The Outer Banks is the ideal family vacation destination. Our summers are warm and full of endless beach days and fun, but did you know you could visit this magical place while avoiding crowds and saving money? By visiting the Outer Banks in the shoulder season, you’ll get the most out of your vacation all while saving time and money!

What is the “shoulder season”?

On the OBX, the shoulder season is in reference to the Spring and the Fall; when not many visitors are here, but businesses are still open and booming. Most visitors tend to come to the Outer Banks during the peak Summer season (June through August). The Spring Shoulder season is home to some of the best weather, small crowds, and great activities for the whole family to enjoy!

Why visit during this time?

During the Spring, particularly late Spring (late April through early June), the Outer Banks is in full swing. Businesses that were shut down in the winter are now open, the weather is amazing, and there are less crowds!

Enjoy the still of empty beaches

If you’ve ever visited the Outer Banks during peak season, you already know that traffic can be heinous. When you visit during the late Spring or early Summer, traffic isn’t as heavy and you can get to the Outer Banks in a breeze!

Early visits = less traffic and crowds!

Less traffic also equals less crowds on the beach so you can find the perfect spot all to yourself. Early summer also brings killer sunrises and sunsets so you’ll have unobstructed front row seats to pure OBX bliss!

Enjoy killer sunrises and sunsets with no crowds!

Homes during the April through early June months can also be around half the price of in-season rates with the same amenities and options! With options of homes with heated pools for as early as April 30th and you can get our Signature Series homes at a serious steal!

Oceanfront Outer Banks rental 1 Perfect Vacation

So as you’re thinking about planning your Outer Banks vacation, be sure to consider the late spring and early summer months of the shoulder season for your stay; we promise it’s well worth it!