Vacation is supposed to be your time to get away, relax, and enjoy time with family and friends! In the midst of planning, traveling, and getting everything organized before and during your trip can make your head spin. Don’t worry and don’t get stressed, we’ve got the perfect guide to help you have a stress free Outer Banks vacation!

1 // Plan Travel + Accommodations Ahead Of Time

By booking your stay ahead of time, you can get that luxury, oceanfront home you’ve dreamed of!

When planning your vacation to the Outer Banks, make sure you book your vacation rental home ahead of time. As the busy season approaches, many homes that might fit your size needs, vacation date, and price point might already be booked. By booking at least 6 months in advance, you’re insured to find the house of your dreams during the right time and for the right price! Resort Realty has homes to fit all of your family’s needs from small homes and condos to large, luxury getaways. As you plan your drive (or flight) check out which rest stops, gas stations, and restaurants are along your route and when you can plan your stops accordingly!


2 // Leave Work Behind

Work should stay at work, you’re on vacation, enjoy it!

You’re supposed to relax on vacation, not work! Make sure you tell your co-workers when you’ll be out of town well in advance so they know you won’t be in  the office. Change your voicemail and set an auto-response on your email to notify those who try to contact you that you’ll return back to the office soon. As tempting as it might be, try not to check your work email while you’re away on vacation, whatever comes up can be dealt with when you get back home!


3 // Travel While The Kids Snooze

Traveling while the little ones snooze ensures peace and quiet for the journey!

Youngin’s and road trips don’t really go hand in hand so schedule your road trip while they’re sleeping! Arriving on the Outer Banks early in the morning before 11 AM can help you beat traffic anyway. (We’ve come up with a list of ways to avoid traffic on the OBX in our blog here) If the kids are awake, no worries, we have another blog with the 10 best family travel apps to help the time go by faster and your trip go smoother!


4 // Go With The Flow

Everyone loves a visit to the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island!

Take a lesson from the ocean and go with the flow! Planning ahead is great, but plans don’t always work out sometime. Don’t lose your cool if you encounter a rainy day or a packed restaurant, just go with the flow! There are tons of rainy day activities you can do on the Outer Banks and hundreds of restaurants to choose from! No matter what you encounter, remember your vacation is meant to be stress free!


5 // Tie Up Loose Ends Before You Leave

Tie up loose ends before you leave so you can relax when you return home

There is nothing worse than going on vacation and then coming back home to a messy house. Take a day before you leave and have a family cleaning day! Get all laundry done, perishables out of the fridge, and do a thorough clean of the house. That way when you get home, you have nothing to worry about except for reminiscing on memories from you epic vacation!


6 // Make A Wish-list + A Budget

A visit to H2OBX Waterpark should be at the top of your Outer Banks wishlist!

Before your vacation, have each person (or family) in your crew come up with one thing they really want to do during your stay on the OBX. That way everyone gets to do and see something they want. Don’t forget to make a budget too. That way you know your limitations and know what activities are best suited for your group! We have a list of great Outer Banks activities here to give you a few ideas that won’t break the bank!


7 // Make A Packing Checklist

Everyone’s biggest fear is going on vacation and realizing you’ve forgotten something. The easiest way to make sure you have everything is to make a list! Luckily for you, we’ve put one together for you in this blog here!


8 // Relax, Have Fun, + Be In The Moment

You’re on vacation to relax, have fun, and be with friends and family! Be in the moment and enjoy it. Make sure to take a ton of photos and videos and if you post them on instagram, be sure to use the hashtag #MyOBX so we can see what awesome adventures you’ve had and the memories you’ve made while on the Outer Banks!




Spending a ton of money on your vacation to the Outer Banks should be the last thing on your mind! You can easily have a great vacation and create amazing memories without breaking the bank. Check out our top tips on how to have an amazing vacation on the OBX while on a budget!

Take Advantage Of Free Activities

From strolls on Jennette’s Pier to going ghost crabbing at night, there are so many free OBX activities to do on your vacation!

There are so many great Outer Banks activities that are either free or super inexpensive! You can explore Jockey’s Ridge, spend all day on the beach, visit lighthouses, and so much more without spending a ton of money. Check out our “Explore The Outer Banks On A Budget” blog for even more ideas on how to have fun without going broke!

Cook Meals Instead Of Going Out

A home made seafood roast with local OBX seafood? Yes please!

With so many great restaurants on the Outer Banks, it’s hard to not want to try them all! While dining out can be a great and tasty experience, it can be costly. The average entree on the Outer Banks will run you around $12-$15 depending on what restaurant you go to. When you’re going out to eat with your family, that can really add up. Instead of dining out every night, maybe pick a night to go out and prepare meals at your rental homes the rest of the time! You can get fresh, local seafood from many places on the Outer Banks and prepare it yourself or even cook your own catch if you’re into fishing!

Be Flexible With Travel Dates

With a visit in the off season, you’ll find uncrowded beaches and money saved!

During the peak vacation months of June to August, vacation homes and accommodations can be at their most expensive. If you can be flexible with your vacation schedule, visiting the Outer Banks in the off season can end up being much cheaper. Many locals will say that visiting the Outer Banks in the fall and spring seasons are the best time to come because there is less traffic, less crowds, and beautiful weather! See “Why We Love Fall On The Outer Banks” and plan an off season vacation to get the best bang for your buck!

Consider A Mini Vacation

Vacation homes like Beacham Cottage #7810 are perfect for an affordable weekend getaway to the OBX!

Sometimes a weekend getaway is just what you need! Mini vacations are great alternatives to staying a whole week. The rates can be cheaper, you’ll save money, and you’ll still get to explore the Outer Banks! Resort Realty has many homes that offer weekend and short stays! See all the homes that offer partial vacations!


Make A Budget + Stick To It

Budget for fun OBX activities like a trip to the H2OBX water park!

It’s okay to splurge, you’re on vacation after all! Sit down with your family and make a list of things that you want to do on the Outer Banks. Determine how much money you want to stick to spending and then divvy out a set amount to specific activities like dining, souvenirs, and attractions. Stick to this budget all week long and this way you can still do the activities you want to do and have control of your money!

Check Out Budget Friendly Homes

Sea Cabin #7590 is an oceanfront OBX rental that can rent for as little as $695 per week!

Many Outer Banks vacation homes can be super lavish and luxurious but super expensive. You shouldn’t have to compromise comfort and style on your vacation. There are many homes in the Resort Realty family that are inexpensive, beautifully decorated, and comfortable that you and your family can rent without breaking your budget!

Take advantage of Deals + Specials

Home of the free because of the brave, to honor your service, Resort Realty offers a Hometown Hero vacation discount to save you money on your Outer Banks vacation || Image via Pinterest

Resort Realty has many deals and specials to help you save money on your Outer Banks vacation! Our Hometown Heroes discount is offered all year long on select properties and specials like our President’s Day sale and our Summer Kickoff Sale will save you money for a limited time! Plus, select homes will often put certain weeks on special! Check out our Deals and Specials page to get the perfect OBX vacation rental at a lower price.

Rent A Home With A Group

Luxury vacation homes can be super expensive, but if you have a great group of people to split it with, it can be super affordable! A luxury home split between a group of people can be as low as $53 per night per person! See all of the luxury homes Resort Realty has to offer you, find a great group to vacation with, and start your affordable, luxury vacation!


So, you’re planning a trip to the Outer Banks and don’t know what to do? Well, start with your interests! Are you a foodie and love to sample different Outer Banks cuisine? Do you love nature and want to learn more about the diverse ecosystem on the OBX? Or are you totally into health and wellness and want some time to recharge this Outer Banks visit? No matter what you’re into, we have the perfect Outer Banks Journey to accompany your interests. From a week of fishing fun to everything else in between, see what kind of Outer Banks vacation is perfect for you!

{To enlarge the image, just click on it!}

What Kind of Outer Banks Vacation Are You?


To see even more Outer Banks journeys, check out our journeys page on our website! From homeschooling adventures to a week any mermaid will love, find your journey with Resort Realty!

Summer is just around the corner! Now is the time to start planning your summer getaway. Just this phrase can strike fear into the hearts of the bravest soul, but fear not. Here at Resort Realty, we can find a dream Outer Banks vacation home for way less than you could ever imagine! With options like EZ Pay, and already affordable prices, make your Summer 2018 Outer Banks getaway one for the books! Check out a few homes we have available for less than $1,500*!

*prices listed reflect booking the week of June 16th to June 23rd. Per night per person prices are based upon the individual property’s max occupancy.

#4575 Duck Hill // Southern Shores

Start your summer vacation off in Southern Shores! Duck Hill is a 4 bedroom 3.5 bathroom home located on the Soundside in Southern Shores. With access to the Kilmarlic Golf course and community tennis courts and enough space to sleep 8 people, you’ll be sure to have a blast! Total booking cost? $25 per night per person or $1,364.28!

#7650 Carrie’s Treehouse // Avon

This 2 bedroom 2 bathroom home is perfect for your next Outer Banks get away! Located on the soundside in Avon, enjoy the quiet and still of the southern beaches. You’ll be near by locally loved spots like Avon fishing pier, Canadian Hole, and 4WD beach access. Plus, this home is pet friendly! How much will this home run you?

A cool $1,003.48 or $36 per night per person with 4 total guests!

#5015 Surf Lodge // Kill Devil Hills

Take time out and begin your Outer Banks vacation at Surf Lodge! This 2 bedroom 1 bathroom home is located in Kill Devil Hills. Close to local dining, shopping, and historical attractions, this semi-oceanfront home is one you definitely want to snag! The price? $1,488.32 or $54 per night per person!

#7810 Beacham Cottage // Frisco

Take a trip to Frisco and stay at Beacham Cottage! This adorable beach box offers direct access to the canal, and all the basic necessities to make your Outer Banks vacation a great one! This is a pet friendly home and for $890.73 or just $22 per night per person Beacham Cottage can be your next Outer Banks vacation home!

#5394 Happy Place // Kill Devil hills

Happy Place is just the space to begin your Outer Banks vacation! This cozy condo features 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and a sleeper sofa, perfect for a small family getaway or a friend’s trip to the beach. A short walk to the beach is an added plus so book now, because at $1,296.63 or $47 per night, this condo won’t be available long!

#7925 Aycock // Hatteras

Explore the beauty and history of Hatteras at Aycock on your next Outer Banks adventure! This classic Outer Banks home features all the necessities you’ll need on your beach get away plus so much more. With a short walk to the beach of 240 yards and 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, there’s plenty of room for everyone and plenty of time for fun in the sun! This home rents for $1,003.48 or $18 per night per person!

These are just a few of the affordable vacation homes Resort Realty has to offer you! To see more homes that are under $1,500 visit our website! Don’t forget about our EZ Pay Plan as well! At Resort Realty, we want you to have a memorable and affordable Outer Banks vacation, so book with us for Summer 2018!

A day at the beach can solve all problems and when you come prepared for hours in the sun, it makes it even better! We’ve come up with a guide to a few beach day essentials that will ensure that you’ll have stress-free fun in the sun!


1 // Big Beach Bag

You have to have a big bag to put all of your essentials in! Any big, durable bag will do, but this bag by Billabong will definitely get everything from the car (or the house) to the sand!


2 // Radio/Bluetooth Player

A portable speaker is sure to put you in a beachy mood with your favorite radio station or a beach playlist. (You should check out our Spotify playlists if you haven’t already!) This radio/speaker combo from Sunnylife is perfect for a perfect day spent by the beach.


3 // Beach Blanket

Beach chairs are a no brainer when heading to the beach, but if you have a bigger group of friends and family, a big circle of beach chairs is no fun. A big beach blanket has enough room for everyone to sit or lay comfortably while still being able to have a view of the ocean and great conversation with everyone. The Billabong beach blanket is shown in the photo, but you can find one almost anywhere.


4 // Sandals

Going barefoot on the beach is ideal, but sometimes the sand is just way too hot. Save yourself some time and pain and wear sandals or flip flops while you’re trying to find that perfect spot on the beach! Something like the women’s Billabong sandal and the men’s Reef flip flops are perfect for weathering the scorching sand.


5 // Healthy Snacks

Unless you go to Jeanette’s Pier or Outer Banks Pier, you’re going to have to leave the beach to get a quick snack. If you’re all about getting as much beach time in as possible, pack some snacks or even a full lunch! A salad in a jar is a great, healthy meal and there’s no mess when eating it! Something nice and cool like the corn, avocado, and black bean dip pictured above is a great snack that will keep you cool in the sun too. Don’t forget to help do your part and bring an extra bag to put your trash in, lets keep the beach clean!


6 // SPF Lipbalm

We tend to often neglect our lips when we’re out in the sun. Since the skin on our lips is so thin, they can burn super easily. An SPF lip balm can protect your lips from the suns harmful rays.


7 // Sunscreen 

Last, but definitely the most important is sunscreen! Sunscreen is super important to use regularly while you’re outside. You should look for sunscreens that protect against UVA and UVB rays. Sun Bum sunscreen does both and helps protect against skin aging too!

Are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by the sea this year? If not, you’re in luck- we can help you find your Outer Banks treasure to make sure you get to the beach this year! Check out some of our vacation homes  inspired by St. Patrick’s Day that’ll be sure to make you feel like you found a lucky four leaf clover.

Lucky Ducklings (4411) – Duck

lucky duckligns

Enjoy th.e Outer Banks in the oceanside home of Lucky Ducklings! With only a short walk away from the beach and access to the community pool and tennis court, you’ll be sure to feel lucky on your Outer Banks vacation. Lucky Ducklings also features a volleyball court, horseshoes, and cornhole right in the comfort of the backyard!


Magic Triangle (5540) – Nags Head

magic triangle

Your next Outer Banks visit is bound to be magical while you’re staying at Magic Triangle. With 6 bedrooms and 6 and a half bathrooms, this spacious home is the best place to relax! Magic Triangle features all new decor, a state of the art kitchen, and an elevator so everyone can enjoy the home. Located just across the highway from the Outer Banks Mall, you’ll have easy access to shopping, restaurants, and more!


Golden Drake (3929) – Duck

golden drake

Located in Duck, the Golden Drake will offer you fun in the sun or shade, depending on where you sit on the giant wrap around porch! Play a game of horseshoes or volleyball in the backyard or go on a kayaking adventure with the kayak that comes with the house. With only about 500 yards to walk to the beach, your next Outer Banks vacation will be as rich as that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!


The Green Turtle (4160) – Duck

green turtle

If you’ve got a big group of family and friends, The Green Turtle is perfect for you! With 7 bedrooms and 7 and a half bathrooms, everyone will have their own space but will still be able to spend quality time together by the private saltwater pool, hot tub, or sand volleyball court in the backyard!


The Shamrock (5795) – Nags Head


The Shamrock will have you feeling lucky to be on the Outer Banks! Located in South Nags Head, The Shamrock is a short drive away from Jockey’s Ridge, the Lost Colony, and local shopping and restaurants. With an ocean view, sun decks, and more, The Shamrock will have something for everyone to enjoy on your next vacation!



Wright Off (1890) – Corolla

wright off

You’ll be green with good luck on your vacation at Wright Off! This 5 bedroom 4 and a half bath located in Corolla is only a short walk from the beach, local shops, and restaurants. Wright off is located in the community of Ocean Sands where you’ll have access to the tennis courts and the community lake!



Four Horsemen (5560) – Nags Head

four horsemen

Make all of your friends back home green with envy at Four Horsemen. This luxury Nags Head vacation home is steps away from the beach and with 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and 2 and a half bathrooms, there’s plenty of space for everyone. Four Horsemen features a private pool, sports bar, game tables, and more so everyone in your group will be happily entertained on your next Outer Banks vacation!



Herbie’s (5005) – Kill Devil Hills


This little green beach box would make any leprechaun happy! Herbie’s is the perfect place to stay if you’ve got a small group of friends or a single family wanting to stay right on the ocean. This 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home has the classic old-school Outer Banks beach box look but updated features to keep it modern!



Kinnakeet Retreat (7620) – Avon

kinakeet retreat

Have the luckiest vacation yet at Kinnakeet Retreat! Located in Avon, this 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home offers oceanfront views, and so much more. This Klub Koru home gives you unlimited acces to the Koru Village gym (including all fitness and yoga classes), the Avon Pier, and the Koru Village oceanfront pool!

Spring is in the air which means some of our favorite restaurants are going to be opening back up for the summer season! Check out some restaurants that are coming out of hibernation this 2017 season and dine somewhere new on your next visit to the Outer Banks!


Rundown Cafe – Kitty Hawk // Opening March 1st

rundown final

courtesy of Rundown Cafe

They serve: island cuisine inspired by Pacific Rim and Caribbean journeys

You have to try: the Tsunami Dinner Salad with Coconut Fried Shrimp and Journeys End Dressing


Fish Heads – South Nags Head // Opening April 1st

fish heads final

courtesy of Fish Heads Bar and Grill

They serve: over 20 draft beers, great appetizers, and great post-beach meals like classic burgers and fish tacos.

You have to try: the conch fritters or happy hour 15 cent shrimp and Larry’s Lemonade on draft


John’s Drive-In – Kitty Hawk // Opening March 10th (tentatively)

johns final

courtesy of John’s Drive-In

They serve: cheeseburgers, subs, ice cream, milkshakes, and more.

You have to try: a chocolate strawberry milkshake and a dolphin boat


Surfin’ Spoon – Nags Head // Opening March 10th

surfin spoon final

courtesy of Surfin’ Spoon

They serve: low-fat and non-fat frozen yogurt and vegan sorbet with an array of toppings for you to choose from.

You have to try: whatever you like! Surfin’ Spoons’ flavors change daily and with all of the different topping choices, possibilities are endless!


The Spot – Nags Head // Opening March 22nd

the spot final

courtesy of The Spot

They serve: healthy options like acai smoothie bowls and smoothies and ice cream for when you want to treat yourself.

You have to try:  the Loggerhead Bowl blended with banana and vanilla almond milk topped with granola, banana peanut butter, dark chocolate, and honey. (Add a sprinkle of coconut; trust us on this one!)


Tale of the Whale – Nags Head  // Opening April 5th

tale of the whale final

courtesy of Tale of The Whale

They serve: fresh local seafood, choice steak, chicken, pasta and more

You have to try: their House Specialty Shrimp and Grits


Sam and Omie’s – Nags Head // Opening Early March

sam and omies final

courtesy of Sam and Omie’s

They serve: omelets, burgers, club sandwiches, seafood dinners, and more

You have to try: the Sam & Omie’s Crabcake Sandwich


Owens’ – Nags Head // Opening Early March

owens final

courtesy of Owens’

They serve: rich, coastal, southern seafood classics with the culinary flare of today in upscale setting

You have to try: the Seafood Mariner featuring a fish filet, jumbo shrimp, scallops, clams, crabmeat Remick and Seabreeze potatoes.


Red Drum – Nags Head // Opening March 12th

red drum final

courtesy of Red Drum

They serve: fresh local seafood, steaks, ribs and more in a family-friendly environment.

You have to try: the Mixed Seafood Saute featuring the fish of the day grilled with sauteed shrimp in lemon dill butter


Avenue – Manteo // Opening Mid March

avenue final

courtesy of Avenue Waterfront Grille

They serve: local seafood, all natural meats and chicken, and a wide variety of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options all in a casual dining setting.

You have to try: the House Specialty Fish Tacos


Mimi’s Tiki Hut – Manteo // Opening April 14th

mimis final

courtesy of Matt Lusk & Blue Water

They serve: drinks while you’re waiting for your table at Blue Water or a quick bite to eat while enjoying live entertainment.

You have to try: the Grilled Chicken Sandwich and a Kill Devil Rum “Not So Dark N’ Stormy”.

So which OBX restaurant are you most excited about re-opening? Let us know!

Summer is just around the corner which is super exciting, but the beginning months can sometimes interfere with beach time here on the Outer Banks. It’s that awkward time of year when sometimes it’s way too hot to be at the beach without jumping in the ocean but the ocean is way too cold to stand for more than a few seconds. What do you do? Spend the day poolside of course! Resort Realty offers over 60 homes that have their own private pool and many houses and condos that provide access to community pools as well. So take some time to cool off and check out our list of Cool Pools to make this Outer Banks vacation your best one ever!

Virginia Dare (5460) – Nags Head

This is one pool you want to spend the day at. Virginia Dare features a pool with a shallow area perfect for the kids and a deep end perfect for adults and the kids that want to be mermaids and sharks. Virginia Dare also offers a grilling area so you can grill out while enjoying the pool on those hot summer days.


Atlantis (5570) – Nags Head atlantis

Atlantis features a pool that is worthy of exploring! With a super shallow end that you can sit or ease yourself in and a deeper end that features built-in bar seating, the options of hanging out poolside are limitless. A hot tub is also featured for so you can enjoy those chillier Outer Banks nights too!


Cinnamon Heaven (1549) – Corolla

cinnamon heaven
This soundside home features an awesome in ground pool, patio area for grilling, and a poolside hammock that’s perfect for relaxing or napping. Cinnamon heaven also offers a cool game room too!


Ocean Star (5410) – Nags Head

Luxury awaits you at Ocean Star! This home is an oceanfront oasis equipped with a state of the art kitchen, home theater, and of course an amazing in ground pool! The pool area is equipped with grill area, outdoor flat screen television, and enough poolside lounge chairs for everyone to relax and unwind!


Sound Dreams (4440) – Duck

sound dreams
Sound Dreams offers a private pool, hot tub, and breathtaking views of the sound! The pool is perfect for cooling off in and the hot tub is the best place to relax and take advantage of the beautiful Outer Banks sunsets. Sound Dreams is also a K Club Member so if there are any golf enthusiasts in your group, special golf rates at Kilmarlic Golf Club will be sure to make them smile.

Risky Business (5175) – Kill Devil Hills

risky business
Risky Business provides you with direct beach access, a private pool, and a hot tub. You get the best of the best! A Tiki bar is located right beside the pool so lunch or afternoon drinks are only a few steps away. The pool can also be heated for a fee if you’re visiting during the cooler months!


August Lauren (7020) – Rodanthe

august lauren
With oceanfront views and direct beach access, August Lauren is completed by a private in-ground pool and a hot tub! August Lauren also comes with Rodanthe Pier fishing passes for up to 6 guests!


Atlantic Breeze (5411) – Nags Head

Splish and splash around in this luxury pool at Atlantic Breeze property 5411. Atlantic Breeze is a luxury oceanfront home that features cabana service, an awesome game room, and an amazing pool perfect for cooling off on those warm Outer Banks summer days!

Captain’s Retreat II (4664) – Southern Shores

captains retreat
If it’s too hot for the beach, the walk from the beach to the pool is short with the private beach access Captain’s Retreat II offers! The private in-ground pool is perfect for those sweltering summer days and with seating around the pool as well, it’s easy to catch up on that tan! (Just don’t forget that sunscreen!)



No matter what pool you choose, you can’t go wrong with renting a vacation home with Resort Realty! Check out all of the rentals we have to offer and get stoked on summer!

Every hour should be happy hour during the summer! If you’re looking for places to go for a few drinks, a light meal or appetizer and fun with friends take a look at our 5 Happy Hour Restaurants You Need To Try!


Fish Heads Bar & Grill

fish heads

photo courtesy of Fish Heads

Fish Heads is a favorite among locals and a visitors of the Outer Banks alike. With a happy hour special featuring 15 cent shrimp and over 20 beers on tap, you can’t go wrong with Fish Heads. Fish Heads also offers meals like fish tacos and classic cheeseburgers and appetizers like conch fritters and crab dip. Did we mention that Fish Heads is located on Outer Banks Pier? The only view you’ll have is ocean and that almost beats happy hour prices and amazing food and beer.


Hurricane Mo’s

hurricane mos

photo courtesy of Hurricane Mo’s

Another local and visitor favorite is Hurricane Mo’s. This tropical themed restaurant serves everything from local coastal cuisine to traditional fare for land lovers. Hurricane Mo’s also offer happy hour specials from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. 10 cent shrimp, 25 cent wings and $1 tacos are featured along with plenty of different drink specials to cool down with!


Chilli Peppers

chili peppers

photo courtesy of Chilli Peppers

Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch Chilli Peppers is an Outer Banks go to. Chilli Peppers serves an array of foods from seafood steamer pots to southwestern style tacos and classic burgers. Chilli Peppers offers happy hour every day from 3 PM to 6 PM featuring shrimp, crab leg, and wing specials. Drink specials are daily at happy hour as well!




photo courtesy of Goombay’s

Goombay’s serves island-style entrees with an Outer Banks twist. Dishes like curry chicken and shrimp, the Jamaican burger, and tuna tacos ensure that whatever you choose you’ll definitely enjoy. Goombay’s offers an array of drink choices for adults and little ones that want to pretend to be adults (non-alcoholic of course and it comes with a toy). With happy hour from 3 PM to 6 PM offering specially priced appetizers and drink specials daily, you can’t go wrong with Goombay’s.




photo courtesy of Longboards

If you’re looking for a place to kick back and relax, Longboards Grill & Bar is the place to go. Longboards is a fun and relaxing family friendly environment serving everything from surf n’ turf to homemade pizzas. Their extensive menu is sure to please even the pickiest eater. With happy hour happening every day from 3 PM to 6 PM, you have the opportunity to grab some amazing deals. Longboard’s happy hour features items like shrimp, crab legs, wings and much more from their appetizer menu. Drink specials vary by the day but are included in happy hour as well!

When you’re planning a family vacation, a kid-friendly (and kid approved) place to stay is usually at the top of the list. Here at Resort Realty, that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about. We’ve come up with a list of the coolest houses that any kid would enjoy. From life-size chess to kid-sized pools, check out these Awesome Vacation Homes For the Coolest Kids!

Atlantic Breeze (5411) – Nags Head

Atlantic Breeze is one of the newest luxury rentals at Resort Realty! Packed with amenities like ocean views, stainless steel appliances, and beautiful decor, this vacation home is perfect for everyone, including the kiddos! There is a recreation room, pool table, shuffle board, home theater, and board games! Plus, the private outdoor pool features a kiddie pool for the little ones! A kids nook with flat screen TV and lounge chairs is perfect for a little rest between beach and pool sessions. This oceanfront oasis also features exclusive cabana service!

Landfall II (5571) – Nags Head


Landfall II is an 8 bedroom 8 bathroom vacation home that is sure to please parents and kids alike. Not only does this home feature a tiki bar, a blackjack table, and a hot tub that adults will enjoy, kids have special amenities as well. They can play a giant life-sized game of chess or frolic around in the pool right beside it! If the kids need to get out of the sun for a little while, the game room has two arcade games along with a pool table. There’s also a theater room with a large flat screen tv and a huge couch just in case a nap is needed!


Crawford Cottage (5414) – Nags Head 

crawford cottage

Crawford Cottage is where classic Outer Banks meets luxury. This 13 bedroom vacation home is a perfect place where a large family (or families) can spend time together and relax. Kids can enjoy the outdoor OR partially enclosed saltwater pools, the recreation room foosball table, and the game room and ping pong table. Crawford Cottage also offers a private walkway directly to the beach! With the rental of Crawford Cottage, guests will also receive passes to the Outer Banks YMCA. Not only does the YMCA grant you access to the outdoor pool, kiddie water spray park, and fitness center, The Y also offers a free “Parent’s Night Out”. Free child care is provided on Parent’s Night Out so you can go out and have fun while the kids have fun too!


Beachy Keen (4765) – Kitty Hawk

hampton haven

Horseshoes, volleyball, and swimming pool oh, my! Hampton Haven is a 5 bedroom 4 bathroom vacation home that provides enough entertainment for everyone! Hampton Haven features a game room with skeeball and an air hockey table and a room just for playing Xbox! Kids can get outside and stay active on the volleyball court, learn how to play horseshoes, or just swim around in the pool! There is also a hot tub that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day (looking at you mom or dad).


Panache (1350) – Corolla

Panache is the perfect place for the family that is looking for style, luxury, and fun all rolled into one! Panache is an 8 bedroom 8 bathroom vacation home that has it all; a lavish kitchen with a steamer oven for the chef that can’t wait to cook an Outer Banks seafood meal, a lighted boardwalk that leads to the soundfront, and a large 8 person hot tub. Kids will love the soundproof movie theater that is stocked with different movies and reclining theater seats; perfect for that post-beach day fog. There is also an air hockey table and a pool table so kids can join in on a little friendly competition.

Sailfish Station (5547) – Nags Head

Sailfish Station is a home that your little ones will enjoy! Fully stocked with pool table, multiple game arcade, private pool, and more, this is an Outer Banks vacation home everyone will love. The adults will find the stainless steel kitchen appliances and luxury bedrooms impeccable while the kiddos will love splashing around in the private pool and making use of the home theater.

Virginia Dare (5460) – Nags Head 

With a direct private walkway to the beach, the Virginia Dare is already a great choice for kids and parents alike! Not only does this vacation home feature luxury amenities for adults like a grilling area, luxury wet bar, and a soundside sitting room; it also has so many different features kids are going to love. The Virginia Dare features a movie theater complete with surround sound, a kiddie pool within the larger pool, and a recreation room complete with pool table, billiards table, and shuffleboard.

Buckeye Breeze (5465) – Nags Head

Luxury and family fun meet at Buckeye Breeze! This 8 bed, 8 bath, 2 half bath luxury home features stunning oceanfront views, modern features, and 4 king master suites! The little ones will love playing shuffle board or pool and watching movies and TV in the spacious home theater. Buckeye Breeze also features a private pool, 2 outdoor showers, and accordion fully opening glass doors that give you a panoramic view of the ocean!

Jamaican Me Happy – Rodanthe

This Rodanthe vacation home will please everyone! Jamaican Me Happy features a spacious great room with kitchen and dining area where everyone can hangout. The private pool is the perfect place to cool off on hot summer days, plus, there’s a kiddie pool that the little ones will love! With 6 bedrooms, 6 bath, and 2 half baths, there’s plenty of room for everyone at Jamaican Me Happy!

Pelican’s Perch (5580) – Nags Head

pelicans perch

Honestly, what’s better than having your own personal playground AND a swimming pool? Nothing! Pelican’s Perch is a vacation home that features a private pool, hot tub, and a playset sure to please any little one. This home also features a game room with a pool table and a Smart TV that allows you to watch Netflix, Youtube, and surf the internet. A horseshoe pit, bocce ball set, and a volleyball court is accessible at this vacation home as well!

Cinnamon Heaven (1549) – Corolla 

Cinnamon Heaven is a 6 bedroom, 4 bath vacation home suited for everyone, including the cool kids in your crew! Cinnamon Heaven features sound views, gourmet kitchen, and two game rooms! Kids will love playing Foosball or pool or building with Lego’s!

Seasn’d Duck (4150) – Duck

seasond duck

The kids will have a blast at Seasn’d Duck! With a private pool, volleyball court, putting green, and a small playhouse, there will be plenty of time spent outside running around! Formerly known as Vacation Meditation, this vacation home features amenities that adults will find entertaining as well. Season’d Duck is walking distance from the beach and also features a wet bar, access to the Kilmarlic golf course and more!


Miss Grace 5446 – Nags Head

miss grace

If you’re looking for the definition of Old Nags Head, look no further than Miss Grace. Miss Grace is a 7 bedroom, 3 full bathroom, and 3 half bathroom home that embodies the historical look and feel of Old Nags Head with modern day updates and entertainment. Adults will enjoy features like the updated kitchen and master bath in the main house while kids can go off and discover amenities like foosball and a twin loft in the connecting carriage house!


Dream Inn (5210) – Kill Devil Hills

Welcome to Dream Inn! This 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath is perfect for your next Outer Banks vacation. The kids will love the rec room and private pool. Plus, Dream Inn has it’s own playground in the backyard! With great beachy decor and a short walk to the beach, Dream Inn will keep you and your crew happy campers this vacation!


With homes available like these and more, trying to find a place to stay that will suit everyone is a breeze. Resort Realty is proud to offer you the best vacation homes available on the Outer Banks. Book with us today and wow your whole group!

The chilly weather that’s been impacting everyone has got minds wandering towards June 21st, the first day of summer. Sunscreen, sunglasses, bathing suits, and beaches are the only things that are on the brain so when the time comes, why not book an Outer Banks vacation?!

If you’re thinking a vacation to the Outer Banks is financially unrealistic, take a look at some of our affordable, but amazing vacation homes! Resort Realty offers vacation homes with Saturday check-in and check-out for as low as $27 per night per person! Take a look at some of our affordable vacation homes and start planning your summer getaway.

Saltaire (2600) – Duck

saltaire - duck

This soundside home is perfect for enjoying the first days of summer. Saltaire is only about 500 yards away from the beach access conveniently located across the street. The sound is literally your backyard so enjoy it and go on a kayaking adventure with the kayak provided for you in the house, just make sure to bring your own life preservers! At only $36 a night per person*, grab 6 of your closest friends or family and spend a week in Duck!


Dolphin’s Den (1878) – Corolla

dolphin's den - corolla

Spend your first week of summer at Dolphin’s Den in Corolla! This oceanside home provides you with a little over 500 yard walk to the beach so you can spend all day in the surf and sand. With access to tennis courts you can stay active and still have fun in the sun. With a Saturday arrival and 8 people in your group, this vacation home is only $27 per night per person!


Nepenthe (7850) – Frisco


Discover Frisco and make memories that’ll last you a lifetime. Nepenthe is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home that boasts ocean and soundside views. With only about a 200 yard walk to the beach, there’s no reason you shouldn’t kick off your summer in thee sand. Nepenthe is also conveniently located within walking distance to dining and shopping. This home is a perfect price. With 6 people in your party, you’ll only be spending $30 a day!


The Sea Ranch (5476) – Nags Head

sea ranch - nags head

The Sea Ranch is the place to be to start your summer off right. This 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home has recently been updated  with a brand new kitchen and floors to make your Outer Banks vacation that much sweeter. Situated between highways, The Sea Ranch is almost 400 yards to the beach, a short walk for a long, salty day. With 8 people in your group, you’ll only be spending $24 a day during you week-long visit. With all that extra cash saved, you can take advantage of the go-karts and mini golfing that are right down the street!


Margaret’s Sunrise (2962) – Duck

margaret's sunrise - duck

Perfect for a small group of 4, Margaret’s Sunrise has the perfect view of the ocean. Wake up early and witness the beauty of and Outer Banks summer sunrise over the sea. This oceanfront condo offers access to a community pool, basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court and more. There’s also a walkway connecting the condo to the beach so not hot sand to burn up those feet. Margaret’s Sunrise is conveniently located near shops and restaurants, and with only spending $50 a night per person, you’ll be able to take full advantage of that luxury.


In addition to these affordable vacation homes, Resort Realty also offers an EZ Pay Plan. With EZ Pay, you can break up the cost of your vacation into three easy installments! To show our appreciation to our veterans and active duty, we also offer a Hometown Heroes and Military Discount on a number of different homes for additional savings. Turn that vacation dream into a reality, pack your bathing suit, and celebrate the first day of summer on the Outer Banks with Resort Realty.

*Pricing per person is based on max occupancy of the home, which is noted in the description. Pricing includes rent, tax, and administrative fees. Additional linen services and travel insurance not included. Total pricing is quoted for the week of June 17th – 21st

1500 blog

Spending quality time with your favorite four legged friend is a great way to spend any day. So why not go out and adventure around the Outer Banks with them too? Check out these spots you and your pup will enjoy in our Top 10 Places to Take Your Dog On The Outer Banks.

1. Jockey’s Ridge

Take a hike with your dog up to Jockey’s Ridge! Enjoy a nice sandy walk on the dunes. Just make sure you’re up to date on Jockey’s Ridges’ pet safety rules.

2. Snowbird Ice Cream

Treat your pooch (and yourself) to a sweet treat at Snowbird Ice Cream in Nags Head. You can get a milkshake, ice cream cone, or even a burger and fries while your dog can lap up a pup cup. Pup cups are vanilla ice cream in a cup that’s $2. With every pup cup purchase, Snowbird donates $1 to the Dare County SPCA, the sweetest treat of all.

3. Nags Head Woods

Keep puppy active by going for a stroll in Nags Head woods. With 7 different trails to discover, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure you bring plenty of water for you and your dog and take a break and enjoy the beauty of the woods.

4. Downtown Manteo

Historic downtown Manteo is the perfect place to explore with your dog. Filled with plenty of shops and a few pet friendly restaurants with outdoor seating, there’s plenty to enjoy and do. Take a stroll dockside and check out all the boats or walk the sidewalks and admire the architecture of some of the historical buildings.

5. Roanoke Island Festival Park

While you’re in downtown Manteo, make your way over the bridge to Roanoke Island Festival Park. Festival Park is a historical representation site of Roanoke Island in 1585. Although your furry friend isn’t allowed in the representational part of the park, there is a beautiful grassy area near the pavilion perfect for playing a game of fetch and a sound side boardwalk that borders the majority of the park.

6. The Beach

The beach is one of the best places to spend time with your dog. Wake up early in the morning to enjoy a beautiful beachside sunrise stroll or wait a little later and frolic in the waves with your pooch. Just make sure you know of the water conditions and stay informed on rip currents.

7. Wright Brothers National Memorial

Learn more about the first flight that took place right here on the Outer Banks and visit the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kill Devil Hills. Visit the monument and even see a real size version of the Wright Flyer. While you’re learning, your dog is enjoying a nice walk around the park. It’s a win-win for you and your dog.

8. The Sound

In the evening, take a sound side stroll at the sound access behind Jockey’s Ridge and watch one of the famous Outer Banks sunsets. In the summer, even when the sun starts to go down it’s still pretty warm and since the sound is brackish water, it usually stays pretty flat (meaning, no waves). That creates the perfect opportunity for your dog to go for a fun swim.

9. Island Pet Gallery

Stop in with your furry friend to Island Pet Gallery! Let them pick out a new toy to take home or maybe a new collar or leash so they can make a new fashion statement. Treat them for being a good dog and a good friend.

10. Kitty Hawk Dog Park

Enjoy the dog park in Kitty Hawk and let your dog play and even maybe meet a few new dog friends. A registration form does need to be filled out and you must present a current vaccination record.


Make your visit even more enjoyable with your dog and book one of our pet friendly vacation homes today!


mandy's pup