use them for trash disposal. Most beach public beach accesses on the OBX have garbage cans for disposal of your trash the end of your beach day. If you want to go a step further and eliminate the need of single use plastics, bring a recyclable bag to the beach for your trash, dump it at the end of the day, and wipe it out for the next time!


Choose The Right Beach Access

Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head features a ramp, bath house, and a blanket license to fish off the pier!

Each family and group that visits the Outer Banks is different and has different needs. Beach accesses up and down the Outer Banks feature beaches that have lifeguards on duty, bath houses with changing facilities, handicapped parking and wheel chair access, and more. The handy website OBX Beach Access shows beach accesses from Corolla to Hatteras and the features of them all!


Learn About Rip Currents + Ocean Safety

When in doubt, don’t go out

While the beach and the ocean can be fun, it’s also important to be safe. Make sure to be safe while swimming and keep a very close eye on children and pets. Rip currents occur on the Outer Banks and can be very dangerous and can pull you out to sea quickly. If you find yourself in a rip current, remain calm and swim parallel to shore until you’re no longer being pulled. Whenever red flags are up at the beach, DON’T SWIM. If they’re yellow, exercise extreme caution. Remember, if in doubt, don’t go out!

Have A Kiddie Pool For Babies

Keep the little ones cool and entertained in a kiddie pool

If you’re bringing baby to the beach, be sure they have a good space to play! Inflatable kiddie pools are great for babies and toddlers. The pool can be filled up with ocean water for a little play space or left empty for a perfect play pen or nap area. Make sure the area over the kiddie pool or wherever baby plays is well shaded.

Bring Baby Powder

The quickest way to get rid of sand? Baby powder!

When leaving the beach at the end of a long day, being covered in sand is guaranteed. Baby powder helps get sand off of the skin with ease! Just sprinkle baby powder on the sandy area and wipe away. No more sand tracked in the car, in the house, or in the bed!

Pack A Fitted Sheet

Who knew a fitted sheet could be so handy?

A fitted sheet in your beach bag can be the difference between the savannah desert on your sitting area and a sand free oasis. To keep sand out of your sitting area on the beach, bring a fitted sheet and place coolers, beach bags, and backpacks in the corners of the sheets for a perfect beach setup.

Protect Your Tech

Avoid a trip to the Verizon store with a weather proof case

Nothing is a bigger bummer than dropping your phone in the water or getting sand in the speakers and between buttons. Place your smartphone in a ziplock sandwich baggie to avoid spills and sand. By using a sandwich bag, you can still use the touch screen! If you want a longer lasting solution, Lifeproof cases are amazing.

Freeze Your Drinks

Keep your drinks cool and your beach day cooler

Unnecessary ice packs make lugging your cooler to the beach that much harder. Eliminate the middle man and freeze your drinks! They’ll keep everything else in the cooler cold and when it’s time for a drink of water or juice, the bottle will be thawed out enough!

Be Smart In The Sun

Stay safe in the sun!

Practicing safe sun care is super important at the beach. Make sure to reapply sunscreen often and wear hats and sunglasses. For more information on sun safety, check out our blog right here! In the event you get sunburned (it happens) turn to apple cider vinegar (ACV). Dilute 1 part ACV with 1 part water in a spray bottle and spray on sunburn. It’ll take the sting and redness out. After, apply aloe or coconut oil to soothe and rehydrate the skin.




If you didn’t know, the Outer Banks opened up the coolest, wildest, and splashiest water park last summer! H2OBX is the premier OBX water park that’s perfect for the whole family. Opening day this year falls on May 26th and we can’t wait! We’ve come up with the ultimate guide for navigating through H2OBX! From the thrill seekers in your crew to the ones that just need to relax, get a feel of what H2OBX has to offer your group!

For The Thrill Seeker…

Dune Runner
What Is It?

A 2-person innertube thrill ride that’ll be sure to give you a good laugh and a great splash until the very end of the slide. Kids, teens, and adults will love this ride!


You have to be a minimum of 42″ (or 3.5 feet) tall. The ride is available in double or single tube. Single tube max weight is 300 pounds, and double tube combined max weight is 400 pounds.

Max Capacity?

2 per tube

Midnight Marauder
What Is It?

Similar to Dune Runner, this splashy 7-story ride takes you through a partially enclosed slide at high speed! This ride is perfect for kids, teens, and adults!


Minimum of 42″ (or 3.5 feet) tall. The ride is available in double or single tube. Single tube max weight is 300 pounds, and double tube combined max weight is 400 pounds.

Max Capacity?

2 per tube

The Plank
What Is It?

A heart-pumping, body slide that drops you down a tube with a splashy ending! This ride is great for kids, teens, and adults!


You must be at least 48″ (4 feet) tall to ride this ride. Maximum individual rider weight is 300 pounds.

Max Capacity?

1 rider

What Is It?

A Zero-G slide that launches you up a slippery wall and will have you saying “let’s go again!” by the time you come back down! This ride is perfect for kids, teens, and adults!


You must be at least 42″ (3.5 feet) tall. Maximum weight for 2 riders is 400 pounds, max weight for single rider is 300 pounds.

Max Capacity?

2 per tube

Storm Chaser
What Is It?

A splashy slide ride that takes you around a swirling bowl and to the end of the ride. This slide is wet and wild fun for everyone from kids to adults!


Minimum of 42″ (3.5 feet) tall. 2 rider tube max weight is 400 pounds, single person tube is 300 pounds.

Max Capacity?

2 per tube

Endless Wave Flow Rider
What Is It?

The best wave you’ll catch at H2OBX! Choose from body board or surfboard and test your skills in the Flow Rider!

Max Capacity?

1 rider

Wild Horse Run
What Is It?

An enclosed waterslide full of twists and turns that everyone in the whole family will love!


A minimum of 42″ (3.5 feet) tall to ride. Max weight for 2 riders is a combined 400 pounds. Max weight for individual riders is 300 pounds.

Max Capacity?

2 per tube

For The Group…

Queen Anne’s Revenge
What Is It?

An open slide tube ride that’ll have you, your friends, and your family laughing the whole way through!


All riders must be at least 42″ (3.5 feet) tall. Maximum weight is 1,000 pounds total.


3 to 6 riders

Rogue Wave
What Is It?

A 6-story raft ride similar to the Riptide that’s fun for the whole family!


All riders must be at least 42″ (3.5 feet) tall. Maximum weight is 1,000 pounds total.

Max Capacity?

3 to 6 riders

For The Active…

Deep Six Adventure Lagoon
What Is It?

An aquatic obstacle course complete with climbing wall, balance pads, and more! Engage in a little friendly competition and see who can get through the fastest!

Twin Tides
What Is It?

This wave pool is perfect for those who can’t quite handle the bigger waves of the Cat 5 pool! Splash around with your kids or relax a little, this section of H2OBX is perfect for all ages!

Cat-5 Bay Wave Pool
What Is It?

A wave pool with the biggest man-made waves on the east coast! You’ll be sure to have fun splashing around and body surfing a few waves! (For those who aren’t the strongest swimmers, check out Twin Tides, or take a dip between wave intervals.)

For The Kiddos…

Calico Jack’s Cove
What Is It?

A water-filled playground with flowing fountains, water guns, and a huge bucket of water just waiting to get dumped on the unsuspecting! Calico Jack’s Cove is the perfect place for the whole family to run around, get wet, and have fun!

Sand Pail Beach
What Is It?

A kiddie section for the tiniest of H2OBX visitors! Perfect for toddlers and little ones, Sand Pail Beach features fountains, 4 looping body slides, and a 3 lane race. Sand Pail Beach is the best place for your little pirate!

For The Stressed Out…

Teach’s Tide Adventure River
What Is It?

A 1,000 foot lazy river complete with cool water, waterfalls, and geysers. Teach’s Tide is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and let your worries float away. This attraction is perfect for the whole family.


Kids under 44″ (4 feet) tall must be accompanied by an adult

Max Capacity?

An entire family with single or double tubes

Lounge Chairs + Cabanas

If you’re really looking to relax, pull up a beach chair in front of Cat-5 Bay, get a cool drink, and enjoy a relaxing day in the sun! If your whole family wants a place to hangout, you can reserve private cabanas complete with snacks, drinks, and complimentary locker!

H2OBX offers an awesome food court, places to sit and relax, and so much more! Plus, if you book a stay in a participating home with Resort Realty, you can receive 2 FREE tickets to the park! For more information, follow the link here! Start your summer off with fun, adventure, and plenty of memories at H2OBX!





















If you are a first time visitor to the Outer Banks, planning the perfect vacation can be a little overwhelming. With so much to see and do but such little time, it can be a lot especially if you’ve never visited the Outer Banks before! Lucky for you, we’ve come up with a list of places to go, things to see, and more to help you out on your first visit to the Outer Banks!

Places To Go…
Duck Waterfront Shops // Historic Corolla Village // Downtown Manteo

The Outer Banks is full of places to explore and enjoy the beauty and simplicity of small town life. Downtown Manteo features a ton of local shops and restaurants that you must visit. Plus, Roanoke Island Festival Park is just a short walk over the bridge. You can see what life was like for English soldiers in 1585 and even tour a real, working representation ship, The Elizabeth II! The Duck Waterfront Shops features a bunch of great local shops and an amazing view of the sound! If you’re in Corolla, historic Corolla Village is a must visit as well. On a nice, breezy, spring or summer day, getting outside and taking a stroll around these Outer Banks gems with your family is priceless!

Sights To See…
Wright Brothers Monument // Elizabethan Gardens // Jockey’s Ridge

From the Wright Brothers National Monument to Jockey’s Ridge, the Outer Banks is full of rich history that is all tied together. The Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo and Fort Raleigh National Historic Site are the perfect places to go if you’re interested in learning more about the Lost Colony and see gorgeous array of flowers. The Currituck Beach, Bodie Island, and Cape Hatteras lighthouses are must-sees as well!

Activities To Do…
Carova Beach // Outer Banks Jeep Rentals // Equine Adventure Tours

Whether you have your own 4 wheel drive vehicle or need to rent one, you have to go to Carova or Cape Hatteras for a first time off-road beach experience! Carova and Hatteras Island both feature pristine, undeveloped beaches that are sure to please the first time Outer Banker.While 4WD beaches in Corolla and Carova don’t require a permit, the Cape Hatteras National seashore does. You can find more info here on how to obtain a permit. If 4WD isn’t your style, take a horseback ride with Equine Adventures and see the beauty that Hatteras Island has to offer!

Places To Eat…
Rundown Cafe, Kitty Hawk // Hurricane Mo’s, Kitty Hawk // Duck Donuts, all over the OBX

If you’re looking to find the best local food, look no further! Outer Banks Voice has a great Best of the Beach guide for the best seafood, breakfast, donuts and more, making it easy for you to find the best local eats on the beach! Duck Donuts, Run Down Cafe, and Hurricane Mo’s are just a few great places that made the list so be sure to check them all out!

Where To Stay…
Sailfish Station #5547 // Crosswinds #5716 // Robins’ Nest #2310

When visiting the Outer Banks, staying in a vacation rental home is your best option. It’ll save you money, keep you comfortable, and give you a space to bond and relax with family and friends. At Resort Realty, we have the perfect home for you no matter what your needs. From luxury homes to cozy condos, make your first and future Outer Banks vacations special and rent with Resort Realty! Browse over 500 Outer Banks vacation homes online or talk to one of our amazing vacation specialists at (800) 458 – 3830.

Summer on the Outer Banks is amazing! Great weather, amazing beach time, and so many events makes the OBX super appealing during the warmer months; especially in June! See why you and your family should plan your vacation during the first official month of Summer!

Lower Rates

Luxury homes like Atlantic Breeze #5411 are available at cheaper rates at the beginning of the season!

During June, rates for vacation rental homes haven’t gone up to peak season prices. You still get warm, summer weather without the expense of renting a home during the middle of the season!

Less Crowds

In the beginning and middle of June, many schools haven’t let out for the summer yet so you get first dibs on houses, less wait time at restaurants, and more space to set up your spot on the beach! What more could you ask for?

Less Traffic

Less people means less traffic. During June, your drive to the Outer Banks (and back home) will be much quicker than traveling during the peak of summer! Plus, with our guide on how to avoid traffic, you’ll be out of the car and on the beach soaking up the sun in no time!

Amazing Weather

Did we mention how amazing the weather is during the beginning of summer? It’s not nearly as humid as the July and August months so you can genuinely enjoy being outdoors! The average temperature on the Outer Banks in June ranges from 83º and breezy during the day and 70º at night, it’s the perfect temperature to get out and explore or lounge on the beach.

The Best Time To Swim

With warm, comfortable weather comes warm, calm waters! The ocean temperature in June ranges from the low to mid 70s which is perfect for cooling off after lying in the sun! When the winds come up from the gulf stream, warm, clear waters appear! It’s the best time to get to the beach and take a dip.

Fun Events

Dare Day in Manteo | image via Outer Banks This Week

Early June is the best time to visit if you’re looking for fun, family friendly events! Events like Dare Day, the first annual Food Truck Festival, The Soundside FunFair, and more are great attractions for you and your family to take part in when you visit the Outer Banks!

View our wide selection of Outer Banks vacation homes and plan your getaway to the OBX now!

March came in like a lion…and is going out like a lion! With all the Nor’Easters we’ve had, we’re ready for the warmth and sunshine that April is sure to bring! Along with great weather on the OBX, April brings great events too. Check out the best Outer Banks events and what’s going on throughout April right here!

April 7 // Graveyard of the atlantic museum underwater heritage symposium

10 AM – 5 PM @ The Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum 

Learn about German U-Boats off the North Carolina Coast, different shipwrecks, diving experiences, underwater photography, and more! Professional divers and underwater archaeologists will educate you at this free and informative symposium! For more info call 252-986-0720, email, or visit the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum website.

April 14 – 15 // First Flight 5K + Flying Pirate Half Marathon

Recurring Daily

Calling all runners! This famous OBX race is perfect for you! The First Flight 5K and Flying Pirate Half Marathon is a great event for all to participate and attend. The First Flight 5K takes place on April 14th at the Wright Brothers Memorial at 7:30 AM. The Flying Pirate Half Marathon starts at 7 AM on April 15th at 5300 Woods Road and ends at the end of Nags Head woods! For more information and registration, visit the OBX Sporting Events Website.

April 14 – 21 // OBX – Wind

Recurring Daily

The biggest windsurfing event in America is held right here on the OBX! Enjoy watching or taking part in windsurfing competitions and clinics all around Hatteras Island! From long distance to freestyle, there is an event for everyone. Participation prizes will be awarded as well! For more information and updates, visit the OBX Wind website!

April 20 – 29 // Outer Banks Bike Week

Recurring Daily

Bikers and bike enthusiasts, this is the week for you to come visit the Outer Banks! With different events all over the OBX, there’s so much for you to do! Over 100 vendors, live music, pig pickins, and more are all happening during this exciting week! For more information, visit the Outer Banks Harley Davidson website.

April 28 – 29 // BlackBeard’s Half Marathon, + Scallywag 5K/10K, Family Fun Run

1050 Irvin Garrish Highway, Ocracoke NC

Explore Ocracoke and run for a good cause! Participants can choose between a 5K, 10K, and Fun Run that occur on Saturday, April 28th and half marathon that takes place that Sunday. All finishers will receive a medal and runners in the 5K and 10K will receive a t-shirt. Join in on the 2nd Annual Lt. Maynard’s (famous for his defeat of Black Beard 300 years ago) Challenge and run on both days! All proceeds benefit Ocracoke Community Radio, Ocracoke School Athletic Boosters Club, and the Ocracoke Community Park. For more information, visit the Run Ocracoke website.


Get ready for a weekend full of green! The Outer Banks during St. Patrick’s Day is a weekend for friends, family, fun, and even a little leprechaun magic! See everything St. Patrick’s Day weekend on the OBX has in store!

Running of the Leprechauns 5k and 10k

March 17th  @ 8:00 AM | 2234 S Lark Street, Nags Head

Run to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Choose from either a 5K or 10K run! Each finisher will receive a medal and an event t-shirt. There will also be awards for the top 3 male and female finishers in both distances. After the race, enjoy the Irish-themed after party including Irish stew, sweet potato biscuits, beer, and a costume contest! For more information and registration, visit the OBSE website.


St. Paddy’s 1 Mile Beer Run

March 17th  @ 2:00 PM| Outer Banks Brewing Station

Participate in a Leprechaun themed beer mile at The Brewing Station! The St. Paddy’s 1 Mile Beer Run is chip timed with a backyard party after! The run is strictly 21 and up. Prizes will be awarded to the overall fastest female and male. Wear your St. Patrick’s Day best and get ready to race! The Beer Run is limited to 100 participants and price is $30 per person. To register, visit the OBX running company website! 


28th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

March 18th @ 1:00 PM | Starts @ Bladen St. 

Enjoy a classic Outer Banks tradition! The 28th annual St. Patrick’s Day parade is full of fun, friends, floats, and candy! The parade route starts at the intersection of Bladen St. and Virginia Dare Trail and ends at Driftwood Street. The parade will start at 1 PM. You can find parking and a good seat along the route, but be sure to get there early!


St. Patrick’s Day Dining

Live music at Mulligan’s Restaurant

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with some of the best restaurants on the Outer Banks! Restaurants like Mulligan’s and The Jolly Roger feature St. Patrick’s Day dishes, specials, and live music to get you into the spirit!


Herbie’s property #5005

St. Patrick’s Day weekend on the Outer Banks is full of fun! Why not take the time to come visit? Resort Realty has many homes available for spending St. Patty’s Day weekend on the beach! Stay for a week and attend some of the Outer Banks Taste of the Beach events or just come for a weekend stay in a home that allows partials! Whatever you decide, Resort Realty has you covered!


March 9th marks the National Day of Unplugging! For 24 hours, log off of your lap top,  turn off that tablet, and put away that cell phone. Use this time to explore and bond with your family. Are you on the Outer Banks? See our guide on different ways to spend your unplugged time on the OBX!

(To make the image larger, just click on it!)

The Outer Banks in the summer time is the best place to be! Everyone else thinks so too. If you’re an Outer Banks vacation veteran, you’ll know that traffic coming in and out of the beaches can be super congested and time consuming. Everyone is coming in on the same day and leaving on the same day. If you’re not trying to sit in traffic on your next OBX visit, read on to see how to beat the summer jam!

Leave Early

image via Pinterest

Most traffic jams on the Outer Banks happen roughly between 11 AM and 3 PM (give or take an hour). By leaving early in the morning and arriving on the Outer Banks by 9 or 10, you won’t have to deal with traffic. The kids can sleep in the car, you can get a little piece and quiet, and you can explore the OBX while you’re waiting for check-in! There are plenty of things to see and do before your vacation rental is ready for check-in. From going to the beach to exploring amazing Outer Banks landmarks, there’s so much to choose from. To get an idea on what to do while you’re waiting browse through the following blogs:

Top 10 Hidden Gems On The Outer Banks

Top 10 Free Things To Do On The Outer Banks

Explore The Outer Banks On A Budget

Top 25 Outer Banks Rainy Day Activities


Find An Alternate Route

image via Pinterest

The most congestion on turn over days occurs on the route coming in to the Wright Memorial Bridge. While the GPS may say that taking an alternate route may take more time, it’ll save you from sitting in traffic; especially if you’re vacationing from Kitty Hawk south. Taking highway 64 instead of 158 may add miles to the journey but you’ll be moving at a steady pace and will be on the OBX in no time!


Keep Calm + Plan Ahead

image via Pinterest

If leaving early or an alternate route isn’t in the cards for you and your group, have a plan for possibly sitting in traffic. See which rest stops and restaurants are along your route, and pack enough snacks and entertainment for the kids. We’ve come up with a list of great apps for kids to help car rides to the Outer Banks pass faster! You can see them here.


Use Travel Apps

image via Pinterest

Travel apps like Waze and Gas Buddy can help you travel with ease. The Waze app can help you avoid accidents, road obstructions, and gives you real time traffic updates. Plus, it offers turn by turn voice navigation and ETA to share with people you may be meeting at your vacation home. Gas Buddy can help you find the best and closest gas prices along your route. You can also enter to win $100 in free gas everyday, too!


Book A Home With A Friday or Sunday Turn Day

Crosswinds #5716 has convenient access to the beach, great amenities, AND a Sunday turn day!

Most people coming to the Outer Banks book a vacation rental home that has a check-in and check-out day that falls on Saturday; which is why traffic on Saturday is usually the worst. If you book a home with a turn over day that’s a Friday or Sunday, not only can you avoid traffic, you can also save money! Most homes with check-in and check-out that aren’t Saturday are typically cheaper! Resort Realty has homes with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday change over so you can customize your Outer Banks vacation however you see fit!

See everything Resort Realty has to offer and get your (minimal traffic) Outer Banks vacation started today!

With such a cold and snowy winter, everyone is ready for the warmth and brightness of spring! With the average temperature on the Outer Banks ranging from 65 degrees during the day and around 50 at night during March and April, you can get out and explore all the OBX has to offer! Plus, less crowds will make your visit more enjoyable! If you’re planning a spring break trip to the Outer Banks, Resort Realty has you covered. With a full list of things to do, places to see, amazing food to eat, and more; see what you should be doing this spring break on the OBX!

Get Outside

Did we mention how GORGEOUS the weather is during the spring on the OBX? It’s the perfect time to get out and stroll the beaches, explore Jockey’s Ridge, or even drive on the 4 x 4 beaches in Corolla or on Hatteras Island! With less people visiting this time of year, you’ll be able to enjoy the great weather with very few crowds.

Go Shopping

The Outer Banks is full of so many unique stores and shops. Take advantage of the great weather and stroll some of the outdoor shopping centers like the Outer Banks Malland The Waterfront Shops in Duck! Treat yourself while you’re on spring break!

Eat Like A Local

If you ask any local on the Outer Banks, they’ll tell you that the best part of spring is that the great local restaurants open back up for the season! With new openings, and less crowds, there won’t be as long as a wait for you and your crew to try a new OBX eatery!

Learn About The OBX

When there are less crowds on the Outer Banks, you get the opportunity to visit places like the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the North Carolina Aquarium, and more without long lines and hectic groups. Take the time to stroll through the aquarium and see the new exhibits or try to spot wild horses on the empty Corolla beaches.

The Lost Colony is one of America’s longest unsolved mysteries with 115 men, women, and children vanishing with no trace. On your visit this spring break, learn more about the mystery of the Lost Colony at Fort Raleigh National Historic Site, and Ghost tours! For more information on special events, visit the Lost Colony website.

Take Advantage Of Rates
This 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom, oceanfront home is super affordable for your group this spring break!

Planning your spring break getaway to the Outer Banks can be super exciting. Even more exciting? Lower rates on rental homes! Before the peak season starts, even the most luxurious homes can be super affordable for your stay! Whether you’re looking for a condo for a weekend retreat or a large and luxe home for a whole week spent relaxing on the beach, Resort Realty has you covered! With over 600 homes to choose from and so many great activities to take part in, why wouldn’t you plan your spring break on the Outer Banks? View all of the homes Resort Realty has to offer and either book online or give us a call at (800) 458-3830 to talk to one of our amazing vacation specialists!

While the grand opening was on Wednesday, February 28th, the Outer Banks is still buzzing over the arrival of Publix! If you’ve ever been to the Outer Banks, you know that we have no shortage of grocery stores, however, Publix isn’t just another grocery store, they’re the largest employee-owned grocery chain in the United States! With so many different food options for different individuals with dietary restrictions and a taste for the uncommon or just for the basic need of great produce and more, Publix is your place to go! See just a glimpse of what the grand opening of the Outer Banks Publix held!

Publix is located in First Flight Square right next to Lowe’s. The address is 1530 N. Croatan Hwy, Kill Devil Hills NC. If you’re staying in any of our Kill Devil Hills or Kitty Hawk vacation rental homes, check out Publix for all of your vacation grocery needs!

Summer is coming up and that means making arrangements now for Summer vacation! One of the biggest questions that is posed during vacation planning is where will you stay? Hotels may seem like the cheapest option but they can actually end up costing you a fortune. Between hidden fees, small spaces, and limited access to basic amenities, hotels can be more of a hassle than you may realize.

Why Rent a Vacation Home?

By renting a vacation home with Resort Realty, you’ll end up having way more space, saving money, and so much more. Take a look at our info-graphic to see why you should rent a vacation home instead of reserving a hotel room for your next Outer Banks vacation!

Vacation Homes vs Hotels

{To make the image bigger, just click on it!}


Ditch overpriced and overcrowded hotel rooms this summer and find the vacation home of your dreams! By renting an OBX vacation home with Resort Realty, you’ll be sure to make your vacation fun and memorable. Everyone will have plenty of space to relax and unwind, you can bond over family dinner, and even spend endless hours in the sun, sand, and surf! Book your next Outer Banks vacation with Resort Realty today by visiting our website or by calling us at (800) 458-3830!

The Outer Banks is full of popular attractions. Honestly, what’s an Outer Banks vacation without a visit to the aquarium, climbing Jockey’s Ridge, and eating your favorite meal at your favorite, local spot? Although these attractions are amazing, there are so many more hidden places to see, things to do, and food to eat that you may not know about! Check out our 10 hidden gems of the Outer Banks to add to your to-do list this Outer Banks vacation.

Little Red Mailbox of Hope

Glenmere Ave Beach Access, Kill Devil Hills

Not very many people have heard of the Little Red Mailbox of Hope. Started by Sue and Eddie Goodrich and the Town of Kill Devil Hills, this little mailbox spreads messages of hope and love. When you come to the Outer Banks, make sure you take some time to read some of the messages in the Little Red Mailbox journal and even leave a note. You might find something you didn’t know you needed.

The Futuro House

Hwy 12, Frisco

image via The Virginian-Pilot

This unique UFO sighting can be found in Frisco off of Highway 12! Full of UFO inspired decor and items, this 26-foot wide dwelling is one of the few Futuro homes left in the United States! Because it is not up to code, you can’t enter it to visit but you can definitley pose in front of this ornamental structure for a great photo.  The Futuro House is a strange sight to see but definitely a gem on the Outer Banks!

Full Moon Restaurant + Lost Colony Brewery

Downtown Manteo

Full Moon Cafe, The Lost Colony Brewery, or The Full Moon Brewery – whatever you call it, there’s no denying that there is great food and great, craft beer to be had at this Manteo eatery! Opened in 1995 initially as a restaurant, Full Moon Cafe doubled as a brewery in 2011 and continues to make uniquely crafted beer and amazing food. “We are the home town restaurant where first dates, prom dates, wedding proposals, family gatherings, showers, and birthdays, have taken place for 22 years,” which is why Full Moon has earned it’s spot as a hidden Outer Banks gem!

Canadian Hole

Windsurfers from all over the world come to Canadian Hole to windsurf during the spring and summer months. If you’re not an avid windsurfer, Canadian Hole is still a really cool place to go and watch windsurfers sail over the sound with their colorful kites! The area is also ideal for families with young children because of the shallow waters and lack of waves!

Monument To A Century of Flight

This public monument located in Kitty Hawk honors the achievement and the history of flight! The Wright Brothers completed the first successful flight right here on the Outer Banks on December 17, 1903. This monument honors successful men and women who contributed to the history of modern flight and aviation that we continue to use today!


Winged Horses of the OBX

If you’ve been to the Outer Banks, you’ve noticed the colorful winged horses that stand proudly outside of different local businesses. As a part of the celebration of the 2003 Centennial of Flight, 99-lifesized fiberglass horses with aluminum aircraft wings were decorated and displayed all over the Outer Banks. This project went on from May 2002 to October 2004. Many of the horses can still be seen today! Check out photos of all the horses and a list of current winged horse locations!

Hatteras Cats

On Hatteras Island, you’ll find Burrus Red & White Supermarket. There’s nothing super special about this grocery store…except for the 6 toed cats! The cats that wander around the supermarket are descendants of a ghost ship from a few hundred years ago. When the ship was looted, locals brought them ashore and more six-toed (or polydactyl) cats appeared over time. The store owner, Allen Burrus, has recently gotten the wandering cats spayed and neutered.

Lucy + Ricky’s Nest

Basnight’s Lone Cedar Cafe is a local and visitor favorite. While this restaurant is very well known, not everyone knows about the Lone Cedar residents; Ricky and Lucy! Ricky and Lucy built a nest right outside of Lone Cedar to raise their young. They have returned each year and Lone Cedar even named their bar the Osprey Lounge! Ricky and Lucy’s nest can be seen outside of the windows while you dine at Lone Cedar!

Ocracoke Island Cemetery

Few people know that the Outer Banks was home to lurking German U-Boats during World War I and World War II; patiently waiting to attack the U.S. coast. Allied forces from England were sent to the US to protect the coastline, and many English troops ended up guarding the Outer Banks and Ocracoke. A number of ships and submarines were destroyed during the wars. A cemetery was created for the bodies of two unnamed British Soldiers who washed up on the beach during WWII. This cemetery is considered British soil and is a rich part of the history of Ocracoke Island.

Nags Head Woods

Full of nature, walking paths, and beauty, Nags Head Woods is a must visit on your next Outer Banks visit. Nags Head woods spans over 420 and over 5 miles of different trails from advanced to leisure! On a nice, sunny day, the secret sound access is the perfect place to go relax and get away from it all!