Vacation is supposed to be your time to get away, relax, and enjoy time with family and friends! In the midst of planning, traveling, and getting everything organized before and during your trip can make your head spin. Don’t worry and don’t get stressed, we’ve got the perfect guide to help you have a stress free Outer Banks vacation!

1 // Plan Travel + Accommodations Ahead Of Time
By booking your stay ahead of time, you can get that luxury, oceanfront home you’ve dreamed of!

When planning your vacation to the Outer Banks, make sure you book your vacation rental home ahead of time. As the busy season approaches, many homes that might fit your size needs, vacation date, and price point might already be booked. By booking at least 6 months in advance, you’re insured to find the house of your dreams during the right time and for the right price! Resort Realty has homes to fit all of your family’s needs from small homes and condos to large, luxury getaways. As you plan your drive (or flight) check out which rest stops, gas stations, and restaurants are along your route and when you can plan your stops accordingly!

2 // Leave Work Behind
Work should stay at work, you’re on vacation, enjoy it!

You’re supposed to relax on vacation, not work! Make sure you tell your co-workers when you’ll be out of town well in advance so they know you won’t be in  the office. Change your voicemail and set an auto-response on your email to notify those who try to contact you that you’ll return back to the office soon. As tempting as it might be, try not to check your work email while you’re away on vacation, whatever comes up can be dealt with when you get back home!

3 // Travel While The Kids Snooze
Traveling while the little ones snooze ensures peace and quiet for the journey!

Youngin’s and road trips don’t really go hand in hand so schedule your road trip while they’re sleeping! Arriving on the Outer Banks early in the morning before 11 AM can help you beat traffic anyway. (We’ve come up with a list of ways to avoid traffic on the OBX in our blog here) If the kids are awake, no worries, we have another blog with the 10 best family travel apps to help the time go by faster and your trip go smoother!

4 // Go With The Flow
Everyone loves a visit to the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island!

Take a lesson from the ocean and go with the flow! Planning ahead is great, but plans don’t always work out sometime. Don’t lose your cool if you encounter a rainy day or a packed restaurant, just go with the flow! There are tons of rainy day activities you can do on the Outer Banks and hundreds of restaurants to choose from! No matter what you encounter, remember your vacation is meant to be stress free!

5 // Tie Up Loose Ends Before You Leave
Tie up loose ends before you leave so you can relax when you return home

There is nothing worse than going on vacation and then coming back home to a messy house. Take a day before you leave and have a family cleaning day! Get all laundry done, perishables out of the fridge, and do a thorough clean of the house. That way when you get home, you have nothing to worry about except for reminiscing on memories from you epic vacation!

6 // Make A Wish-list + A Budget
A visit to H2OBX Waterpark should be at the top of your Outer Banks wishlist!

Before your vacation, have each person (or family) in your crew come up with one thing they really want to do during your stay on the OBX. That way everyone gets to do and see something they want. Don’t forget to make a budget too. That way you know your limitations and know what activities are best suited for your group! We have a list of great Outer Banks activities here to give you a few ideas that won’t break the bank!

7 // Make A Packing Checklist

Everyone’s biggest fear is going on vacation and realizing you’ve forgotten something. The easiest way to make sure you have everything is to make a list! Luckily for you, we’ve put one together for you in this blog here!

8 // Relax, Have Fun, + Be In The Moment

You’re on vacation to relax, have fun, and be with friends and family! Be in the moment and enjoy it. Make sure to take a ton of photos and videos and if you post them on instagram, be sure to use the hashtag #MyOBX so we can see what awesome adventures you’ve had and the memories you’ve made while on the Outer Banks!