The Holiday season is all about tradition. Trimming the tree with friends and family, baking cookies for Santa, and bonding around the fire are all holiday staples. However, routines are meant to be changed! This season, start a new tradition and spend your holiday on the Outer Banks.

Start a new holiday tradition on the Outer Banks // Image via We Heart It

There’s a different vibe on the Outer Banks when Christmas rolls around. The air is cooler, the beaches are empty, and holiday magic is in the air. Start a new tradition with seasonal sights on the Outer Banks! Events like Winter Lights at the Elizabethan Gardens is the perfect way to get into the Holiday spirit with your family. You’ll want to spend the Christmas season on the Outer Banks every year!

Winter Lights at the Elizabethan Gardens

The beach tends to bring everyone together. We’re all made of salt water so there’s a connection we all have with the sea. Bring your family to the Banks this holiday and experience a bond with family and friends that you can only have on the Outer Banks. With homes available from lavish and luxurious to charming and affordable, Resort Realty has something to make this new holiday tradition magical for every family!